Sunday, May 30, 2010

CBC Highlights

OMGOSH! I have so much to say about the first annual serious blogger conference, but my hub is dragging me out the door for an overnighter-whole famdamily memorial day pArTaY!

I have lots of photographic evidence, but I'm just going to post the most important pics until I get back.

(BUT seriously, You guys HAVE to come to the conference next year! There were soooo many cute shoes!)

Remember I showed you Motherboard's cute shoes yesterday? Well, they're even cuter off her feet.

And look. Me and T have twin toes.

These are Annie Valentines feet.

And Shelle redeemed herself with these smokin' hot boots!

And who can guess who these precious shoes belong to?

Any guesses? Anyone? Anyone? I'll give the first person who guesses correctly a year supply of dried seaweed.

I'll give you a hint. She's AWEsome with a capital AWE!

I seriously have no idea who these shoes belong to.

Okay, gotsta go!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

My photo journey through the CBC

So today I attended the first-ever, first-annual, CBC (Casual Blogger Conference) . . .

(I don't know why they call it a casual blogger conference because think about it, casual bloggers don't pay good money to go to conferences. Only serious bloggers pay good money to go to conferences.)

(Am I right, or am I right?)

So today I attended the SBC (Serious Blogger Conference) . . .

It's easy to tell who is serious about blogging and who isn't. Take me for instance.

I'm serious about blogging. And so are my new summer toes.

Motherboard, from Crazyland, is also serious about blogging.

But then there are the casual bloggers. Like Shelle from Blokthoughts.

And T, as in Tonya, from You Asked For It.

Not only are these T's feet, but this is T's Cozy.

And this is T trying to get Kristina P to ditch her Snuggi and convert to the Cozy. (We all know that's never going to happen.)

(Do you think T and Kristina P will be mad at me for posting this photo?)

This is T's raffle ticket obsession.

And this is me plus T if you look down.

And this is me plus T if you look up.

But enough about T!

Let's talk about Shelle. I totally caught her Twitterpating during class.

And on top of that, I caught her being bee-U-tiful, which is why I was forced to spitefully sepia our shot together.

Because frankly, who wants to stand next to someone who looks like this?

Not I!

I finally got to meet THEE Motherboard. Look how cute she is. And this guy coming between us is Braden Bell's little lawyer brother.

Do you think Motherboard and LeeLou would get mad if I told you that they both have cutie patootie booties?

You heard it here first, peeps!

The best part about the conference, besides all the important training on how to become rich and Pop-U-lar, is seeing old (as in, don't I already know you?) famous-author blog friends like Annette Lyon, (who looked super cute, btw) and meeting new, not-famous-author blog friends, like Jo from Tangled Me and Amber from Amberlicious.

My girlfriend, DeNae was in the house! Woot woot! (Isn't she looking all adorable.) And I got to meet the cutest cutest cutest girl (who told me I have Charlie's Angels hair) named Serene from Serene is my name, not my life. She's right, her name should not be Serene, her name should be Vibrant.

And lookie who I got to meet and hug for an hour! Tauna from Garden of Egan. She is SO. DANG. CUTE.

I also got to meet Momza, which was a complete pleasure, even though she accused me of warping her kids just because they sing that Eyeballs Stuck on Your Plate song in the car.

Here she is with one of my favorite pondering peeps, Kazzy, who's name should be Serene.

Remember that sparkly ring I told you about the first time I met her? See! I told you so!!!!

T has a sparkly ring too!

I brought the Magic Quilt along for good luck.

(Is it just me or does Amberlicious look a little disgusted by all the magic?)

Tauna donated a whole recyclable bag full of fabric for the next quilt!!!!! Much mahalo, Tauna!

She also brought me this pretty box, which I literally squealed when I opened.

Like I said before, MUCH MAHALO, Tauna!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey, I'm off to the Casual Blogger Conference, but I have some homework for you to do while I'm away, just in case you want to "crash" my back-to-school Cubworld concert in August. (Good luck getting through security, though. hee hee)

To get you pumped, I thought I'd post a preview of my favorite Cubworld song, Lights Fade. This is the acoustic version he recorded in Amsterdam.

But check this out too. It's a clip from the concert version he performed with Upstanding Youth at BYU-Hawaii a few years ago.

This is my ex-door neighbor, Martha's favorite Cubworld song. (Am I right, Martha? I know you loved the super rocked out version anyway.)

Here's a photo montage and a sample of another classic Cubworld song! Lub this song!

Okay, there will be a quiz when I get back.

(Wow! That felt good to boss you around. I kinda miss my teacher self.)

Get out yer toothbrush, cuz you're gonna get a cavity!

OMGOSH! Guess what, peeps!? Guess! Guess! Guess!

Oh, you'll never guess, so lemme just spill it: Cubworld is going to do a back-to-school block-party concert in MY yard sometime in August!


(Toldya my yard ROCKS UBER HARD!)

(Was that braggedy?)

I wonder if I can book Jack Johnson to be Cubworld's opening act? (hee hee hee. Sometimes I crack myself up.)

It's perfect timing too because Cubworld's new album hits the shelves in August.

So school is almost out and today was the elementary school dance festival. You wanna see how doggone cute my twins looked? huh? huh? huh?

And that was before the festival even started.

This is after:

Is it just me, or does it look like I've got a bad boy on my hands?

Power to the people! (or in my case, power to the peeps!)

Okay, can I talk about Lulu now? Can I? Can I? Can I?

You know how when you have a baby and then it turns five months old and suddenly becomes soooo cute you just want to eat it?

That's how it is when puppies turn 13 weeks old. Lulu is SO! GOSH! DANG! CUTE! I could totally eat her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I could eat her for a snack too.

Everyone told me that puppies are cute for the first few weeks, but once the newness wears off, they're just a pain in the patootie.

Myth BuStEd! That is so NOT true! Lulu just keeps getting cuter and cuter and cuter. One of the cutest things she does, besides climbing into the ottoman . . .

. . . is when she sticks her head out the window while we're driving.

Okay, so that was redundant, but don't even try to tell me your stomach doesn't start growling when you look at her!

She's cute, yes, but I confess, she's not perfect.

And it looks like she never will be.

Does anyone else find it ironic that she would choose this book to masticate?