Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Good Morning Love

Close your eyes and inhale.

Now exhale.

That's right, let it all out.

Now go into a down dog, and feel the stretch. Slowly move into child's pose, and release all your worries into the universe.

Now try a cow stretch. A tree pose. A mountain pose. A bridge pose. Twist into an awkward chair pose . . .
Jump into a handstand. A finger stand. A nose stand . . . 

That's it. Now you're groovin'.

Now go grab a mango smoothie, and stick your toes in the sand. Lean back and let the sun have his way with you, while the waves yawn and stretch.

Now push play on this new Cubworld single "Good Morning Love" and pretend Jack Johnson is making your banana pancakes for breakfast.

Now watch this image swing back and forth as you listen to the song.

You are getting sleepy. Very sleeeeeeeepy.

When I snap my fingers you will wake up, and tell your love, good morning.

You all know I love me some Cubworld, and that his last album Speak Softly Carry a Big Stick could have been the soundtrack to my life, right?

Or was Step Lightly Create Out Loud?


Well Cubworld has done it again. You can take the boy's music out of the islands, but your can't take the islands out of the boy's music.

Click here to download this single for free until his new album comes out early next month.

And as if he's not talented enough, he's also the creator of COLD--Create Out Loud Designs Don't check it out unless you want to feel cool and hip.


Haley Monson said...

That song will be stuck in my head for life, thanks.

Brittany said...

Ahhh, that nose stand felt good. You know what else would feel good? Summer to be over. Because I am not one of those moms today who wants to spend lots of time with her kids.
oh, and I like the song too.

Martha said...

Totally bored at work today and decided to check to see if you'd posted anything lately. Well, this was like 3 weeks ago, but if you'd post more, I'd check more.

Anyway, I just am having a rough time trying to pick out bathtubs, windows,doors, floors, and of course what should my kitchen cupboards be? Can you just come over here and pick everything out for me please? I'm sure I'll like it. I won't even make you paint, they painters will paint if you just pick out which one I want.

Martha said...

The kids went back to school yesterday. Jim and Nan started seminary. They were actually on time. They are excited and happy. I'm happy that they are happy. Rach has a huge load of 2 whole classes. Then she's working and taking an online ASL class.

My intermediate tennis class is awesome. They can already play. I play with them. I can't believe they pay me to play. It's nice.

We have a new building at BYUH. It's called the Heber J. Grant building. It's big and has a chapel in it. It's new and nice and did I say big? The business faculty moved in last week. I was supposed to move as well and now they can't figure out where to put me. There are like 7 open offices, so in the mean time I stay in my 6x6 office and pout.

I saw G's wisdom teeth video. OMG, so funny that kid.