Friday, August 19, 2011

No "strings" attached!

Get it? No strings attached. And I'm posting about violins today?

(You gotsta admit, sometimes I really am punny.)

But fer reals, there are no strings attached to this post. I promise you won't hold it over my head later, or throw it back in my face. And you won't have to send me on a guilt trip around the world. I'm simply going to ask you to do something for nothing. Something kind and generous and enormously helpful, that will enrich the lives of a whole bunch of kids on the North Shore of Oahu.

It's super quick and easy--a few clicks on your computer--and you will be helping me, help my friend Amy Gold, help a bunch of kids from Laie Elementary School get some violins.

And believe you me, it ain't easy to get violins in Laie.

This is Amy Gold, doing her thang. Teaching violin lessons.

Only she's not a teacher, she's just a mom offering to teach. For totally free. Because that's how much she loves it.

The funnest part about this photographic evidence is Amy doesn't even know I have it--hee hee. I took it clear back in 2006 while she was preparing a bunch of Laie El kids to play a violin number for the Christmas program.


You just never know what someone's got on you, do you? And I've got more. Muaaahahaha!

You wanna see what it looks like when a bunch of kids from Laie El are learning to play the strings for the Christmas program?

Now Amy is trying to win violins, music and music equipment for 30 low income students at Laie Elementary School.

Are you sold yet? If so, click on this link to vote for Amy Gold's proposal in the Pepsi Refresh Project.

But if you're one of those people, who need more information, who just wanna know every little deet about every little project, then continue reading this note from Amy Gold herself:


Aloha! There are two weeks left in voting for the August Pepsi Refresh Project. My ranking has hovered around 27/28 all along. I had one five-place jump the last time my friend Anna helped me, so we’re going to try this again! And double the jump! Remember, I need to be in the top 15 to get the grant money. Hey, that means we need to triple that jump.

A little about the Pepsi Refresh Project: Pepsi is giving away millions each month to fund refreshing ideas that change the world, one community at a time. Consumers are encouraged to cast their vote on – giving them the power to decide which ideas are funded. Each month, Pepsi is giving away more than $1 million to 60 ideas that move communities forward. Groups or individuals, like myself, can submit ideas which are randomly selected to be voted on.

I appreciate your support! Please help me do a great thing for the children of this community!

Pepsi Refresh Project: Laie School Strings

We have discovered the best ways to maximize the vote:

1) Vote using your Facebook account
2) Vote using your PepsiRefresh account
3) Text in a vote (text 107867 to Pepsi (73774))
4) Use some of your extra votes to vote for related ideas in other monetary levels (i.e. $5K, $25K, or $50K) and leave a comment indicating that Laieschoolstrings2011 is voting for them and would really appreciate the favor returned.)
5) Use Power Vote codes found on select Pepsi products: bottle lids of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max or on 12 & 24 packs of cans. If you have more than 10 a day, share them with friends who can enter them! We need everything submitted by August 31st.

Pepsi is giving away millions to fund refreshing ideas. Vote for your favorites and buy Pepsi products to get up to 100 extra votes. Buy Pepsi & Power Vote today!

It's ain't Code Red, but let's hop on the bus Gus! No need to be coy Roy!

Look to it, peeps!



The Mom said...

You. Are. Awesome!

amybird0019 said...

THANKS SO MUCH, DEBBIE! This is sooo awesome! I had so much fun doing the Christmas program and am soooo looking forward to working with the kids again! I love the photographic proof! ~~Aloha~~

TisforTonya said...

that's totally worth a few seconds of my time - best of luck to them :)

wendy said...

What a wonderful lady
with a lovely goal in mind

Kazzy said...

Very sweet!

Sandi said...

I voted...I wish I could go listen to them play!