Friday, May 11, 2012

The apple always falls close to the tree

One of my twins had to type up a self evaluation for his math class, and his answers gave me an epiphany about apples:

Cheating has been a problem with some this year. What should the teacher do about the people who cheat?

If he or she cheats on a test, quiz or homework the teacher should give them an F for the rest of the term because what I have learned in choir is that cheating makes u dumber. 

Hmmmm . . . how do u cheat in choir again? Oh right, watermelon, watermelon, watermelon . . .

That explains my IQ.

My personal favorite question/answer, was of the nature every teacher dreams of:

How accurately did your grades reflect your learning and understanding of the material? 

Not great. I think this class wasn’t the easiest class for me. I didn’t really get what you were saying. I thought you taught it like a B level for the other students, but for me I just didn’t get it that well. I didn’t get what you were explaining. 

Did I already say hmmmm?

I guess it's true what they say about the apple falling within a reasonably close proximity to the tree. It usually doesn't fall quantum leaps away from the tree, is what I'm saying. And if the apple falls at a 90 degree angle, or at a slope–intercept or on a line parallel with x or y, poor thing hasn't got a chance. Unless of course the tree is named Pythagoras.



Susan said...

That poor teacher.

Pat said...

Did you happen to notice my Women's Conference post? Did you see all the famous people I managed to stalk? It was good times.

Martha said...

I'm laughing because I have 13 year olds too who make no sense.

Today Emily is having a big partay for Laura. I made Strawberry Crunch. Can you swing by?

2busy said...

Hope the teacher enjoyed this. They need a good laugh from time to time.

I got my book in the mail. A big THANK YOU

DeNae / SHP said...

In response to my Jr. English teacher's question, "What have you learned this quarter?" I wrote: "I've learned that you hate your students, that no answer is ever good enough for you, and that your favorite sport is handing out Fs." I'm not even kidding. And you know what she did? She came over to my desk, leaned over, and said quietly, "You have a brain, and it's time you started using it." Totally changed my life.

The Mom said...


Sandi said...

I was just wondering the same thing, The Mom. I thought maybe something was wrong with my computer and it just wasn't opening new stuff....or something dumb like that. Come back Crash!! I need a little y.o.u. in my day!