Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Midas Touch

My Gigi was struck by lightening three times. That explains why I inherited an electromagnetic gene that enables me to attract excitement into my life. I passed this gene on to my 15-year-old son, which combined with my husband's raw-talent and sheer-force-of-will genes, has somehow endowed my son with the Midas Touch.

Mostly everything he touches turns to Under Armor basketball shoes, but there are other perks too. For instance, he has already traveled to almost every major city in the United States, besides Fargo, North Dakota and Casper Wyoming.

Last weekend he was in Philadelphia shooting hoops and checking out the crack in the Liberty Bell, and that wasn't even the exciting part.

The exciting part happened when his plane landed in Salt Lake City on Sunday night. Just as the passengers were about to exit, the pilot came over the intercom and instructed everyone to please stay seated until further instruction.

Suddenly, and without warning, at least 10 cops rushed the plane. For all I know they were waving guns in the passengers faces as they shouted, "Edgar, we know you're on this plane! Give yourself up."

But Edgar didn't give himself up, so each passenger had to break out his ID until Edgar was finally located 15 minutes later, seated directly behind my son.

I repeat, he was seated directly behind my son.

I looked Edgar up on Facebook and his profile pic is a stake in the ground with Go Away! spray painted down the side. It looks like he's a faculty member at the Arts Institutes, but don't quote me on that because there are several Edgars on Facebook.

Speaking of Midas Touch, thanks to DeNae Handy, your Mother's Day gift giving decisions just got a whole lot easier:

We've had the most wonderful response to our story collection "Tell Me Who I Am," and now it's available in a gift set which includes a pretty bookmark and -- that's right! -- a box of Utah Truffles!  All for just $20, which includes shipping.


You'll want to order quickly; quantities really are limited, and the last day we can take orders and guarantee you'll receive your gift is Tuesday, May 8.   

Price Includes Shipping


P.S.  Remember my awkward commercial debut? Click on this link for GoalZero if you want to witness it. Notice they took out all the speaking parts and left only the smiling pretty parts. (Or technically, the smiling pretty awkwardly parts.)


Donna said...

seriously? right behind your son. Ah life.....
I am glad he is well, and now has a fabulous story to tell!!

Pat said...

Wow very impressive. And to think we all knew you when you were just an adjunct teacher.

DeNae / SHP said...

OMGlory hallelujah, you're a STAR! You totally took that drink from him like you'd been doing that your whole life!!

2busy said...

Good thing you knew after the fact, when he was safe and unharmed.

2busy said...

Nice job on the commercial. You're a star...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Pat, ha ha Now you can say you knew me when I was just an extra mom.

DeNae, HA, I do look like I've been doing it all my life, don't I? Acting is awesome.

2busy and Donna, YES, it gave my heart quite a start.

Martha said...

Did they give you a solar generator to keep? They so should. Perry would dig on one of those.

I remember there were a few times we let you use juice from our generator to chill your fridge/freezer during our many power outages. Maybe you should repay us by getting us one of those solar babies.

Glad they didn't mistake Z for Edgar.

springrose said...

Thanks for the encouraging thoughts on my post! I am still a little, OK a lot freaked out. I will get the 20 week ultrasound in just less than two weeks and it can't get here soon enough so I know all is well this time around. Now if I could get rid of the allergies, sinus infection, heart burn, all day morning sickness, and fibromyalgia I would be a happy prego woman!!! I know a HUGE order, but for now I will settle with getting rid of the sinus infection and a healthy baby.