Saturday, April 28, 2012

Prince and Princess Charming

Sometimes I like to put words in my daughters mouth. I've fessed up to it. But sometimes she likes to take words out of my mouth, especially if those words are on Facebook.

Which is the worser offense? I know not.

Remember that time I Liked all of her dance photos on Facebook, and she forced me at gunpoint to Unlike them? Well this week I commented on all of her senior pictures on Facebook using words like GORGEOUS! and Beautiful! as well as important questions like, She's preeeeetty, who made her?

Once again she called me from work--and from the depths of humiliation--and specifically instructed me to "Untoot my horn."


For the record, I couldn't find the Untoot button on Facebook, so I kept all them words in my mouth. (Take that, supermodel daughter of mine!)

What I don't get is how come when her Prince Charming Prom date arrived tonight and told her she looked like a princess, she didn't try to take them words out of his mouth.



Emma Lyman said...

Hey Debbie! This is Emma Lyman, I just wanted to say that Tatum is so gorgeous! I also just started a new blog and I'm hoping to hear from you and am excited to read your posts!

Leslie said...

Debbie,it's because her date isn't her mom and she would take it as a compliment....and because she's a teen...but she is definitely beautiful!!!!

2busy said...

Ah, well it's different when it comes from a guy...

DeNae / SHP said...

She's gorgeous -- and she looks just like you.