Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Haven Kimmel Daze (and have you seen my hair?)

You know how you're just going along, ho-dee-do, la-dee-da, and all of a sudden, BAM, you get to rub shoulders with one of your favorite authors?

Well that happened to me today.

Haven Kimmel, baby! At the Provo Public library.

As soon as I got wind that she was going to be the keynote speaker of their literacy symposium I rushed to the library to get me a golden ticket.

Unfortunately they wouldn't give me one because I don't live in Provo.

"But I was raised in Provo!" I told the librarian.

She shook her head.

"But I'm a Bulldog, I promise! I can prove it!" I said as I pulled my pom pons from my purse and started stomp/clapping, We are the bulldogs! We are the best! And WE. WILL. CON. QUER!

"You won't be conquering today because these tickets are for Provo. Residents. Only." she replied.

"But, but, but, I used to skip classes all the time to hide out in your bathroom and read Nancy Drew. Please, please, pretty please,"

"Do you STILL have your library card?" said the librarian.

Sometimes your fate depends on something as simple as a library card. Ever notice that? But I wasn't about to let fate box me out. It's true I no longer have a Provo library card, but I know someone who does. My MIL. It expired in 1971, but they gave her a golden ticket anyway after she explained that she hadn't been to the library since then on account of her freezer being full of romance novels she's trying to finish.

I knew she would come in handy one day.

All due credit to my MIL for getting me in to the symposium, and to Jana Parkin for telling me about it, and to DeNae Handy for coming along.

But mostly all hail to one of my very first blog buddies, I am LoW for turning me on to Haven Kimmel with this darling memior:

LoW, to show my appreciation, I got you a signed copy of the sequel:

Here is Haven Kimmel herself signing it:

Eeeeeeeeee! That's me next to her.

(And gee, does my hair look terrific or what?) (Seriously, it could almost pass for a wig.) (Mahalo to Andrea at Dyson Studio in American Fork.)

The best part of the day, besides DeNae getting into a fist fight with Haven Kimmel over the future of Kindle, oh, and besides the artichoke dip, was this little family I adopted. The whole famdamily came out to meet Haven because they had all listened to her books on tape together.

Is that the coolest thing you've ever heard? (And how about my hair?) (Mahalo Andrea!)

They could quote Zippy almost as well as they could quote Nacho Libre.

That's my kind of famdamily.

As if the day wasn't exciting enough, I ran into my creative writing teacher from back and back and back.

For the record, he was also Melanie J's teacher (although I think he preferred me). Sorry MJ. You may have great shoes, but have you seen my hair?



Sandi said...

yep it's true,your hair is the! in fact you look exactly like your daughter in these pics, and we all know how gorgeous she is so that MUST mean you are one hot momma as well. Sounds like a very fun event- so glad your MIL finally came in handy! wooohoooo!

Sandi said...

oh, and by the way, I am first! wow that hasn't happened in the longest time.

Brittany said...

Ok, first your hair does look good. Second, I LOVE HAVEN KIMMEL! Zippy is one of my all time favorite books ever. Ever. And I am so jealous you got her autograph. Also, Chris Crowe was one of my favorite professors at the BYU. And I just think Danae(sp?) is so darn funny. For all these reasons you must be the luckiest person ever today.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Brittany, OMGOSH, high five. Chris Crowe was one of my favorite professors at the BYU-H. He may have preferred you, due to the fact that your hair is pretty rad too.

And DeNae is way funny in person too. She's exactly the same actually. And Haven Kimmel too. SOoooOOo smart and funny and real. She held her own with DeNae, which is saying a lot.

YAY Sandi, for being first. Just like old times!

2busy said...

I'm so excited for you! But, to be honest, I've never heard of Haven Kimmel. Should I read her?

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I haven't read Zippy, but I'm still excited for you and DeNae and Jana. Chris Crow was my teacher too, but it was for a "How to teach English" class and he surpervised my practicum in the schools. I think he thought I was an idiot. I probably was.

I know you didn't want to draw attention to it or anything, but your hair looked great.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Congrats on the big day and sticking it to fate and all that great stuff. Way to go girl.

Mary said...

I have a Provo library card! Next time, call me and I'll get you in. I desperately need a new book, so I think I'll read Zippy next. Seriously, I'm reading a pretty bad LDS romance novel for my book club (it's full of old ladies that love romance...) and I can't wait until Tuesday so I can start something new! :)

Love the hair. Oh! And your boots. Very cute!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Mary, oh dear about the old ladies who love romance. Do they store their romance novels in their empty freezer? That is the question. ;) I don't know your number, girl. We need to meet. Maybe at the library. YES, start Zippy next.

That goes for 2busy too.

Steph, I'm surprised you noticed my hair. ;) Much mahalo! Yours is looking pretty silky too.

Nutty, I thought of you yesterday, and how excited you would have been if Haven Kimmel were LaVell Edwards. hee hee

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh, and I can't believe how many people had Dr. Crowe as a professor. He's practically famous!

Vern said...

“I later discovered that in order to be a good athlete one must care intensely what is happening with a ball, even if one doesn't have possession of it. This was ultimately my failure: my inability to work up a passion for the location of balls.”


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Vern, I better adopt you too, seeing as your ability to quote Zippy is . . . well, how is your ability to quote Nacho Libre?

I am LoW said...


How come nothing happens in Savannah? You get/see all the cool stuff!!


Debra said...

LoW, I dropped the book in the mail yesterday. Have you read it yet? I just started my copy. She is divine!

aniC said...

Since I was the one that introduced LoW to the book, I think I should have gotten a signed copy, too. I never get any love.

This whole post just isn't fair.