Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!


  • Sports induced asthma. That's why my daughter can't breathe. And she hasn't been asked to Homecoming yet either, gosh darnit, so if anyone needs a Homecoming date that can't breathe . . .

  • My 15-year-old started basketball boot camp this week. Lifting and conditioning, baby! But he missed his 6:15 a.m. scripture study this morning. Uh-oh. All six versus of it. At least he made it in time for the closing song so maybe he'll get half a blessing. And guess what!!? His guardian makes him a home lunch everyday! La-dee-da! If I was his guardian I would make him a home lunch too, but I'm just his mom. So I say, let him eat cake! (Someone grab a pen and write that down.)

  • Today when I picked my 15-year old up from conditioning, he says to me, "This is what I'm going to need from you when I get home: A really tall protein shake, some Ibuprofen, and a cold, wet cloth." Then he put his head back and fell asleep. Toldya his needs are great.

  • But did I tellya he got his Learners Permit? And did I tellya that I went through a phase? A phase where moving vehicles made me want to FREAK OUT, so to speak? The only thing that made me want to freak out more than moving vehicles, so to speak, was when my son would say, STOP FREAKING OUT!

  • Speaking of moving vehicles, I almost ran over my next door neighbor yesterday. He darted in front of me on his bike across a busy street on his way home from high school. When I told my daughter that I almost ran over our next door neighbor she said, as sincerely as humanly possible, "Well, if you're gonna run over someone, I guess it's better to run over a neighbor than someone you don't even know."

FER REALS! She said that!

  • Lulu's shock collar was sent to Hawaii by mistake. Oh wells, at least there's one more temple worthy dog in the Islands.

  • Now my hub is saying that a year from now he either wants to raise chickens or a garden. I told him to keep fasting and praying about it. I'm sure the right answer will be revealed to him. One way or another. Or at least the answer that will make us more popular in the neighborhood.

That's it folks. But tune in tomorrow to hear about my hub's sudden, adult-onset thinking-things-through-logically kick.

P.S The Nutty Hamster Chick is trying to win some tickets to the Utah vs. BYU football game with her lucky Y shaped turkey bone. I personally think it would be easier to just take up a collection, so either click on this link, then click on the 5 stars (which gives her five points), or just leave your credit card number in my comment box.



Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Wow, I am totally impressed you figured out a way to make it look easy to vote. You are the da bomb! LY girl. Thanks for the support. Now I feel like a winner whether I win or not. :)

Martha said...

I told Rach that Z got his permit. She is sooo jealous. I keep telling her to study and I'll take her to get it. Maybe next week.

She's super busy with volleyball, but it's fun to watch her because she is dang good and plays a lot. She spikes and blocks and then spikes and blocks. Never a dull moment. Middle blocker is fun.

So the asthma thing is probably from the lack of O2 in Utah. I can never breathe there either. We have way more O2 here.

I vote for the garden. It will make you popular because you can share your bounty. I went nuts and planted like 10 tomato plants. Now I have to keep giving them away. Which is good because I used to give away pasta salad and cookies. But really I don't want to give those things away. I want to eat them myself. But I don't mind giving away tomatoes because I have a ton of them and more will be ready to pick tomorrow. See how that works? A garden is the answer.

Oh, and Rachel is barely making the seminary thing. Darn girl. Without Josh bugging her she is slacking.

Josh changed all his classes at BYU. He didn't like them so I had to find him new ones. I remember I never changed my classes. I just suffered through. But I told him if you don't like it, get out of there and find something you do like. So he did.

Leslie said...

wow debbie!!!! can we said BUSY MOM!!!!!

well at least you know that is asthma and she can work with it...many athletics have asthma and they continue with their passion with sport.

Again LOVE your BLOG!!!!

Mags said...

Hi Debbie,
Josh had sports induced asthma when we first moved to Utah and he gave me quite a scare one time!
I also know someone who would love to take Tatum to the dance....

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Margaret, is that someone you know someone who is related to you? Tee hee. Perhaps someone you gave birth to?

Martha, I can just imagine Rachel with your super model body gliding through the air to spike a ball. How tall is she now? Z is 6 ft. And getting quite gorgeous.

Hi Leslie, you da bomb.

And NUTTY, you gonna win, girlfriend