Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flour Girls, Dough Boys, and Globally Conscious Dogs

Remember yesterday when Lulu performed three adverbs and two verbs on my rock star brother's noun?

Well today she performed one verb on THREE nouns.

That's right, she upchucked not one, not two, but THREE socks.

Only one of them belonged to my rock star brother, the other two belonged to my daughter.

As if that isn't bad enough I had to back Lulu away from the scene with a tennis racket to keep her from eating them all over again.

Who binges and purges three socks a day? And then begins binging again?

Self-sustaining, self-reliant dogs, who are globally concious and environmentally aware, that's who.

At least she recycles, that's alls I'm sayin'.

Guess what she did immediately after she upchucked?

She went to her food dish and ate all of her dry dog food. AND her wet dog food too.

Told ya she was puuuurfect.

So here's the million dollar question: do you wash and return regurgitated socks or do you replace them?

In other words, how much do I care about recycling?

Inquiring minds want to know. (Inquiring minds on a budget.)

Please advise.

I'll wait.

While I'm waiting, guess who called me to do lunch yesterday?


(Do I have the Donny and Marie smile down, or what?)

I am the first blogger Nevada has ever done lunch with. Woohooo! (And believe you me, she was edgy about the whole blind-blog date thing. She even sent me a text before hand to clarify that I wasn't a serial killer. And an email afterwards to thank me for not being a serial killer.)

Such a silly goose.

We went to an eclectic little sandwich shop in American Fork called Flour Girls and Dough Boys where we drank Italian creme sodas. YUM-O!

What a cutie patootie.

We had the best time ever eating paninis and diagnosing each others neurosis. If we hadn't been sitting by the bathrooms it would have been the coolest place on earth to confront our issues!

See what I mean?

For those of you who don't know, Nevada is an incredible photographer, so she agreed to teach me a few tricks.

Like this:

And this:

How cool am I?

Soooooooooo, what do you think about the socks? Reduce, reuse, recycle or replace?


Braden said...

There is so much I want to say. But talking about recycling is like Twilight. You just have to be careful because you are going to offend someone no matter what you say. So, I'm going to comment on the cool pics your friend taught you to take. Cool pics!!!

DeNae said...

Waaah! I thought it was MY job to diagnose your neuroses!!

And those are fabulous pictures! I wanna be an uber super duper photog! More Waaah!!

And I am totally NOT a chicken like the Braden formerly known as Bishop, and I will say that doing anything with those socks besides baking them into a cake and delivering them to my grumpy neighbor who complains to the homeowners association whenever my kids leave their basketball hoop in the driveway longer than 15 seconds, would be a travesty of justice as well as the waste of a perfectly good pile of sock barf.

Laundry soap has stuff in it that kills the earth. And using water kills the earth. For that matter, teenagers' bare feet kill the earth. So no matter what you do, the earth is hosed. Might as well get some good use out of that mess.

I'll send you the recipe.

cfoxes33 said...

Okay, have you told your daughter and brother about the socks? I would say the brother would not care as long as you wash them. The daughter would make someone throw them out, no matter what.

T said...

hard to advise without knowing whether or not it was a PAIR of the daughter's socks - or two individual socks... are you killing one or two pair of socks by tossing these out? It's all about the details...

actually - I'd probably toss them either way, but I'd regret it more if it were ruining two pair (well, 3 including the brother's pair...)

and Nevadanista has taught you some awesome photo guru stuff... maybe I need a lunch tutoring session...

Dang - I'm even coming North in a few hours, but it's family reunion weekend which means EVERY second of my life is planned. seriously. I can't even bring my computer - check with me on Monday to make sure I survived.

T said...

oh, and DeNae's comment is cracking me up - "the earth is hosed" especially.

Kazzy said...

Are you kidding? When my kids would get socks really dirty or muddy I would throw them out. I am such a wimp!

IWA (e - va) said...

i'm not hearing this post.... *covering ears* LA La La La LA La La La La.... Is it over yet? La La La La La La La La La.. When my kids start puking i leave the house, my oldest child has learned to tell me to run and not to look, and to cover my ears! Im a wimp too!

And you're doing dog puke! Bless your heart! you deserve a medal! No Question about it, throw it out!... If Jack gets word of it, deny everything and then blame it on your hubby! (Sorry Mr Dummy)

nevadanista said...

Ummmmm, REPLACE!!!

Hey, thanks again for not killing me. I didn't even know we were near the bathroom... I just had my eye on the back door right behind you. I had my escape route planned and everything, just in case you lulled me into a false sense of security. Your neurosis turned out to not be of the serial killer variety however, so making a dash wasn't necessary. Uuuuuh, do I sound a little paranoid??? Hahahahahahaha, JK ;-)

Your pics turned out fab and you didn't need any pointers from me. Hey, and I don't look so bad either - that distressed processing works wonders :D Thanks! Oddly enough though, I wasn't in the mood to take pictures, which I now regret after looking at yours. There were so many photographic possibilities there!

I can't use my google spellcheck with your style comment box. That always stresses me out. I probably should have included that yesterday when I recited my long list of writing/blogging issues :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha ha to all of you.

Especially to cute cfoxes (I lub that girl) for actually taking the call for advice seriously and trying to show me my options.

I must confess, I already threw all three socks out, as I gagged myself silly. I was just trying to make you all feel like I needed you. hee hee

I'm tricky that way.

LAUGHING at Iwa's Jack Johnson comments. HAHAHAHAHAHA He would be so disappointed in me if he knew.

Ha aha ah ahahahahaha at Nevada's paranoid reference. Inside joke. hahahah Nevada, you sooo missed out. Why do you think I took you to such an eclectic place? I've seen what you can do with vintage. I agree that you look super cute.

Ha ha ha ha to Kazzy who really thought I was conflicted about regurgitation cooties.

I guarantee my MIL would have washed those socks and tried to pass them off as socially acceptable. Bless her heart.

T, I'm going North too. For family stuff. We're like two ships that pass in the night.

DeNae, what can I say but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH about everything. You slay me. And Braden, all I have to say to you is bok bok bok bok bok.

Vern said...

I would very much like to take a bath in one of those italian cream sodas. Sweet mercy.

Harlene said...

So Nevada turned me on to you, I'm guessing if I consider her a kindred spirit, you would be too!

I do however find it hard to believe you were able to cover all her nuerosis in one visit. It took me years...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha Harlene, you know what's funny about that. Nevada told me that she feels perfectly normal.

Can you imagine? LOL

nevadanista said...

Oh my goodness, Harlene is here! Hahahaha, she gives meaning to the word 'neurosis' like no other. You have no idea :D