Friday, July 30, 2010

Trek Teaser

Guess where I am right now?

Not here, that's where.

I'm in Wyoming sweating myself silly whilst pulling a handcart through the desertwhilst wearing bonnets and bloomers. And just my luck, I'm probably getting struck by lightening at this very moment, seeing as lightening storms are imminent in Wyoming this weekend.

Since my Gigi got struck by lightening three times, I sometimes wonder if I was born under an electromagnetic force field and my fate is sealed.

Does that sound fatalistic?

If I don't return by Monday, please send out a rescue party.

(Get it? Rescue party? I'm on Trek? Reenacting the Martin/Willy handcart incident?)

Remind me to tell you a funny story. Later. When I'm not walking through the desert in bloomers.

It has to do with how dumb I am. Some people think I'm just pretending to be a dumb for this blog, but it's ain't true. Not trying to brag or anything, but I'm dumb fo' reals. Fo' real, real reals.

But that story is for another day. Right now I have to go to bed because I'm not really walking through the desert in bloomers at this exact moment. I wrote this post in the past and in my present (your past) I have to wake up in an hour so I'm not grumpy in the future (your present).

ONE HOUR, peeps! And then I have get up and walk and walk and walk and walk. AND walk. Through the desert. Up hill both ways.In my bloomers.

You wanna see a preview of what it's gonna look like?

La la la la la la la la la la la (I'm singing a happy little working song).

Yee Haw!

This is my Holly Hobby impersonation.

Making musubi for our sack lunches. Bet the pioneers woulda lubbed musubi!

Annie git yer gun.

Git yer own gun!

Wow! It's late, ain't it. Gotsta go!

Till we meet again!


T said...

my kids refuse to sing the real words to that pioneer song... we end up with "sat in the shade and drank lemonade"...

if only.

enjoy your lemonade :)

Garden of Egan said...


I hope you have fun and don't get struck by lightening cuz that would entail a third rescue and stuff.

val of the south said...

LOVE the Holly Hobby impression! You make a darn cute pioneer as does your daughter!

Please make it back safe and sound - because we REALLY need to hang out (she's said a bazillion times and maybe if she keeps saying it, it will work out!!)

Have a FUN time!!

Martha said...

Well, at least you and T will be the cutest little pioneer women there. What kind of shoes are you allowed to wear? I hope some good hiking shoes.

Hey guess what? The lights are back on at the temple. It fo' real now they are really going to finish it. It's super bright too. Do come for the open house.

I'm teaching tennis again for BYUH. It's way fun. I'm also trying to get our JTT team in shape. Lots of beginners, but not so many intermediate players.

We've been dirtbiking alot lately. I guess cuz we live right by the good trails now. Even little Tommy can ride the little 50 cc bike. It's so cute to see him go. He's a maniac.

Adam got stuck in the stream yesterday and Josh had to pull him out with a rope. Nan and Jim are riding my 100 cc bike now and they know how to use a clutch and everything.

School starts on Mon. I can't wait. Then maybe I'll have time to unpack the rest of the boxes.

robin said...

I was so disappointed when I started reading the blog because when I saw the title and it had trek in it I thought it was about Star Trek... I'm a real Trekkie. I figured you were at a Trek convention. Then I felt bad that I was disappointed because if you had a choice between trek and a Star Trek convention you should really choose trek (but secretly I would rather choose the convention...did I just type that out loud?)

Connie said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trek through the desert in bloomers! Good luck with the lightning!

Amanda said...

You and T are adorable! Can't wait to hear the stories :) When does your summer slow down?

The kids and I just watched Annie Get Your Gun (the Betty Hutton version) and they loved it. Brought back lots of memories of our high school musical version. I think T would be an awesome Annie Oakley, she's might have problems with the sappy, love-struck scenes, though :)

Sorry for the tangent, have an awesome adventure!

Anonymous said...


Kazzy said...

Cutest dern pioneers around! Work hard and feel that spirit!

nevadanista said...

Holly Hobbie ain't got nothin' on you girl!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

LOL! Sweet pics! I'm glad the trek rocked your world!