Thursday, October 13, 2011

Your blog would suck without me!

In case you were wondering, my daughter doesn't read my blog. She doesn't want to know what I'm saying behind her back. But a few nights ago while I was laying in bed composing the letter to her preference date and cracking myself up as I yelled it across the hall to her, she said, "Mom, your blog would suck without me."

Those weren't her exact words, they were Kelly Clarkson's, but that was the gist of it.

And then she called out across the hall, "As soon as you get famous my life is over!" to which I replied, "That's why I'm waiting for you to go to college before I get famous!"

I'm such a rock star mom, don't you think?

Knock on wood.

I only say knock on wood because as soon as you pat yourself on the back for being a rock star mom, you'll fer sure get a one-two punch to the gut, reminding you that your mom skillz ain't that great after all. Elsewise why would your 13-year-old son be getting a C in choir? Besides that fact that he chose to eat a corn dog for his comfort zone project.

I shoulda known betta! I shoulda known! How does eating a corn dog help you overcome stage fright or perform more confidently or get an A in choir?

Call me crazy, but I think he misunderstood the comfort zone project. At least this was my feeling as I read his report this morning:

Ever since I was little, every time I smelled a corn dog it made my nose and my stomach hurt, so I never liked to be around them, but of course my twin brother loves them. He could eat seven corn dogs a day if he wanted so I hate it when he shoves a corn dog in my face.

So now I decided to try a corn dog for this comfort zone assignment. I would never do this in my regular day life, but I’m going to do this because it makes me very uncomfortable. So first I asked my mom to get the corn dog ready for me because I couldn’t bring myself to do it. She put it on the edge of the table but while I was trying to get the nerve to eat it my dog jumped up and ate it. So I guess I can really say my dog ate my homework.

My mom made me get the next corn dog ready myself so I got some ketchup and put it on my corn dog and got ready. Once I took that first bite I hated it. It had a really weird taste. It was sweet and gross and nasty, but I still ate it. I timed myself and it took me seven minutes to eat the whole thing.

The good thing about this assignment is that I learned that you can do things that you’re not comfortable with. You can do new things so when a new thing happens and you’re not comfortable with it, u know it’s good to take risks and good things will happen. But bad things may also happen, so I think it’s good you made us do this assignment.

Ummmm . . . . yea, that's my boy.

FYI: No, my daughter's preference date, if I can call him that, still hasn't answered her. But FTR, apparently he didn't answer the girl who asked him last year for at least THREE weeks!!!!!!!

Ummmm . . . . yea, that's her boy. (Maybe) At least she's not asking him to get married. (Maybe)


Garden of Egan said...

So did he get an A on the corndog paper? That is brilliant if you ask me.

The Preference Date needs a punch in the gut. Not fair to leave her on pins and needles like that.

You need to tell your daughter that you already ARE famous.

Susan said...

I love corn dogs. Tell your boy thanks. Now I know what to make for dinner.

Martha said...

I didn't know he hated corn dogs that much. Too funny.

Why won't that boy answer T?

Nan was getting an F in choir! She failed a quiz and then didn't turn in her parent signed syllabus. Even Jimmy was getting an A. (Maybe I shouldn't say even Jimmy). Anyway she studied and then retook the quiz and I signed the syllabus. Dang kids.

wendy said...

your daughter must be a basket case by now....waiting for mr. procrastination to answer her
knowing her whole life is the soul source of your blog
that's a lot of pressure.

corn dogs
from the beginning of time to his 39th birthday
we'd make corn dogs and cherry cheese cake for his birthday

corn dogs
are powerful.......

wendy said...

um..I was referring to my Oldest son

I am LoW said...

My kids tell me often (mostly Nolan) that I would have no blog without them. Might be true. :)