Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Helloweeeeeeen!

Don't you think it should be called Helloween? Fer reals? All that boil, boil, toil and trouble. And all that wicked candy. And all those sordid Lady Gaga look-alikes.

HELLO! ween.

Plus doesn't Freud says you dress up like the person you would most like to be if the devil made you do it? I am dressed as a frumpty dumpty mom and my hub is dressed as a Kahuku Red Raider for life. In his PJ's. For life.

(photographic evidence not available)

My son wanted to dress up like the naked cowboy, but thanks to our next door neighbor, Grizzly Adam, he went to school fully clothed.

Love your guts, Grizzly Adam!

I think my daughter has nerd envy because she dresses like a nerd every year.

Analyze that, Mr. Freudian!

Sadly, I caught her rummaging through MY closet to put her outfit together, but all she came across were my frumpty dumpty costumes.

And then the twins. They have no deep-seeded longings. They just pop out of bed 10 minutes before school, throw on some skinny jeans, and raid the costume closet.

This twin is a Steven Tyler of sorts, who is thinking, dang, these skinny jeans are cutting off my circulation!

This twin is a Sherlock Holmes of sorts, who is thinking dang, if I had gotten out of bed five minutes earlier I could be rockin' those skinny jeans instead of this stodgy overcoat.

Anyways, party on, peeps! Happy Helloween


Becca said...

I'm a Halloween hater. Isn't that sad? But I live in the right town. Because there's NO FUN HERE when it comes to partying. No costumes. At all. And I am so all right with that.

Susan said...

My oldest went to school as an army guy. My other kid's school doesn't allow dressing up for the big day. That's so jacked, huh? Becca needs me to come out there and Boo her! Halloween hater. Shuh!

Crash--what do you feed your boys for breakfast? I swear just last week they looked so cute and tiny and now they're huge and all teenagery looking. It's kind of freaking me out because my almost twelve year old is probably going to do that soon. Nooooo!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Becca, fer reals???? They don't do costumes in Heber? Holy Snap! I'm stunned.

Susan, that is TOTALLY jacked! And yes, it will happen over night. One day you'll be sitting around at family home evening watching them compare armpit hair while you're trying to teach them about the "A" word. (Abstinence.)

Garden of Egan said...

Very awesome costumes!
Such creativity in the hood!

DeNae said...

Our district hates parents and kids so they didn't have school at all today. Where, oh where did your daughter find those shoes??

Martha said...

My kids threw their costumes together in 5 mins after thinking about it and whining that we don't have anything for a week. I did buy Tommy a sword, shield, and breastplate thingy, cuz he's the only one that's too little to not be able to fend for himself.

They all got a ton of candy and it's all over the house. Miss you guys. Tom and I went to townhouses and saw all the old hood. It was fun.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

MISS YOU TOO, Martha! Thought of you tons yesterday--Halloween is just not the same with the next the brat pack. My kids were pretty ho-hum. Then we all watched Hawaii Five-O and cried in our candy. I hear Joshie is coming back. I bet you had nothing to do with that. Is he cold already?

DeNae, I got those shoes at D.I. Aren't they grand? We've got two pairs, if you can believe it. Elton John must have donated that day.

LY Garden! MY too.

wendy said...

pretty dang good costumes.
I haven't dressed up in a long time.....hmmm, wonder what my freudion (sp) self would be.

Martha said...

I never told you the Joshie story? Yes, I wanted him to come back, but I want him to play tennis. All that muscle and talent should not go to waste. He really loves it up there, so he was torn. I told him to pray about it. So last Thursday he calls me at work and yells, "Mom, I'm coming home!" I jumped for joy and he said he did what I suggested and prayed about it, and he got a strong answer that he needed to come home. So I called Coach Porter immediately and asked what Josh needed to do to be on the team. He said to practice and fill out the forms. Hurray!!! I got him a one way ticket so now he's stuck. I've also registered him for a ton of great classes with the best teachers ever.

Rach and Nan are not too happy that they will have to share a room again, but I will be glad to have another driver to drive Rachel to practice all the time.