Friday, September 26, 2008

ENJOY now! COVET later!

I broke a commandment today, and it wasn't the stealing one, although I did kidnap my 1st counselor's kids. They were wandering around outside the post office so I figured they were fair game.

(Before you go turning me in, I did get permission).

To all you tired new mom's, insecure young mom's, frustrated mom's of small children . . . today I coveted you.

I coveted how much fun you have with your little sticky fingered creatures under foot and in tow (I wish that was spelled t-o-e)

I completely forgot how much fun it was! (Or maybe it wasn't as fun back in my day when I was actually doing it).

This is Junior after I gave him a make-over.

And this is Naomi. I took the flat iron to both of them. (In my day I don't recall make-overs being so much fun when getting my kids ready for church).

(I could dig up a dozen or so photos of my own kids just like this.)

(Covet Covet Covet Covet!)

I had a Tele Tubbie flashback.

And here is Junior after the make-over (was over).

This was after we pulled out all of our Little Bear movies. (I have every single episode of Little Bear ever made on VHS. My son spent time in the hospital when he was about Junior's age and I would sneak down to the vending machine when the nurses weren't looking, buy Starbursts by the arm fulls, then hang out with my boy watching Little Bear until we got cavities.

Today we didn't have Starburst, but we did have popcorn so I gathered Junior, Naomi, my twins, my twin's friends, and my twin's friends friends around me on the couch and the whole lot of us snuggled together and watched Little Bear. Dinner came and dinner went and there we were still jammed together on the couch watching. (Not because we wanted to be, but because we were seriously stuck together and had to wait for my husband to pull us apart).

But it reminded me how nice it is to do nothing but cozy up with a warm, sticky, smelly, chubby toddler. I forgot how fun it is to try to decode their language and listen to them cry. I forgot how fun it is to cook dinner with one arm and to clean up the eggs they crack on your husband's left over pizza. (Even he had forgotten that joy.)

So the way I see it is this:

ENJOY now! COVET later! (And you WILL covet later).

(Didn't see that punchline coming, did you?)


*MARY* said...

Sometimes I just want my little ones to grow up so they can start ignoring me. But today I'm going to enjoy their koala like behavior (always hanging on to me like their life depended on it) and maybe I'll even play with them.

Melissa Bastow said...

It's too bad I can't fast forward really quick to when they AREN'T sticky and all over me, then come back to the mess when I've had enough future - that might help me appreciate it more.

Anyone have a time machine?

Jami said...

Girl, I love you. I love your blog. What a great post with great pictures!

Lisa (Funny Farmer) said...

Wow - I could get lost in those bottomless eyes. Cute kids!

I wonder if I'll enjoy my grandkids more than I enjoyed my own toddlers...?

Jeremy and Bobbi said...

Just let me know when you want me to start sending my girls over there for you to have for a while. :)


Martha said...

I was going to say, you can borrow Tommy anytime you want. He's not really a toddler, but he does like to be carried around.