Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's the difference between a soccer mom and a poodle?

Depends if I wash-and-go or not.

But that's just me, and we're not going to talk about me today. We're not going to talk about bad hair today either (cause we're not talking about me). We're going to talk about soccer beacause soccer is a lot like life.

My husband always says life is like sports . . . and then he spews forth mouthfuls of platitudes about team work, effort and attitude.

In a way he's right. Life is a lot like a soccer game (if you're trying to photograph it). You never know what you're going to get (especially if you have one of those digital point and shooters, which is camera-speak for point-shoot-and-miss-the-shot-due-to-that-stinkin'-delay.

Well, I don't have a digital point and shooter. I have a digital SLR with a zoom lens (nani nani boo boo) which allows me to take continual action shots to my hearts content.

But yesterday I realized that life is still like a soccer game (if you're trying to photograph it) because you never know what you're going to get, but, with a digital SLR, you also never know what you're going to miss.

I can press that button down for 30 seconds and still capture everything just before or just after something really incredible happens.

Yesterday, for instance, here is my son just before he blasted the ball into his opponant's face, knocking him clear into the state of California.

And this was just before he did a triple axel pass that would have made Scott Hamilton dizzy.

Here I just missed him doing his Riverdance-dad impression.

And here I just missed him doing his crash-test-dummy-mom impression.

And this is just as my umbrella slipped from my fingers and flew backwards like a tumble weed into a cluster of unsuspecting spectators, taking out an eye in it's wake (parent of an opponant, fortunately). Like I said in my statement, it's very hard to hold an umbrella and take photographs at the same time. And the tradewinds in Hawaii can be mischevious.

Finally I just decided to hold the button down for the entire game . . .

I got nothin'.

But as soon as the camera battery died my son scored the game winning goal.

Missed it, of course! Ain't that just like life!

(Actually he didn't score a goal, and they lost by 2 points, but that doesn't make a perfect Murphy's Law (and Order) ending now, does it.)


Lisa (Funny Farmer) said...

I don't even try to capture sports on film anymore. It's too dang frustrating. I have decided to just live in the moment; besides, my yelling is much louder and more embarrassing when it isn't muffled by the camera.

On another note, I also have a blogging bone to pick with you, young lady. But I'll do it in email because it's rude to criticize in public. :waves:

Jami said...

Yes, yes, yes! Always before and after. Never the actual shot I was looking for.

I've always blamed the delay. Then I blame me. Then I blame the teens for using up the batteries. SO perhaps it's just destiny that those perfect moments will remain forever in my mind, but never in my scrapbook. OK, I'm there: Blamin' destiny.

(And I'd wondered from whence came the soccer kid who came flying through the air, landing neatly in my dead lawn. Do his parents want him back?)

Emily Anne Leyland said...

I have banned the camera from some games because I miss so much trying to capture that perfect shot. I think they are great pics though. Your kids are so flippin cute!

*MARY* said...

I don't know what you are talking about, I think those are some awesome shots.

by AnnieValentine said...

Hey, I'm all about padding the ending. Love the camera. I was at a wedding last weekend and a little old lady (the grandmother) handed me her disposable wind up toy camera and asked if I'd take a photo of the couple for her. It took me 30 seconds to remember how to work it.