Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Men Reveal Ulterior Motives for Tying the Knot

My husband is in the medical field, but he also teaches a marriage and pregnancy health class every Fall Semester at the university nearby, which means this is the time of year dad pats the kids on the back and asks questions like, "How are you with this stage of the family life cycle? Are you satisfied?" and the kids reply, "Yes, dad, our physical, social, emotional, intellectual and moral needs are being met. But thanks for asking."

This morning he split his class into groups--the marrieds, the singles, the marrieds-who-wish-they-were-single and the singles-who-wish-they-were-married. He facilitated a lively discussion to determine the #1 perk of being married. Surprisingly, (or maybe not) the females overwhelmingly agreed it was companionship. But guess what the males unanimously decided was thee best thing about being married . . . Financial security.

You heard me correctly. Financial security!

When asked, HUH??!? they explained their reasoning. Being married brings two incomes to the table and you can get better paying jobs when you're married because it looks better on your resume.

Does anyone else think this is backwards?

And is this the final shred of evidence that life really does boil down to two things? (Don't make me spell them out).


The Rogers Family said...

Esly claims shes never met a man who she thought married for financial securtiy. I am not sure I have either, but we both agree we know women who may fit that bill. Stephen

Lisa (Funny Farmer) said...

I don't believe it. Those men know that if they were truthful they'd be labeled as pigs by the women in the room.

I got married for a lot of reasons, and I'd be lying if I said companionship wasn't near the top of the list. I'd also be lying if I denied that s-e-x wasn't near the top of the list too.

Jami said...

I think the marriage motivation for men is threefold. "The Pride of Ownership," sex, and having a house elf of one's own.

Me? I wanted kids, family, and sex-n-snuggles.