Friday, August 22, 2008

Find Your Grail!

Originally posted August 21st

So, the Olympics are coming to a close and I'm all sentimental-like and reflecting on one of my favorite Broadway shows of all time, Spamalot, that playful rip-off of Monty Python's Holy Grail. My face was sore for a week after seeing that play, but somewhere in all the silliness was a profound point:

Find your grail!

For those of you with that blank look on your face, let me illuminate: Dara is back home from China after winning herself a silver medal, (or should I say losing herself a gold medal by a fingernail--I feel your pain, Dara). Yesterday, on one of the morning shows, she was asked, incredulously, why, after dropping her daughter off at pre-school, she still goes to the pool and works out. As if she should stop swimming. As if she should be done now--or at least take a break.

DUH! of course she's back in the pool working out. That's her grail. There are no breaks from your grail!

Seriously, are you ever done with your grail? You spend half of your life trying to find it and the other half trying to hold on to it. You just got chills, didn't you, cause you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Your grail is your magic! The thing that gets you through your teenage angst and your new-mom melancholy and your mid-life boredom. It's the thing you do and think about and try not to do and think about in between the dishes and the laundry and bringing home the bacon. Oh, and the years of homework and practices and games with your kids. Oh, and the bazillion hours racked up doing your duty to God and your country. It's that thing you're willing to lose sleep over, and your job over and your baby weight over. It's that thing that gets you through your bad hair days. That super sweet spice that makes all the hard stuff and the ho-hum stuff easier to swallow.

That's your grail!

Find it!

Then hold on to it for dear life!
(Swim, Dara, SWIM!)

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