Friday, August 22, 2008

How do you spell a snore?

Originally published August 18th

If a peaceful dozing sleep is spelled Zzzzzzz, then how do you spell a snore?

I only ask because I've been laying in bed, wide-eyed, for the past 30 minutes trying to figure it out and I got nothin'. I know how it sounds, and I now know how it feels. Or should I say I now know you don't just hear a snore, you feeeeeeel it too. It's hard to believe after 20 years of marriage I'm just now realizing this. Other people who have stayed with us, or by us, or near us have mentioned the volume of my husbands snoring, but I've always shrugged it off with a "hmmmph, I never noticed." Mostly because I'm gifted. When I drop off to sleep you could run a mac truck over my face and I wouldn't stir.

But tonight I noticed!

I realize there are many of you out there right now saying, "I told you so!" and to you I concede that I understand now. I understand that snoring is much more than a sound--it's an experience. It's a ride that you can't get off once it begins. And you feeeeeel it begin. First in your nose as a tingle that builds into a steady vibration up through your nasal passages before it spreads across your cheeks and crescendos in your brain, making it twitch. I kid you not, my brain literally twitched. It was tweaking out. It could have been the poster child (brain-child) for This is Your Brain on Drugs!

But how do you spell that?


Lisa (Funny Farmer) said...

My husband used to snore until he was diagnosed with apnea and got his C-Pap machine. Now he sounds like Darth Vader. Believe it or not it is an improvement.

Amidey (aka Crazy Lady) said...

Why do you think we (women) are always on the computer so late? It is because we have a husband who snores SOOOOO LOUD! The question is, why doesn't it keep him awake?