Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today is CUBWORLD day!

I just love it when little people follow big dreams! (and when big people follow little dreams). I especially love it when those little people are from little towns on little islands in the middle of the big wide world.

And when I know those little people personally, I love them even more.

So today, September 10th, I'm deeming CUBWORLD day because today, Jake-CUB (aka Jacob Kongaika to laie locals) is back on

I first met Jake when we traveled with the Concert Choir to Korea and Japan a few years back. We'd sit on the back of the bus with Jacob and listen to him play his Ukulele. Little did we know back then that this kid had visions and dreams of busting out of the choir scene and hitting the big stage.

And he's hitting the big stage, big time.

I'm so happy for him. But even better, I LOVE his music. He's groovy. I mean, the guy's got skills.

The whole sellaband concept is: aspiring artists upload a few songs and fans buy the artists way to a record deal. The first time Jacob uploaded his stuff on sellaband, he became the first American artist ever to reach the 50k mark. And it only took 4 months. Today he uploaded 2 more lovely songs on sellaband and in just a few hours, he's already the top selling band with almost 4k.

I took my boys to his concert when he came here last spring. They LOVED it and made me humiliate myself by scrounging for $10 so we could buy a copy of his album that night. That album quickly became their favorite (and no joke, it saved our sanity this summer while we were on vacation and driving 6 hours a day). And I might add that it does a heart good to hear your kids singing songs from a little local artist while they're playing x-box.

But he's on his way to turning global. Sooooo jealous because he got to sing a Labor Day gig with Augustana in Provo. (Did I mention sooooo jealous? I pretty much broke the coveting commandment that day. In my next life I swear I'm going to be a rockstar.)

Check him out today and if you like him buy one part of his dream. It's only $10 and who doesn't want to own part of dream?


Jake said...

Love your blog:D...thankyou so much for posting about jake!! isnt it crazy:D.. this is mandy:D..anyways totally RADICAL!!! loved to you later :D

Jake said...

This is the real Jake :). that last jake was my beautiful wife :). Thank you so much. your way nice! Gotta represent my small town. I love Laie and seriously, playing there has been a highlight. Nothing like playing for people you love. Thanks for your support today on Sellaband AND on your blog! your rock and i'll talk to buddah about having you come back in your next life as a rock star hahaha. Your awesome!