Thursday, January 13, 2011

You can freeze my hair, but you can't freeze my heart!

Yesterday my son's hair froze on the way to school. 

His hair was frozen!

Did that effect his decision to wear a coat to school today? Nope. So I've decided to take drastic measures. I'm going to start squirting him down with a spray bottle before he leaves each morning. That way when he arrives at school he'll know what a popsicle feels like. 

(I think it's important to teach our children compassion like that.) 

So you know what's weird? Everything is frozen here. Except my stone cold heart. It kinda makes me feel like a rebel. Without a cause. 

It makes me feel like opening my front door and shaking my fist at the sky and yelling, "HA! You can freeze my hair, but you can't freeze my heart!" 

When I lived in Hawaii I was warm all the time, perfectly comfortable, day after day, year after year, and I put my stone cold heart on ice. Then I met you guys and pretty soon my heart got dyslexic and had an identity crisis and forgot who it was and what it stood for. It started getting all sweet and the next thing I knew it had melted into a Cold Stone heart. 

Sometimes life is weird like that. You never know when it's going to hand you dyslexia. When it does, I find the best thing to do is make dyslexia-aid.

Speaking of aid, please click over to my Magic Quilt blog and read my latest post about my traveling baby quilt idea. I need flannel, peeps. If you have ever lost a child or know someone who has, please send them this link:Be the comfort you want to see in the world.  

We've got work to do, peeps! 

P.S. Donald J. Carey's first book, Bumpy Landings is hitting the market today! I'm going to his book launch PaRtAy tonight.  It's from 6-8 at the Hawaiian Culture Center in Midvale. 741 S Smelter in Midvale, just west of I-15 and south of 7200. There will be light pupus (that's refreshments, peeps, not the other thing you were thinking) and for every book sold at the launch, Donald is making a $5 donation to HCC.  

Meet me there!


IWA (e - va) said...

That boy of yours is going to get Pneumonia... run the spraying of the hair thingy by the DR first... just saying! haha!

I love the idea's for the next quilt.. i cant wait to see the finished products.. I emailed a couple friends who have lost children in the past couple years so hopefully they get their material and stories submitted.

Have fun at the party tonight!!

Did i tell you i moved back to HI and back in L7...
they just changed the Presidency in the RS....
and I got called to the YW!

happy to be back... and now im craving "Who you callin' Short cake" (my favorite) .. and now I can even go and get some!

Annette Lyon said...

When I heard about Don's book launch--and where it will be--I immediately thought of you!

(I can't go--Mommy must attend a school play.)

Leslie said...

How I wish I lived closer to are AWESOME!!!

T said...

is it obvious that I'm dieting when I ask what flavor combination is part of this Cold Stone?

enjoy the launch partay pupus - living down south we don't get many of those... I'm missing OUT!

Barbaloot said...

I've always wanted to see if my hair breaks off like an icicle if it's frozen. Sadly, it's never gotten quite frozen enough for me to try.

M-Cat said...

I had many a teacher make a comment to me about my kid not wearing his coat. I figure he could suffer the natural consequences. If he wasn't cold who cares. If he was - he would wear the stupid coat!

wendy said...

Man, I used to live soooo close to there. seriously!!!

all my flannel scraps are in the basement of the house I lived in before I moved here with husband #3, I know he'd give it all to me if I aksed. He certainly doesnt know what to do with it. I think I'll have my daughter Emma (you met her at the funeral, she is on my sidebar) go get it for me.........

everything here is frozen too. I am quite tired of all this cold.

Mariko said...

I won't rub it in.
(I was cold the other morning. I even wore my jacket.)

Kazzy said...

I hope the pArTay went well.

And that coatless thing drives me nuts too. Sheesh...