Saturday, July 23, 2011

Those darn Brits. And that darn James Joyce.

I accidentally, at random, just so happened to catch an episode of The British Office yesterday. That is to say the British version of The Office.

Eeeee-Gad! It's naughty! And I mean that in a nasty sort of way.

And I thought The Benny Hill Show was dirty. When I used to sneak out of bed to watch it as a teen.

I even had to be selective when choosing photographic evidence to post, because sometimes they are even crude in their still shots. "My hub was like, EWWW, you can't post that one! Or that one! Or that one . . ."

But you know what's weird? We Americans totally plagiarized the British Office. Characters, plotlines, conflicts, everything.

Fer reals! We copied all of it!

Except the British Jim (named Tim) is a lot . . . grosser. And the British Pam is a lot more . . . seductive.

And the British Dwight is just plain creepier.

And the British Michael Scott is not even half as heelarious. (And to think, my IL's think the American Michael Scott is stupid!)

Other than that we definitely stole the whole show.

Or maybe we just borrowed it so we could clean it up a bit. Improve upon it, you know. Turn the smut down a notch and the humor up a notch.

We got humor, yes we do, we got humor how' bout you!? Shouted with a hurkie kick in Britain's face.

But fer reals, our Office is WAY funnier than their Office.

That's what she said.

(Okay, that didn't work, but at least it was squeaky clean.)

P.S. So my daughter finished Catcher in the Rye. She said it was fine, but she was hoping something hopeful would happen at the end. (Poor thing doesn't have her finger on the pulse of reality.)

She started Wuthering Heights and is having trouble getting into it so guess what? I went to the library and got the book on tape so we can listen to it all the way up to Island Park today.

(Yes, it's that Island Park time of year. WOOOHOOOOO!)

She also made me check out James Joyce's Ulysses. That's next on her reading list. HA HA ha ha he he heee heee. See what I mean about her grasp on reality? James Joyce!!! Ahhhh, that's a gooood one. She'll think Wuthering Heights is a piece of pie before this week is over. Mark. My. Words.

(Okay, I've never actually read Ulysses, but I've HEARD!)


Becca said...

Ulysses? Oy. Tell her Daisy Miller by Henry James. It's got a James in it. It's a classic. It's depressing. It's almost the same... except it has a STORY.

Garden of Egan said...

Have a blast in Island Park! Wave as you drive by.

I'll be in the ER 3 days this week. I hope not to see ya...except maybe it would only be a little scratch!

You HAVE to go to Jenny Lake! Yup! You seriously have to. We went there yesterday and hiked up to Hidden Falls. They were hidden but you could hear them, then all of a sudden they were there! Spraying you in the face!

I have never watch a single episode of the office. Can I still be your friend?

Susan said...

My oldest just got done with British Soccer camp. I had a blast listening to his coaches accents. So cute. And funny.

I love The Office, but even the US version can get raunchy. Especially when Michael's one friend comes. I can't remember his name because anytime I see his face, I turn it off.

Donna said...

I love British humor...there was one about two women called absolutely fabulous..they were Kardashians before they was fabulous...

The Mom said...

(I couldn't post this on the last one, so I'm putting it here. BTW we love British Dramas. We're watching season 3 of Lark Rise to Candleford right now. Highly recommend.)

I read Catcher in the Rye in 10th grade, which was about 435 years ago. So I don't remember Holden anything.
But I did grow up on Caulfield Drive. Does that count for ANYTHING?

Stephen said...

Ricky Gervais is hilarious!

I am LoW said...

I hate to sound.... racist... but Brit humor ain't good.

But I like their accents.