Friday, July 8, 2011

Top Ten Things I Don't Miss About My Son

My oldest boy is in Indiana at the Hoosier Shootout. I miss him.

No, I don't miss him.

I mean, I do, but not that much.

You get me?

Allow me to illustrate:


  1. I'm HUNGRY!
  2. I need a ride. RIGHT NOW!
  3. What's for dinner?
  4. Can you pick my friends up too?
  5. My friends are hungry. What can we eat?
  6. I need FOOD! I'm STARVING!!!
  7. MMMMMOOOOOOMMMMM! Hurry up! I CAN'T be late!
  8. Can you take me and my friends to Seven Peaks?
  9. Can we stop at Harts for a drink? I'm thirsty.
  10. Can we drive through McDonalds? I neeeeeeeeed a shake!

P.S. You guys know Annette Lyon, right? Theeeeee Annette Lyon? She's in 2nd place of a photo contest. Let's help bump her to 1st. Click on this link and write "I vote for Dad and Daughter" in the comment box.

Thanks peeps! You da bomb diggity dawg.


CaJoh said...

They don't call them hunger pangs for nothing.

Martha said...

Those Hoosiers know how to do it!!! So his whole team flew over there or just him?

I don't really miss my oldest two boys too much. Josh calls or emails like every day. Plus, we got a cousin here eating all the food. I told him right when he arrived that I only cook dinner if you are lucky. Get your own breakfast and lunch. (except Tom cuz he's 6)

Annette Lyon said...

THANKS for voting for me and sending your peeps over to do it too!


I've got 2 kids on Trek right now. I totally miss them but don't.

What I don't miss right now:
Teenage hormones leading to fights, no matter WHAT.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Cajoh, you mean hunger PAINS! ha ha

Martha, I like your philosophy. I don't know why, but in Hawaii I cooked much less. I don't remember ever making dinner actually. It's so weird how much hungrier everyone is here. Martha! What do you pour over your pasta salad. Do tell? I'm feeding Duerdens, Tuellers and Ludlows this Sunday. I'll invite Josh along too.

Annette! I hear you! And NO PROBLEM, girlfriend! You totally had my back when I needed it.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh and Martha, he is there with the whole team. They won their pool and then they beat two other pool winners, and then they lost by 2 in the semi's with a half court buzzer beater.

Martha said...

Ok, for the pasta salad I just boil me up some of the colorful kind of pasta and start dumping stuff in. Mainly lots of italian dressing, mayo, a little mustard. Chopped ham or bacon makes it taste good too with stuff like maters, olives, cheese, eggs, and onions.

I wanna come to dinner too!! Sounds like a party.

2busy said...

Oh my gosh! Sounds like my house. Except they never want what I make for dinner or have on hand. Dang picky kids!

Donna said...

I miss those cleats on the floor filled with mud and grass....20 pairs of shoes by the front door...smelly shorts, socks, shirts and backpacks.
I miss those days...but I really lived in them, because I knew one day I would be looking at those days from my rear view mirror...

TisforTonya said...

two of my sons left to go camping - unfortunately they'll be back before I'm able to not miss them... and I have a house FULL of 7 year old girls to make up for it...

the smell of popcorn and nail polish is nauseating...

Sandi said...

Are you sure he's not polynesian? ha ha. Guess what? I finally met Martha! She is very nice and I wish she was my next door neighbor! Still waiting on baby....8 days late so far. Ugh

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Thanks Martha! Smiths are coming too. I WISH YOU WERE HERE!

Sandi, NO WAY! I can't believe there is no baby yet!!!!! Poor poor poor Kute Kasey. Give her a hug for me. And tell her to get the epidural.

T, I'm planning one of those in the near future. Bring on the nausea!

Donna, you are so cute. I love what a good mother you are, especially knowing your circumstances. You are an inspiration. I keep meaning to tell you that.

Mariko said...

Wow. He sounds like me.