Monday, October 26, 2009

How do you spell relief?

S- E - A - W - E - E - D.  

And SPAM. And Calrose rice. (But it must be Calrose (unless you're doing an object lesson in Sunday School).  Long grain rice gives no relief whatsoever.  

At least not to a rice snob like me.     

When my heart was on the mend from finding the last scoop of sand in my washing machine I not only found relief in musubi, but also in Japanese Rice Crackers. 

You may have heard the squeal around the world when I found them here in the desert, at the store with no name.   

My son had the same reaction when he found the Bongos.

The store with no name was discovered, thank goodness, by my cute mom, and it is a gold mine for Asian and Hawaiian treats.  

I don't know why it has no name--I would have called it Aloha Sushi Wraps or Da Kine Snack Shack--but you'll know you're in the right place if, before he makes you pay $33 for da kine snacks, da kine store clerk gives you a lecture about how high school sports should be banned because they're lame and they make you lame. 

Da kine snacks at the store with no name are only marked up a teensy bit--$6.50 for the same Tim Tams I used to buy at Longs for $2.50 and $15.99 for the same seaweed sushinori I used to buy at Costco for $5.99--but it's worth every penny when you need relief. 

I don't know if I'm smarter in Utah, but I noticed a few subliminal messages I had never noticed before.

I already WANT WANTED to eat 12 of these in one sitting, but for some reason seeing this made me WANT WANT to eat them even more. 

And about this HOT-KID . . . how did I miss that in Hawaii?  can somebody please tell me if it's a Utard thing.

Another way to spell relief is B. Y. U.   F. O. O. T. B. A. L. L.  G. A. M. E.  

Not because they lost so badly, but because the cheerleaders are so modest.

And because it's so entertaining listening to all the ladies with shampoo sets yelling GOSH DANGIT! at the refs.

Plus I had the most enormous pleasure of meeting one of my favorite blog friends, April from FINALLY, we have arrived! AND Queen from Raders Out Loud. 

Even though I was disappointed because Queen doesn't even wear a tiara, I thoroughly enjoyed the speed-therapy session we had during half-time.  

As my daughter would tell you, I'm the one who looks like a marshmallow.

I personally think I look more like an eskimo, but whatev.

This is me and my blind double date, Julia. Nicest blind double date ever.

And this is me and my date.

He was also pretty nice. 

And then! And then!! And then!!! Because the universe lubs me so much, I just happened to run into Kaisha Ho Ching, the sister of my son's BFF from Hawaii. 

OMGOSH! That's my uber happy face because it's such a rush to run into my peeps from back in the day when we lived in the hood. We felt like we were going to squeeze each other until death did us part.  

For old times sake, here is my boy with his best friend, Kameron Ho Ching on the day we left Hawaii.  Don't let their smiles fool you.  There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Anywayz, that's how I spell relief.


Kristina P. said...

Bam! First again!!

And seaweed is the invention of Satan. Or Dr. Phil.

Barbaloot said...

Wha? I didn't know you would be ther to meet Chief and April. You must tell me these things next time as I was also at the game being frustrated at the Cougars!

And also-you found a store around here with Tim Tams? Can you please tell me where-cuz I wanted to buy some for my cousins for Christmas and was trying to figure out how that'd work. Please? Pretty please?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Kristina P. Gosh dangit!

Barb, I feel so bad I didn't get to do speed therapy with you!!! GOSH DANGIT!

About the Tim Tam's. It's not far from your house. It's on 5th west, almost to the corner near that 7-11 on Bulldog Boulevard. (on your way to Columbia lane) It seriously has no name. It's just a store in front of a car place. It's has a Blue roof.

There aren't many TimTam's so go check it out.

And tell da kine clerk that high school sports keeps kids out of mischief.

Jami said...

I'm glad you found relief. Homesickness is never fun.

I saw a SPAM sushi maker kit at the grocery outlet and thought of you. You want?

wv = reefo

Alyson (New England Living) said...

I'm digging your marshmellow coat. Tell me where I can buy that coat so I can look like an eskimo too!

Longs! Been forever since I thought of that place. Used to go to it all the time when I was growing up in CA.

How are you doing in UT? Are you becoming tarted yet?

DeNae said...

Just as a matter of record, MY school won on Saturday. Go UTES!!

I know, now I'm going to be flogged by all the rest of your commenters.

I think you look CUTE in your fuzzy-hooded coat. Marshmallow, indeed!

And it was the BEST DAY EVER when I found these awesome seasonings from Puerto Rico in a supermarket in the international district here in Vegas. I TOTALLY get the joy!!

CaJoh said...

Your love of Japanese stuff reminds me of my nephew who lubbs Pocky.

The World As I See It said...

Looks like you had tons of fun and lots of relief!

Anonymous said...

Aaahhh! I had no idea that I was supposed to be looking for you during the game!

val of the south said...

Great news - the Target here just started carrying Tim Tams - chocolate and carmel both! They were like $3.50 I think - check out your Target, or I can bring ya some next trip down.

I had to go to IKEA without you this weekend - it was so sad :(

Are you up for an outing soon?????

Martha said...

Hurry and eat all that stuff, cuz I'm going to bring you some more at Christmas.

Homer and Queen said...

OK I would be the homeless looking lady in the middle! Love you guys! Hey I have that Hawaiian Store here in Vegas, I can bring you all the crap you need!@!

Tiffany said...

Gosh Dangit, I wish all cheerleaders were covered from head to toe!

Modesty first I say.

Barbaloot said...

Ah-Tim Tams at Target maybe, too? I must go check this out. And I will go check out this nameless blue-roofed store, too and tell the clerk how high school sports made me the awesome person I am today.

Dolly said...

Lufthansa spells relief. Less than three weeks and Sean and Tristan and I are going back to Hawaii! We've been missing it so much but life is actually better than we care to admit in the Arabian desert.

I just got back from a late night run to the grocery store with my new Pakistani driver in my new Ford Explorer that I will never get to drive. I had to push and shove (arabic style) all the way through the aisles, as the life of Saudi's is all from eight to midnight when prayers will no longer be interrupting the stores by closing for half an hour every few hours. The whole trip was not void of aloha spirit though because strawberries, broccoli and avocados were all dancing the hula for me to remind me that I get to pay the most for them in Foodland also. Nuff to make a Hauula girl feel right at home in an abaya and headscarf every time she goes to the market.

I love your white eskimo coat btw. You look adorable.

April said...

Oh what a night! Hiding from the madness of the field to laugh and talk about our lives! It was a blast! (And well worth the wait!) I'm so happy that I could surprise you Crash....I am full of them....or it. One of the two.

Glad you found your Hawaiian treats and your way back to your double date.

Martha said...

I have to scan and email you something tomorrow. Today I had parent/teacher conferences with Sandi. She had the kids write thank you letters to anyone they wanted. So Jimmy wrote one to Alan thanking him for giving him stitches and for helping fix my finger. It was so cute.

Then coming out of the school Noah was there asking about you guys and saying how it must be real quiet around the hood. And actually we were thinking the same thing yesterday. Before on a Sunday afternoon we would hear your boys wrestling and laughing. Now we hear nothing. Those new neighbors are very quiet and never scream at their kids or even talk.

T said...

at least at the BYU half time bonding session (where sadly Queen didn't make it... or you for that matter) we were enjoying the fact that BYU was playing well...

April said...

True story.

Sandi said...

Man those Ho Ching's are cute little bugars aren't they? (Did ya hear that their dad got released as Bishop? KK is sad about that)
I loved those crackers that you sent me for my more so because my kids didn't like them so I got them all to myself! that never happens! So glad you found some place to stock up- and to hear the wisdom of the cashier and spend lots of money. Everyone needs a place like that. haha. Can't even tell you how jealous I am that you and April got to bond.

Mariko said...

The Hot Kid is on the ones from Hawaii too. It's just that you don't notice the little thing until they're gone. :)

I can't believe you paid 15.99 for nori. Totally wrong.
I suppose, though, that it stays fresh for more than 2 days after you open it? Then you might get your money's worth.

Heather and Kyle said...

Deb you guys were at the football game? So were we. We left early cause we couldn't get warm water to make Ethan a bottle. That game was so bad!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Jami, I have half a musubi maker. I can't find the press-down-and-hold part, but no worries, my fingers do the trick nicely. ;)

Alyson, RUE 21, baby! $25. Oh, yeah, you heard me right.

I can't believe Tim Tam's are at Target! NO WAY! Gosh dangit, I was there yesterday 3 times. I kid not. We were getting winter boots and we had to exchange sizes twice. Now we are just sitting here watching the sky and waiting for the snow to fall.

Well Hello Dolly! You lead such an interesting life. I love hearing about it. I'm so jealous that you get to go back to Hawaii in three weeks, although I have to admit life is better than I care to admit here too.

My cute daughter is looking to you and your family as an example. She keeps suggesting she fly back to Hawaii for Soccer season like Tristan does. And then tennis season. ;)

Oh Martha, I can't wait until you bring me all my favorite treats! YAY!!!!! How sweet about Jimmy's thank you note. That is soooooo cute. And how sad that your neighbors never scream at their kids like we did. It's a crying shame.

T and April, hee hee hee I felt like such an odd-man-out at that game because everyone around me was so angry and it kept making me laugh out loud. I was just standing there smiling and giggling. People must have thought I was on drugs.

Sandi, YES YES YES. The Ho Chings are the cutest little buggars in the world. I heard Francis was released. Did you know my hub was the bishop of the 16th ward right before Francis? Is KK in the 16th ward? Oh, I miss those sweet days. I lubbed those students so much. I miss KK too. And Suli. Only 2 more months until the big wedding.

Martha, did you hear Wil called his wedding off? Maybe we should sneak away to Kona on the 19th. ;)

Heather, I should have figured you were at the game. I have your baby gift sitting in my car. And it has been sitting there for weeks. If only I knew where you lived. Where do you live, girlfriend?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Val, YES, I'm almost ready for another outing. I have some very specific goals in my house that I need to get in order. Let's shoot for the first week of November.

Mariko, ha ha ha you nailed it about the freshness. And the little things. Do the Hawaii Japanese crackers say WANT WANT too? Can't believe I never noticed that little hot guy.

Martha said...

I have specific goals for my house too, like put everything back in it's place. We moved everything out of upstairs and we now have new carpet!!! Woo hoo. It's nice. But what a job.

Perry has 15 guitars in the living room with the drum set. (One of them was yours. He put some new strings in it and tuned it and he says it's sounding sweet.)

He also has 14 stitches on his back from getting another mole removed. I think the dermatoligist is a total hack. Why would you need 14 stitches to remove a mole? His back is bruised all around the area too. It's bad.

What? I'll have to talk to that Will. They had a soccer game yesterday, but we haven't been because we're too busy organizing.

Send T back for tennis. I think it's a good idea. Josh wants to play soccer and bball in the winter, but thinks it will be too hard. Maybe he can just play in the league again next year.

I am LoW said...

That's how I spell relief too!! I love me some seaweed! Yum-o!!

I also have tried it with some spam and sticky rice! Yum-O-er!!!

My25Cents said...

New to your blog -- and

Are you related to me? Are you sure? Hmmm.

MUST be Calrose. Why does no one else realize this? I don't even know how to make non-Calrose rice. You don't EVEN want to know how much I pay for that stuff out here in D.C. It's scandalous! Highway robbery, I'm tellin' you.

Heather and Kyle said...

Deb: Ya we go to all the home games. We will see how the last two go with the really cold. I will have to find a babysitter or stay home and Kyle can take a friend. If you always want I got to my parents house to do book work on friday. I will be there in the morning this week. Or you can come over to my house. Right now I have a cold and is sucks bad!!! Just keep in touch

Barbaloot said...

Mmkay-I went to the no-name store. PS-did you know there are THREE blue roofed stores by 7-11. Yeah, I looked awesome driving around.

Anyway, guess what? They only had dark chocolate left---and really, what am I gonna do with that? Not eat it-that's for sure. But I bought it for my mama, cuz it was BEGGING to be appreciated. Here's hoping Target starts carrying them here!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, YAY, you got new carpet. And just in the nick of time. hee hee You are always so good at grabbing opportunities. But, YES, what a job. I'm so happy to hear that Perry is making my guitar sound sweet. I sprinkled magic pixie dust all over it before I passed it on, so you guys should be having good luck every time he plays it.

How funny that he has more guitars that he has stitches. FOURTEEN stitches! Holy MOLE-Y. Hasn't that derm doc ever heard of a stitch in time saves nine?

I think it would be awesome it T came out for tennis too. She is trying out for the high school basketball team next week. The coach is awesome and they won state last year.

Hey, guess who we saw last weekend? Kay Afalava. WOOHOO! Her daughter is playing volleyball for BYU right now.

My25Cents, I LIKE YOU! Keep coming back around.

Barb, hee hee. I don't like dark chocolate either. How did you like da kine store clerk? Isn't he a hoot.

LOW, I am so proud of you that you like SPAM musubi. No wonder I like you so much.

Katria said...

The store is called "Many Lands." It's not advertised on the building, but there is a sign out front that says that. It's just hard to spot sometimes. I used to shop there with my roommates. Now that I know they sell Tim Tams there, I'm going to have to pay them another visit next time I am in the North Country!