Thursday, October 29, 2009

Merry and Bright

Yesterday was the most hee-hee-larious day in the history of the world. It was seriously the kind of day Sponge Bob would sing about. 

If he lived in Utah.

Wait! If Sponge Bob lived in Utah, he wouldn't be Sponge Bob, he would be Snow Bob.  

But snow can't sing, so . . . scratch that analogy. 

Wait! Don't scratch that analogy.  This post ain't even about Sponge Bob. It's about that four letter word that starts with S and ends with NOW!    

This post is about the weatherman forcing me at gunpoint to keep my kids home from school so I could capture them on video the instant they saw that four letter word falling from the sky for the very first time.

And capture it I did!  

And believe you, me, it was hee-hee-larious! And exciting!

And sweet.

And my boys learned that snow can't keep you from hanging loose. 

But most of all they learned that four letter words are freeeeezy cold.  


Somewhere in between singing the Rocky theme song and making snow angels and shouting for sheer joy, my twins stopped and got quiet and shook their heads and said, "Man, I wish Jimmy and Nana were here. This would be much more fun if Jimmy and Nana were here." 

Aw shucks!  

Jimmy and Nana are my x-door neighbor, Martha's twins.  

Her twins and my twins have been bosom buddies since birth (sniff).  It's sweet that my twins realized it just ain't right they should lose their snow virginity without her twins, you know.

Insert moment of silence here.

After the snow we cranked on the fireplace and ate musubi and watched Elf.  

Then the boys watched the weather channel to find out when it's going to snow again while I listened to Frank Sinatra telling me to have a Holly Jolly Christmas.  

And then I cooked.  And cooked.  And cooked.  

I was going to wait for Kellie Pickler to write a cook book before I started my Dumb and Dumber cooking blog project, but I CAN'T.  

Something about Frank Sinatra just makes me want to chop green onions and bean sprouts.  

I made Hitachi Steak and Japanese fried rice from Benihanas. YUM-O! Best fried rice ever. (Although I added chopped SPAM--is that blasphamy?) You must beg me for the recipe so you can lub it too.

And then I made the Hard Rock Cafe's Baked Potato Soup.  Mmm Mmm good. Campbell's ain't got nothin' on the Hard Rock. It's Hot and spicey. And baked potatoey. 

And if you want the bestest bestest steak in the history of the world, sprinkle some Spade L Ranch beef marinade and seasoning on it before you grill it.  


I didn't even learn that tip from a famous restaurant recipe book.  I learned that from a tailgate party, put on by a silly goose grocery store, run by crazy dumb people who pay you to take their milk of their hands.  

Tomorrow I'm going to make me some Chili's salsa, cuz I lub me some Chili's salsa. 

Wait! This post ain't about cooking. This post is about four letter words that end with NOW!  

So last night @9pm I heard a shriek, followed by some major commotion, which I quickly learned was my boys scrambling to pull on their snow pants and boots and zip up their marshmallow jackets. Apparently the whole world was covered with an inch of snow.  

My daughter heard the commotion too so she jumped out of bed, pulled her boots on over her pajamas and rushed outside, where she did a Nacho Libre dive straight onto the front lawn. 

She slid across the lawn on nothing more than a wing and a prayer before she commenced to frolick with her brothers. After that it was pretty much a blur--snow flying to the left and to the right and screams of delight shattering the silent night. 

Let's just say all was not calm. 

From there they raced to the trampoline, where they left all their inhibitions on the ground. Then they raced to the park where they jumped on a couple of sleds and covered themselves from head to toe in more snow, glorious snow.  

Finally at 10:30 we felt like we should spank them all soundly and send them to bed, but before we could lay a hand on my daughter, she did a few Toyota leaps.

I fell into bed exhausted and thankful that I'm a lazy mom and not a working mom.  

If I was a working mom, who would make sure their coats and gloves were toasty warm and dry for school the next day?  Who would draw their steaming baths and pour their boiling cocoa? Who would sweep and mop up all their wet, dirty mess eight times a day?  

(That was a rhetorical question, so you can stop scratching your heads.)

Anywho . . . not to sound braggetty, but may your day be as merry and bright as my day was!


Martha said...

We just got home from tennis and I checked my email and your blog. I was just reading along when I got to the part about missing Jim and Nan. AWWW. So I called the twins down and read them what you wrote. They thought it was really cool.

Before that Jim was just outside telling the new neighbors how he is going to Utah to visit Wyatt and Garrett and how he's going to stay with them and it's going to snow. No lie!

Last night I was chatting with Zach on facebook when he said he had to go jump on the tramp cuz there was snow on it. So fun.

I am Lorinda W- aka LoW said...

Recipes please!!!

Love the Toyota leaps!

I sorta made musubi. (without the musubi maker, but with the right ingredients!)

I miss snow. It's been almost 10 years seen I've seen, felt, or tasted it. :-/

I am Lorinda W- aka LoW said...

*since I've seen*

ugh. Proof read Lorinda!!

Barbaloot said...

Yeah-we'll see how much your kids love it after Christmas. Trust me, there's not a lot of days being merry and bright then. Bah Humbug I say!

Sandi said...

Wow I feel like the worst mother ever. I was ticked when we got snow yesterday. No steaming baths were drawn, no hot chocolate was made and I forced them to make sure their own blankety blank coats and boots were toasty for the next day. haha. I am NOT a winter girl! Looks like you guys had a blast though--your girl's 2nd toyotoa leap just cracks me up!
Gosh you can just feel their excitement oozing out of this cool!

Sandi said...

OK...nothing to do with this post...BUT do you know where to go get a car safety inspection anywhere near Laie? the one KK used to go to is closed and I tried looking online and cannot find the answer! so forgive my intrustion for using this blog for my own personal gain, but whats a girl to do? If you don't know then surely Martha will?!

Shantel said...

Moving from Arizona to Minnesota, my children experienced snow for the first time two years ago. I felt bad. My toddler cried and cried, when she wandered outside only half bundled. Her hands were freezing. It did not occur tome to explain to her that snow was cold.Lesson learned.
p.s. We love Spam. It rocks.

DeNae said...

My kids' first real snow experience came the winter after we moved to Las Vegas. They were so excited that it had actually SNOWED in this stupid place, they went up to the little community park, rolled every flake of snow into a ginormous snowball, and brought it HOME! That's right, they STOLE the community snow! People couldn't figure out how it had snowed so much more on OUR yard than on everyone else's.

We told 'em we were stumped, too.

Martha said...


Yeah, it's hard to get a safety inspection around here. I've just gone to Wahiawa or Kaneohe and almost any service station will do it. My son's safety check is expired too. But he never goes any farther than Sunset Beach. We have the good beaches, so why go anywhere else?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sandi, I just got my safety check in March at a place in Kahuku right across the street from the high school. It's on the corner where you turn to go to Kahuku golf course, across from the little market.


BTW, aloha ya'll!

Martha said...

I swear on Tuesday I could smell Hard Rock Cafe's Baked Potato Soup coming from your window next door.

That reminded me that yesterday Josh got a wisdom tooth pulled. It was really goofy and now he has stitches in there. Our appointment was at noon so we didn't have time to eat before, so when he finished at 2 pm, Josh was starving but couldn't eat anything. We head to Safeway and I bought him Chicken Enchilada soup and a whole loaf of french bread to dip. He fussed all last night how much his mouth hurt. I don't want to remind him that that was only one tooth. He has three more in there to go.

Martha said...


They closed that place in Kahuku right after that. Hey did you know that Amber's mom bought your van from Arch?
So we see it all the time. Too funny.

Martha said...

Oh, yeah. I used the last of your dishwasher soap last night. You sure left me useful presents.

Today is Perry's bday. I didn't get him a thing. It's not over yet though.

Martha said...

We also used one of your big black garbage bags at our "Haunted Hike" potluck last week and I thought of you when I got it out.

Martha said...

Can you tell I don't want to work anymore? I saw a million students this morning. One girl wanted to transfer to that other BYU and I kept reminding her that they don't have beaches and it's cold there.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm listening to Fiona Apple sing across the universe on your playlist and digging it. She's so cool. Anyway, so glad that you have had a super duper bright spot in the midst of missing Mahalo and all that.

Sandi said...

you girls are the best! mahalo :)

Terresa said...

Seeing snow fall for the first time in your life. Now that's something to write home about. And blog about.

Great post!

PS: Pass the boiling cocoa.

The Crash Test Dummy said...


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oops, I mean PERRY!

Martha, play him happy birthday on my guitar, okay.

April said...

I am cold down here and want to drink hot chocolate! I can only imagine how much was consumed at your house! Please don't snow here, please don't snow here.....

Dolly said...

"thankful that I'm a lazy mom and not a working mom".... Best line ever! Where do you come up with this stuff? Did you secretly write my favorite movie Elf? Some of my most favoritist quotable lines are in that movie.

I'm gonna have to steal your line in one of my facebook posts one day. (Only place I ever do any writing lately.)

Mariko said...

And everyone's worried about Hawaii's children missing school...

Take pictures of your FOOD! I want to see it!

The Mom said...

Sandi--you can go to Sears in Kaneohe for the safety inspection. It's the closest.

I want to see your post on snow next March . . . I'm glad you're lubbing it now.

Sandi said...

The mom...FYI KK said that sears no longer does it. But thanks for the response :)

The Mom said...

Sandi -- It didn't, but now it does again. I had it done about a month ago.