Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The extra mile (or what goes around comes around)

After five straight hours of baseball, my twins cinched the all-star championship yesterday. WOOHOO!

And guess what!? Their all-star coach didn't play them out in left field like their regular season coach. He played them at short stop and first base. AND, as if that didn't give me enough braggedy ann rights, he also alternated them at pitcher. I have photographic evidence which I will now present to you, but first, allow me to preface the evidence by saying that I had to run to the car to get my mom a chair so I handed the camera to my eyeball rolling 14-year-old, who was sitting in the bleachers, and said, "Snap some shots, will ya!"

Apparently I should have been more specific because here's what I got:

Thank you, son. For going the extra mile.

What's that old adage again? What goes around comes around?

Ain't that just the truth. Here are the shots I got of him at his basketball tournament the next day:

What's that other old adage again? Nani nani boo boo?

While I'm in braggedy ann mode . . . can I just say that one of my twins hit a home run in his all-star championship game and the other one hit a walk-off. (Basically that means he hit the game winning run.)

Just saying.

On the female front, after five (informal) tennis matches my daughter won the junior varsity tennis championship at Lone Peak high school. WOOHOO! (My ex-door neighbor Martha would be so gosh darn proud.)

Still just saying.

Would I exhaust anyone if I switched from sports to books? Anyone? Anyone? Sandi? Can you follow along without getting winded?

I only ask because yesterday I promised I would talk about my lessons learned from Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, which is a charming memoir written by Rhoda Janzen, who chooses not to follow the Mennonite path, instead becoming an academic and marrying a super hot, super moody, intellectual who eventually leaves her for a guy named Bob from

That's where the story begins--with Janzen picking up the pieces of her life and going back to her Mennonite community to spend some time with her parents and contemplate her life.

It's one of those books you enjoy picking up and reading in bits and pieces when you're sitting in the car waiting for your son to finish basketball practice or you're twiddling your thumbs in the waiting room at the dentist office, but it's even better in big chunks while you're waiting for your kids to finish having a blast at Lagoon.

There are several great aha! moments in this memoir, but, so as not to give you whiplash, (I'm thoughtful that way) I will tell you about my favorite two tomorrow. Okeedokee?

Pinky promise!

p.s. My guests left today so I promise I will stop pretending to clean my house and feed my children and start reading your blogs again.

After my nap.

And my Young Women camp party.

And my trek family party.

And my 4th of July party.

And after I poke my eyes out.


Garden of Egan said...

Is it possible?

Garden of Egan said...

OH. MY. Helenamontana!
I is first!

Garden of Egan said...

Wow you should be braggetyannie! Those boyz are way too buzy! I'm tired for you.

I think your mom is a fabulous photographer. really.

Hope you get some rest.

You party animal.

Momza said...

lol @ Tauna...HelenaMontana!
Welcome back...I'm off to make dinner and pretend I like cooking too.

Kazzy said...

Your summer is really full! Love the photos! :) Please don't poke your pretty eyes out.

T said...

is it true, we might get our Crash back??? I'll believe it when I see it...

meanwhile - I guess I'm going to have to go and read that book - sounds like my kind of book. It's actually making me want to recommend another book... but for the life of me I cannot remember the title... stay tuned - it could happen at any time that I suddenly blurt out the title - that's how my swiss cheese memory works.

IWA (e - va) said...

Haha.. love the pics.. so is your son the one with no head pitching or the one with no legs batting! lol! you gotta <3 Karma!

So are you making cookie salad for all your parties this week? I was at a meeting where we were planning a breakfast get together, the lady that asked for suggestions said, "we need something hip, new, and cool!" i said, "Cookie Salad!" they all turned and said What? i told them, "its the newest coolest hippest thing in Utard and its full of fruit!" Funny because then they all started suggesting "normal stuff" and ended with spam, eggs, and rice! haha!

The book sounds lovely.. im looking it up!

Amber said...

I think those photos are professional quality. For an eye-rolling 14-year-old anyway.

I am rather angry that you chose to clean rather than read my oh-so-important thoughts. I even stopped leaving you Chinese comments...........

SWIRL said...

Hey Crash-
It was theraputic to read about your sassy 13 year old and how they morph into just eye-rolling 14 year olds.. Hugh is 13 and it is breaking my heart.

I need to grow some thicker skin and use humor... I need more dummy time.

Actually- I would love to just run over to your house and sit on the couch with you and T and day dream right now...

good times..
But life is so busy right now.. with the sounds of our lawn mowers outside and the pounding of construction on the temple and the whines of my sons "there is nothing to eat in the house' .. and can you imagine life in the townhouses without Martha???

Geez my world is flipping upside down!Good thing we are going to the Mainland for a month... and I expect when I get back.. everyone be in their right places! With smiles on their faces!

Martha said...

Nice pics, are you going to post real ones tomorrow?

Way to go Tatum. So glad to hear she's still playing the best sport. So isn't tennis the same time as soccer in high school? Can she do both next year?

Those twinners are sure digging on baseball. Man, aren't those games long? Kinda glad we aren't into that over here.

Swirl, no worries there will be 5 new families moving into townhouses and at least one of them has to be cool, but not as cool as me or Crash!!!! Plus, I'm not really leaving, I'm only moving 2 blocks away and my kids will be at your house every day.

It's Crash who has truly deserted us. Maybe she'll actually come visit us in Oct for the Temple Open House. Maybe if we are nice and offer her a place to stay.

There are boxes all over my house and Josh wants to know what's for dinner. I quit packing already. I need a nap.

I actually like that the kids are growing up. Rach is going out for volleyball and she comes home and says, "guess who can jump the highest and guess who can run the fastest? (not that you really need to run fast in volleyball, but at least the coach knows she's in shape). The next day she'll say, "man there's so many good girls, I don't know if I'll make it", but it does help that she's like the tallest.

Crash, you know JJ has a new album out right? You better start putting some of his new songs on your playlist.

Martha said...

Check JJ out on youtube.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, we've been watching that video for a month or two now. So weird to see JJ with long hair. But you're right, I SHOULD put some of his new songs on my playlist.

First of all, {HUGS} for you, Martha and Swirl because I miss you guys so much and I lub you. We are all too pooped to pop. We need a girlz day. I'm SAD. Terina and Josie left this morning and now they're back in the islands, and my brother and his wife are leaving in the morning to go to the islands. HOW RUDE! And then Elaine called me this afternoon and now these messages from you guys and Iwa! What's a poor girl to do? Especially when her hub is being kinda . . . rudish.

That was a rhetorical question. Hypothetical, if you will.

Anyways . . . Swirl, I was just thinking about those good ole' days when our kids were still just know-it-all 12 year olds and we used to sit around on my couch with a bottle of rubber cement and day dream. ;)

The good ole' days before Martha was remodeling a house so she had time to make me pasta salad and organize my sports calendars.

I'm sorry I deserted you girlz in the hood. My bad.

But also my good.

You get me?

Martha, I knew you'd be proud. About the tennis. And the baseball. And you should see the basketball. Z is practicing hours upon hours and playing at sometimes 5-7 intense games a week with the JV team.

Go take a nap so you can finish packing. You'll need another nap for the unpacking. I swear you must be super human.

I'm not surprised that R is the fastest and highest jumper.

Swirl, you're so right. You need some thicker skin. Your 13-year-old will toughen you up for the other three. I'm gearing up for the "there's nothing to eat" whines because I'm not cooking again for at least a week. Sometimes I think this mom gig needs some tweaking. ;)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Garden, ha ha about the Helenamontana. LOLOL You funny lady.

T, I'll believe it when I see it too.

Iwa, HA about the cookie salad. I wish I could hear your tone of voice. What a devious plan to get some normal food. btw, Terina LUBBED the cookie salad I made for her while she was here, so THERE!

Sandi said...

Nope, if you must know, I cannot follow you around without getting winded because you are a partying fool!
p.s. my friend told me the mennonite book was a potty mouth book-- yes? no? maybe?

Barbaloot said...

Hooray for baseball championships! I kind of hate baseball with a fiery passion cuz it's so dang boring, but I'm happy you and your kids like it!!

Braden said...

Please do not post the reasons you are not posting on anyone's blogs anymore because it makes me tired just reading about it.

Congrats to all the little crash test dummies on their athletic accomplishments!!!!!

Jodi Gallagher said...

Wow bragging rights are all yours! That is awesome. Congrats to all the kiddos!

Anonymous said...


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Okay, apparently my Chinese commenter thinks that Liang made a three-winter, verbal abuse cold injury in June.

She is right on about the June thing.

Jodi, I lub that photo of you.

Braden, I am so glad that I'm not the only one tuckered out by my vida loca. MAHALO. BTW, my mom LUBS your book. She was rushing home from my son's b-day dinner so she could finish it. How'd you like them apples.

Barb, hahahaha I love it when you hate boring things with a fiery passion. I here you, girlfriend.

Sandi, it's a bit of a potty mouth book. Not as bad as Julie and Julia, and not as good as Zippy. I am not easily offended but it wasn't overkill.

Well, g'night everybody. I'm going to bed because I've only had three naps today. I haven't been this exhausted since I was PTA president.

Anonymous said...

It takes all kinds to make a world.............................................................

Donna said...

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