Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lake Powell Cliff Notes

Lake Powell.  What can I say?  Especially at one o'clock in the a.m. 

I could always say OMGOSH and punctuate it with a bunch of !!!! because technically it's Father's Day and technically I'm lying here in the dark sweating from every pore. Not because I'm hot, but because I've been so busy lounging around all week sinking my summer toes into the summer sand at Lake Powell that I haven't had time to shop for Father's Day food or gifts. Or accessories. Or paraphernalia.  

Luckily my hub doesn't want much.  He actually only asked for one thing--that we all skip church. 

Of course this puts me in a bit of a moral pickle because I'm so subservient to my hub. And also because I live to make his every wish my command. I'm like a jeanie in a bottle that way, (when I'm not busy sinking my summer toes into the summer sand).

I could say all that, but instead I'm just going to say LAKE POWELL and leave it at that.

Nuff said.


Did you seriously think I could sum up my first trip to Lake Powell in two words?  That Makes less sense than Wordless Wednesday.  

But in the interest of time, (and Father's Day) allow me to post the Lake Powell cliff note version:

I don't lead an exciting life. But I know people who do, so I mooch. I live vicariously. That's who I am. And what I stand for.

Hence the Lake Powell invite.

My whole famdamily was pumped, even me. I'm all about bare naked feet, plus a bare naked face for four. days. straight. 

Add a speed boat the likes of which peels off your first layer of skin, and if you leave your mouth open, makes your cheeks flap ferociously. 

(My favorite girls camp adverb.)   

Throw in enough food to be gluttonous for a month and I become living proof that good girls really do finish last. 

No, seriously, I'm a good girl. And I really did finish last. 

Ask my hub. 

There were three of us mom ladies on the houseboat and I took the bronze medal in preparing mouth-watering, knee-slapping fresh, organic, authentic meals.  

I also took the bronze medal in the best lake hair, glitter toes and Victoria Secret sweats, and although I was the  least physically endowed, domestically skilled and fashion sensible, I had thee time of my life.  

I may not have had the best smelling lotions or the cutest swimsuit cover ups, but I did get the first cold sore so nani nani boo boo. 

And I was, hands down, the best crash test dummy on the boat. Especially during Mafia when I kept accusing the narrator of being the hit man and everyone kept asking me if I was feeling dizzy or if I needed to lay down. 

Turns out I did need to lay down because, as I discovered, sleeping is contagious. And addicting. It seemed like the more I slept the more I needed to sleep.  

You get me? 

Relaxing can really take a lot out of you.  That's alls I'm saying.

But that's not alls I have to say. I have so much more to say about Lake Powell. SOOOOOO MUCH! 

And I have so much photographic evidence. SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH! 

But it's after one o'clock a.m. and I have so little energy. SOOOOOO LITTLE! 

Let me just say that there were things I did and things I ate and things I read and things I felt that I just have to TELL you about before I pop. 

So I'll be right back after Father's Day.


P.S. For the record, yes, we are skipping Sponge Bob church but we are attending outdoor Sunday School at the magic cabin.  So there!



T said...

don't ask why I'm up at 2 a.m. - let's pretend it was totally so I could find out about your Lake Powell fun and then I won't have to go into the whole class reunion thing until the bloggity version of it.

I think I'm ditching church tomorrow too... mostly because I'm too tired to fall asleep right now - which does NOT bode well for church (unless they have an evening session here in Colorado?)

Megan and Keli'i said...

Ummm yes, you're having way too much fun over there. We miss you people. But I'm so glad that you guys are enjoying your naked toes-in-sand selves.

gigi said...


Kazzy said...

Best lake hair? No doubt!

I am glad you had fun. And I agree that relaxing can take a lot out of you!

Heather and Kyle said...

Enjoy! We are not going to church either. But you are at least at home not stuck in a hospital

Martha said...

No way am I going to let my kids see your blog when you post all those fun pictures of Lake Powell. They are all pouting and sad because we are working them to the bone and not taking any trips this summer. Tommy was just crying for 10 mins because he wants to go on a trip and see his grandparents and it's not fair.

Anyway, on the bright side we now know how to knock down walls, tile and grout, clean, sand, prime, paint, and put in new window cranks and light fixtures. That will just be invaluable don't you think?

Tomorrow we'll seal the tile and start putting in the wood laminate and also install the kitchen cupboards.

Now here's the dilemna: None of us wants to move over there. We want to stay here. We like the townhouses and that new place is looking very white and clean and nice, but it's too small. We just have to build a new house. I keep dreaming of a big 2 story house with a pool. That's how I keep going.

But, glad you had a fun trip. When is the pioneer thingy?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

T, why are you up at 2 a.m.? Oh, wait, you asked me not to ask. And why are you in Colorado? I am sooooo out of the loop. SIGH.

I miss you guys.

Heather, I'm sorry you are stuck in a hospital. Did everything go okay? I'm beaming some prayers up to you.

Martha, Martha, Martha, you poor poor poor thing. And your poor poor poor kids. All those skillz you guys are acquiring . . . it sounds positively awful. I am so visualizing you in a two-story with a pool. If you built it, we will come. I hope you do pull a Dolly next summer and drive across America in an RV. Can't wait to see you. Miss you. Tell Perry happy Father's Day, and good luck getting out by the deadline. Do you think you will bawl your brains out like I did when you leave that townhouse?

Anonymous said...

I don't know why people keep saying Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Too many lines. Lake Powell is totally the happiest place on earth.

annie valentine said...

Why is the entire world spending their vacations at Lake Powell and leaving me home to tend children? Huh? HUH?!

Barbaloot said...

I think it's a moral requirement that Mafia is played a Lake Powell. I bet your cold sore rocked the socks off those other moms!

Braden said...

I think next time, you need to take Annie Valentine's children with you. It sounds like a lot of fun. And yes, relaxing is exhausting.