Monday, June 21, 2010

My Jack Johnson Moral of the Story

Where do I even begin?

Hows about backwards.

You know what's uber awesome after four days on a houseboat? Make up. Make up is uber awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I was totally digging the whole bare naked face thing at Lake Powell. Until I got home. And I actually looked in a mirror.

Mascara ROCKS!

If Gad wanted our faces to be bare naked, he wouldn't have invented mirrors.

Or tweezers.

Or mascara.

Mascara ROCKS!

You know what else rocks after four days on a houseboat? A hot bath.

But even a hot bath doesn't rock as hard as picking up your puppy from the babysitter's.

OMGOSH! Have I mentioned that I have the cutest puppy on the face of the earth? When we picked her up from the babysitter's she was so gosh dang, gol darn, flippin, floppin, rootin, tootin adorable. Even when we disappear for a week she lubs our guts to death. How's that for unconditional?

I lub her guts to death too.

In fact I wish my guts could be more like her guts. Her guts don't have abandonment issues. Every single time she sees us she stops, drops and rolls over onto her backside, wriggling around all open-hearted and vulnerable like.

If my owners left me for a week, I'd have my paws folded tightly across my chest upon their return. And I'd have my nose in the air like I just didn't care.

But that's just me.

I have a feeling that my puppy, Lulu is rubbing off on me though because I've been feeling some weird things. And doing some weird things too. Like at Lake Powell, there were all these shells scattered across the shoreline. Some of them were coupled up and complete.

It was the most bee-U-tiful thing I'd ever seen.

But most of them looked kinda lonely. And cracked. And broken.

Why can't shells just tay together?

Can't they all just get along?

As Hamlet would say "It hath made me mad!"

And sad. Super super sad.

Is it weird that I went around putting them all back together?

That's better, don'tcha think?

Me too!

There's a Jack Johnson moral here, simple, yet profound, as all Jack Johnson morals are:

We're better together!


And Amen!


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

True that sister.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I for one hope that you are done living your wonderful life and will go back to writing about it all. I have missed you, and I have tried to be a grown up and tell myself that of course you have a life, but I still have missed you. Just sayin.

Connie said...

After a trip to Lake Powell, mascara, a hot bath and lots of aloe vera! Hope you slathered on the sun screen!
Good moral!

val of the south said...

I'm with NHC - it's time to stop livin' it up and time to start writin' about it!!

I missed ya too!! My mother-in-law is here and I need some humor and distraction darn it!!

Amber Lynae said...

I am glad that you were able to get the lonely shells back together.


Garden of Egan said...

Unreal! I think that you shouldn't stay at Lake Powell so long that you put the shells together. How do you know that they weren't having a fight or something?
I mean really, sometimes things shouldn't be together. For reals!

Some things are not good together. Like bell bottoms and leather hair ties. Ya, they shouldn't be together. You might have put them back together on the beach!

Oh, the shame.

Garden of Egan said...

Oh, by the way, I've missed you.
I lub you.

One Cluttered Brain said...

You've been busy girl!
Are you hanging out for a spell for a while?
I say, you need to hang out with that adorable puppy of yours and chill.
Nothin says lub like a cute little puppy.

I am also glad for my tweezers also!

Barbaloot said...

Um yes---it is weird that you spent your time at Lake Powell putting shells back together. You did ask...

Sandi said...

lets get together ya ya ya.....oh wai thats not JJ, its the monkees or the beatles or someone like that??
Barb is are a weirdie.

T said...

maybe a little weird... are you sure you got all the pairings right... I mean, sometimes a guy might LOOK a lot like my ManOfTheHouse, but I probably ought not run up and kiss him until I'm sure...

Kazzy said...

I am not kidding, if I had to take one thing to a desert island it would be my tweezers. I am hooked on tweezing!

Shauna said...

I always try to go a few days without makeup so it makes more impact when I do put it on. Im just sayin...its a good theory!

Hope you are doing well!!! :)

溫淑芬 said...


Braden said...

At some point, can I use the scene of a woman tenderly putting shells back together in a book? That could be either very touching or a bit creepy. Glad you are back with your beloved Lulu.