Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So anyways, I'm off to girlz camp.

I'm sure there will be wireless, but just in case, thought I'd let you know I've been up to my elbows in elbow grease. In other words, I've been rolling up my sleeves to meet the needs of everyone I've ever loved before.

This entails a whole lotta cookie salad.

I can't tell you how many gallons of cool whip I've purchased to fill the physical and emotional voids in my friends and family members. (You wouldn't believe how many hungry hearts there are out here in the real world.)

So my hub says to me tonight, "You really need to get more organized so you're only going grocery shopping once a week, like you did in Hawaii."

So I says back to him, "You are sooo right, as usual (wink wink). Can you show me how to do it, pleaze, pleaze, pretty paleaze!?"

He's now in charge of the menu planning, shopping, and food preparation for our Lake Powell trip next week.

(Insert evil mad scientist laugh here.)

Thing is, and Martha can testify, I didn't even feed my kids in Hawaii, let alone all my friends and family. In Hawaii I did nothing but blog my brains out.

True story!

But on with the post! I only have time for snippets so let me pick up where I left off, which was, I believe, preparing for a party for some peeps from our old hood.

The party was a success.

Mostly because my niece just so happened to be at our house with her new airbrush tattoo art business and everyone reaped the rewards.

Especially my boys, who thought they were so cute and cool and clever. Until the next day at basketball camp when they had to play skins.

Allow me to show you photographic evidence of my hub talking on the phone to our ex-door neighbor Martha during the party?

If there's one thing Martha hates, it's missing a party, and if there's one thing we lub, it's making her feel like she's missing a party.

Two of my daughter's best friends from Hawaii were also in attendance at the party.

This is Tum. Not my Tum, the other Tum. She and my Tum have been BFF's since they were two years old.

This photo was taken at a pool party in Park City, where I also captured this important message from the Universe:

Does anyone else think the Universe is an oxyMORON?

I also received another important message from the ice-cream lady who was taking our shake orders at Granny's in Heber. When my son asked her to mix Brownie Bits and Butterscotch, she scrunched up her nose and said, "EWWW!"

I know she was just the messenger, but does anyone ever get the urge to tell the messenger to BUTT OUT!?


IWA (e - va) said...

Have fun at Girls Camp... You'll love it..nothing like hawaii camping.. i call it real camping.. unless you guys get one of those resorts with cabins and pools.. then i guess its kinda like hawaii camping!

I love the cabin... The pickers on the history channel would have a hay day there!

ps.. I heart granny's! Its the next best thing to Leatherby's!

Amanda said...

Hope you enjoy girlz camp!

I love the groovy old decorating of the cabin...especially the hanging whisk holding an egg! You're so right, those pictures take you back to a place with less anxiety and chaos than we deal with now. Thanks for a few minutes of peacefulness and remembrance of another place in time.

OH! WV says: ziness (zen-ness!)

CaJoh said...

Enjoy your time with the girlz!

Just love the antique feel of the cabin. They just don't make junk like they used to.

gigi said...

Our girls camp is next week. I hope you survive and do it by having fun.

Just SO said...

Have a great time at Girlz camp!! I'm sure you will. Are you going to Heber Valley?

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

I'll be at girlz camp in 2 weeks!!! Eeeeek! :)

OldBoatGuy said...

Yea, and watch out for the ICE on the edge of the pool. It's just a little bit slippery!!!! Hee Hee

T said...

now I'm craving me a little Granny's...

the question is... did HE like the brownie bits and butterscotch?

Enjoy camp (don't let anyone freeze your bra)

WV is worried - bring some insect repellent - it says "bugwoop" - is that better than Big Whoop?

Heidi Ashworth said...

I agree--those pics of the magic cabin DO make one feel like buttah. Green butter. You got to do all that AND go to the CBC and we are still in school here in my neck of the woods. Oh well, summer is short there so enjoy it while it lasts (that didn't sound bitter, did it?) (have a great time at camp! FunFun!)

Anonymous said...

Wow. There's nothing like Granny's to soothe the soul and add to the hips. I love it.

Have fun at Girlz Camp!

Sandi said...

We were supposed to be at girls camp at Lake Powell this week- but it got canceled and I am sad. It is one of the coolest places on earth! I'm sure you will have a great time indeed. I can't believe all the partying you have done this summer- and it's not even the middle of June yet! I'm not sure you can keep up this pace and I'm really not sure if Utah can keep up with your cool whip purchases. Hoorah for cookie salad!

Barbaloot said...

I think I've been to that cabin...for a YW thing:)

I'm jealous of Lake Powell. And of shakes at Granny's. And swimming in Park City. Do you know what I'm NOT jealous of? Girls camp. Not even kind of. Don't tell your sister-in-law, cuz she is amazing, but girls camp? Not so much.

Becca said...

Next time you come to Heber for shakes, go to Dairy Keen (the Train place). They keep their commentary to themselves until you've left the building. (Then I think they add your order to the "bizarre concoctions" board that lives behind the counter. Just saying.)

One Cluttered Brain said...

oh man!!
i am so relaxed....
ahh nice.
*i wish milk really was 10 cents.*

Good luck at girl's camp.
Take lots of pictures and i bet your hair still looks good.
You are the perfect hair lady.
Hope it is not too hot up at girls camp.
hope your other kiddos eat something nutritious while U are away. Not all ho ho's and ding dongs and potato chips....LOL.

LKP said...

LUV IT! ::in a sing-songy voice::
i think i needs me some magic cabin somewhere. =)
have fun at girls camp. we're gearing up for it in a few weeks...two weeks after their pre-camp campout...and one week after junior grange camp...a few weeks before volleyball camp & another young women's camp here in wa. i swear we're camping our brains out this year! haha...enjoy every minute of it. =)

Garden of Egan said...

Hope ya have fun at girls camp. Keep and eye on your bra or it might be found up the flagpole.

Glad Lulu is getting some attention. I was worried.

Your kids are so stinkin' cute. By the way that is the only time it's OK to stink.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

I loves me some girls camp, but it is not my turn right now. Someday it will be again. Maybe next year when my own girlie gets to go.

DeNae said...

Is all that stuff really at your inlaws' place? Because it is CLASSIC! Don't let them get rid of it; it's your kids' college fund!

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

What awesome pics!!! Makes me miss my parents magic cabin. Have a good time at camp. Been there, done that, miss it sometimes, but not recently. ;)

Kazzy said...

I think this is America and everyone of us should have a relaxing cabin! So cool!

I loooved working with the YW. Have fun. They are so so lucky to have you there with them.

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

Is anyone else having withdrawals? Like reading Crash's archives just to feel like your day is fulfilling? LOL

Miss hearing from ya Crash :) Hope you;re enjoying your week with the grils.