Monday, June 14, 2010

Later Gator

So anyways, I'm back from girlz camp. And I'm on my way to Lake Powell.

Jimmy Stewart was right. It's a wonderful life.

(Ironically, I've always wanted to smack people around who use that word. It's so . . . yesteryear, you know? And yet I subscribe to the theory of if you've got it, flaunt it. So I've got a wonderful life. What are you gonna do? Sue me?)

I'm sorry I didn't write sooner, but I've been waiting for my ex-door neighbor, Martha to comment. SNIFF. It's kinda hard to move on without Martha. You get me? Somehow she's got it in her little head that my readers don't want to hear about her life anymore. Raise your hand if you want to hear about Martha's life!

Me tooooooo!

Okay, so girlz camp with the Sponge Bob ward was A. MAZE. ING. Lubbed every single minute of it. Except for the time I made the camp director's hub use a swear word after I got the ropes caught in the prop while boating.

"Are there any adults on this boat" thoughtful pause "besides dummy" deep sigh "who can keep the ropes out of the prop?" said the camp director's hub.

(btw, my sister was the camp director. You do the math.)

Apparently prop is boat-talk. For propeller. But how was I supposed to know that? I went ahead and crossed my heart and hoped to die and pinky promised I would stick a thousand needles in my eye if I got the ropes caught in the prop.

In my own defense, I honestly didn't see a single prop.

Also in my own defense, and taking Monty Python's advice to always look on the bright side, at least I didn't get the ropes caught in the stage set or the costumes.

Am I right, or am I right?

Speaking of stage set and costumes . . . since our girlz camp was at Snow Canyon in St. George, and our theme was Faith, Not Fear, we took our girlz to the Tuacahn amphitheatre to see Tarzan.

O. M. GOSH. Best play EVAH! You must go see this play if you're within a state or two. YES, it was wonderful, but it was also SPECTACULAR. And TREMENDOUS.

The play opens up with 10 words wafting through the air on a wing and a prayer

"Put your faith in what you most believe in."

These words linger in the air for one magical moment, giving you chicken skin and making you think deep thoughts about what you most believe in . . .

And then Tarzan swings out of the sky and the word biceps comes to mind. You suddenly realize you most believe in biceps.

hee hee hee

Just joshin peeps. I could care less about biceps. Seriously! I'm an ole' lady.

And no, I'm not one of those ole' ladies. I'm touchy feely with everyone


But anyways, girls camp truly was da bombdiggity. I didn't even mind the time the fox jumped up on our table or the time the priesthood discovered all the black widows under our picnic tables because it was literally the tail end of the very last night and we were so outta there already.

Ignorance truly is bliss when it comes to black widows.

I took nearly a thousand photos because it was so breathtakingly bee-U-tiful.

And it was nonstop fun. Everyone got crazy and silly and sappy ( . . . which we all know equals downright spiritual.) There was no drama or contention or cat fighting or whining or complaining. Everyone was too busy working together.

That's my sis bossing everyone around. 

hee hee hee (I just made that up. Because I could. And because my sis doesn't have a bossy bone in her body).

Girlz camp in the Sponge Bob ward was just like being in High School Musical.

That's me, btw. 

It was all about being together, together, together everyone! 

OMGOSH, I am so out of time.  I'm just going to have to up-chuck a bunch of highlights unto the page.  (And yes, DeNae, I meant to say unto rather than onto. LY!)

First, you wanna see what I look like all red-faced and sweaty with no make-up?

 Hows about all red-faced and sweaty with no make-up getting a piggy back ride?

Here I am again all red-faced and sweaty with no make-up with one of the cutie patootie beehives. 

Okay, I will now attempt to rush through the remaining highlights: 

Is it bad that I am showing the whole wide world my sister and her hub first thing in the morning? 

Well, I'm off to Lake Powell now. 

Later gator!


DeNae said...

Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time! The pix are simply WONDERFUL. That scenery - goodness, just too, too WONDERFUL. And you all red faced and sweaty, can I just say, that was, well, pretty darn cute.

Finish playing already. I have some stuff I want to talk to you about! (I'll be home from my version of playing on Monday the 21st. We can talk then.)

Braden said...

It is a wonderful life, isn't it. So glad you had a great time. I get to go to our Girl's Camp in a few weeks. Hopefully no black widows, though.

Barbaloot said...

I guess if you're gonna go to Girls Camp, you should go to St. George so you can see plays at the Tuacahn. I would think it was a fun time, but I know what Girls Camp is really like and I'm not fooled.

Have fun in Lake Powell!!

T said...

I'm off to see Tarzan TONIGHT - I'm so excited I can barely contain myself... of course, I might have to watch how up close and personal I get with Tarzan because ManOfTheHouse is going to be there too...

Martha said...

You've had way too much fun for me to even imagine. Rach had a blast at girls camp. It was at Gunstock and they got to ride horses. Diane Smith is our YW pres and they are leaving for a year because her mom is super sick. I told the YW that I want to be in YW because Nan will be 12 in Oct and Rach is there too. This is my chance!! So I'm hoping.

Can I come to Lake Powell with you guys? I've only been there once right after Per and I got married and it was so fun. I told him next summer we are so going to rent an RV and pretend we are the Wrights and see Utah and go to Disneyland because we've never been.

Honestly you don't want to hear about my life right now because it's not super fun. Get this, I haven't had a nap in weeks and it's summer. I haven't even seen the final episode of Lost yet and it's my fav show. I guess it's good that I'm not bored, but it's not been having fun it's been painting, and caulking, and cleaning and right now we are hosting 3 Japanese students. My washer broke an hour before they came and water was pouring out of the thing onto our wood laminate.

Josh was in a big USTA tennis tourney and we had to drive down to CORP three days in a row. He lost in a tie breaker in the 3rd. All the guys were really good.

Plus, we had to entertain three families all in the same week. My ward friend from Elkhart, my old room mate who's married to Dan Rascon from Channel 2 news, and Perry's brother and wife and kid. All while trying to fix this dang house and work extra because it's the beginning of the summer term at BYUH.

So this week will be much better because we have to visitors, no Japanese students, and no tennis tourneys. But if anyone wants to help me tile, grout and put in wood laminate come on over.

I guess I better feed these Japanese boys, cuz they are leaving in an hour.

Amanda said...

I was going to raise my hand for some martha updates and then I scrolled down and there it a prayer being answered! were touching his loin cloth...that is a bit more intimate than a picture of JJ's underoos. And then all those women....your husband doesn't read your blog, does he?

It's nice to have you back, my blogroll has been quiet this past week.

LKP said...

i LUBBED your post!!! more than you know, seriously. =) i just got the ok to go to girls camp this year as well. we're only about 2 wks out from it, but since our move to the new ward, turns out they're short one leader/body. so i'm it. and i couldn't be MORE stoked! i haven't been to camp since i was 17. (it was my best year ever! that is until now. my 13 yr old will be there too! hee hee. maybe diabolical shouldn't feel so AWESOME!!!) j/k but i am extremely excited. also all my volleyball ladies from our stake will pretty much be there. so we may HAVE to play a few pick-up games. =)
anyhow, glad you're home & safe & NOT black widow chow!!! oh i'm gonna be checking EVERY danged table when we get there!!!!!!! better brush up on my 1st aid just in case....well and since i'm supposed to teach the girls first-aid too. ha ha! minor detail, right? =)
have a great time at lake powell!
(have you ever watched latter-day night live: biscuit? he does a bit about houseboatin' it on lake powell. hilarious, cause now everytime i hear "lake powell" i hear his voice saying "houseboat. lake powell. incommunicado!" lol. it's great, you should check it out!)

gigi said...

Wow! Lucky you!

Jodi Gallagher said...

Kailee had a blast! She said it was the best girls camp ever! I am sad that I missed her bearing her testimony for the first time!!! Thank you Thank you for all your hard work and for taking care of my daughter while you were there! Kailee thinks your Awesome and loved riding with you. :)

val of the south said...

FUN! I wish we were in the Sponge Bob ward!!! I'm a little p.o.'d about our wards camp this year...

Anywho, have fun at Lake Powell...when you get back from all your fun travels we'll try once again to get to IKEA! (I know I could go without you...but it wouldn't be near as much fun!

Though, I read that JillyBean went without us ~ can you believe it?!!

The Mom said...

Don't ever show those pictures to girls who have only been to Hukilau Beach for camp.
Just sayin.

renew said...


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

What fun!!!

I'm fairly new to your blog, but I can help but say wow! You look like you had a wonderful time. The YW must love you a lot.
Hope everything goes well in Lake Powell.

The Nash's said...

Hey who you callin' square pants... :) hehehe. Love the pics, love your blog, love you! :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Big wave to Martha. Yay for the update. I can sleep tonight.

I have thought about you at camp all week. I am sad I don't get to go, but it is rather exhausting.

Maybe next year.

Kazzy said...

Oh, it looks so fun!~ And you are so cute in your campiness!

I have never been to the Tuacahn. SHame on me.

annie valentine said...

Trust me, if Tarzan lusted after anyone, it was the hottie who couldn't keep his hands off his hip bone.

It breaks my heart that Jesus won't let me have anything to do with the young women. They just came back from Girl's Camp and I swear every grown woman was there but me, the uninvited. So sad.

Just SO said...

What an amazing girls camp! I love the Tuacahn theater. Love it. And that Tarzan...biceps is right!!

Have fun at Lake Powell. If you run into a bunch of scouts canoeing ask if one of them is Jona. That's my boy. He's down there.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I kid you not...I saw people repelling the DIXIE Sugar loaf on Saturday... was that YOU GUYS???

Anyway... you were in my hood... glad you had a good time.

and LAKE POWELL!!! You live a very blessed life.... sigh.

Amber said...

WOw! That looked beautiful!

*Shiver* I hate spiders. I dreaded girl's camp each year and I think I would have a much harder time now that I'm older. That probably means I will be going every year until I die, right?

Yeah, I had no idea that "props" referred to propeller. I was trying to figure out why a prop was in the boat anyway!

SWIRL said...

You have to forgive Martha-- she is working at her new (when I say new.. I mean tear-down) house painting and puting in a new kitchen and bathrooms and scraping off popcorn from the ceiling... and tearing down walls of mold.. and putting in a new door.. and window cranks, blaa blaa blaa.. I spent a few hours there today myself... grouting a shower. It is going to be AMAZING- but I think they have 2 weeks to move in.. and still so much to do!!!! Just think- if you were here.. you could be tiling floors with us tonight! It's going to be a Par-tay-- you know Martha! everything is a par-tay!
Girls camp looked so fun!
you are the bestest YW prez EVER! I can tell!

Garden of Egan said...

Crash you do have a wonderful life! That you get to go to St. George for Girls Camp is so amazing! Did you go shopping in the outlet stores?
I was the Camp Director for 5 years. It consisted of stinky dirty and lots of campfire smoke. I wanna live in your SpongeBob Ward. Seriously.
Oh, never mind. I'm not the Camp Director anymore...whew!

Lake Powell? Really? You do live in a Wonderful Life. Say hi to Jimmy Stewart for me will ya. I lub him.

Have a blast and hope you are able to cope with real life when you have to get back to it you know REAL LIFE.

Have a blast!

Donna said...

you do have a wonderful life....

Anonymous said...


Annette Lyon said...

Great pics, lots of fun. I'm getting ready to send my daughter off to girlz camp--and I know she'll have a ball. (Too bad you aren't one of her leaders, 'cause I know she'd lub you.)

On a totally different note, I swear every time I comment here, there's a comment with some funky Japanese or Chinese characters RIGHT above my comment. What the what?

Mariko said...

That is almost too much gosh darn girl-friendliness. Whew.
It looks hot. Really hot. It's really hot here, too though, so you're not missing out.