Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Says!? (anthems and boot camps and bears, oh my!)

Good news! I have kicked my cold to the curb and I'm back in the game. HA! Take that dark side of the Universe! Four fresh California pomelos, three bowls of homemade chicken vegetable soup, two eyes of the tiger, and one raw eagle egg. That's all it took to restore myself back to health.

And it looks like I'm not allergic to Utah neither. I woke up this morning feeling mighty fine, so I went ahead and rolled out of bed at my usual 5:30 a.m., and went through my whole boot camp routine. I think I'm getting into a flow, because I'm beginning to understand the Energizer Bunny a lot better. 

And it's EXCITING!  (Although, for the record, Fuji outlasts Energizer by 1 hr and 45 minutes. I have my son's science project to prove it.) 

I am overwhelmed with things to tell you. It's almost frightening. I am trying to widen my arms to receive all the incoming information, but it feels like holding water in a net. Luckily I'm writing it all down in my Dummy Boot Camp notebook so I can give a full report. 

For now I need to digest it all before I regurgitate it.

More good news! I found my first bear today! It was in Park City. I was on a date with my hub at the time, having a loverly time of it eating generic brand fruit snacks and Ande's mints and Twizzler red vines and Chips Ahoy cookies when I ran into my first bear. In broad daylight.

Look at me, I'm like "Here he is!" And my hub was like, "Here he is? That's it? You caught your first bear red-handed, and you're just sitting there with his arm around you like he's you're best friend? Let's get PHYSICAL, babe! Show him who's boss!"

"That's more like it," he said, but not before I had an aha moment. Sometimes we snuggle up to our bears instead of slaying them. 

There's a moral here. There's a definite moral here. Never trust a friendly bear. Unless his name is Yogi. Even the friendliest bear will claw your eyes out in a pinch.

You get me? 

And never trust a friendly moose neither.

Such a hypocrite, my hub. 

But fer reals, have you ever heard of "sleeping with the enemy?" Your bear might be your hub. Or at least you might think it is your hub. I would never think it was my hub, but you might. And then upon closer examination, you might realize that it's not your hub at all, it's actually . . YOU, disguised as your hub! 

What if YOU are are the one guarding the secret passage leading to the other side of your wall? Only you're dressed up as your hub.

I'm sorry for you, if that's the case. I personally could never do that to myself. 

Anyways . . .

You guys wanna see Park City? 

First, if you ever go to Park City go to the Stanfield Fine Art Gallery on Main Street. BEST ART GALLERY EVER! I would marry half of those paintings if they asked me.

Especially this one:

Or maybe this one: 

Just joshin' peeps! But I would seriously live inside that first painting. 

Okay, now are you ready for some Park City flavah?

But first, can I just say that this is my kinda boot camp!

Hee hee 

Okay, Park City! Flavah! Coming right up: 

P.S. Iwa says I need an anthem for my Dummy Boot Camp. Thanks to Disney, I've got two:

My daughter keeps playing this song (below) over and over so if it's my daughter's anthem, it's my anthem. 


Martha said...

I didn't really get the bear thing, but, glad you had a blast in Park City. Guess what I had to do today? Perry has the stomach flu so I got to go to two of his classes and give them their final. For his Tesol class they kept asking me questions. I'm like, "I don't know what were you taught?" This is college you know so step it up.

Ok, so seedings came out for OIA E and Rachel is #8!! Can you believe it. She has an awesome draw. Maybe she'll make it to states!!

Josh's draw is super easy. I hope he doesn't get dinked too bad. Cuz dinkers are stinkers!

IWA (e - va) said...

<3 it! That Lemonade Mouth song, has been on repeat in our house for a couple weeks! and the lyric vid you posted is the best one ive seen!

Lucky You, went to PC! If i could ever miss Utard, I did with this post. Park city holds a special place with me...

Smart Helm said...

I totally served there for 2 months before my companion rolled the car and we were moved back down into the valley. There is an old cemetery on the west side that one of the ladies we taught showed us. Its a beautiful area. Good luck on boot camp!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, hee hee I'm spelling out the bear thing for you in todays post. And I lubbed your dinkers are stinkers reference. LOL. I remember that post. YAY for Rachel! I'm so happy for her. She is reminding me of Tatum two years ago. wootwoo! And go JOSH! Hopefully it won't be too easy breezy.

Iwa, I only heard the song 2 days ago. Lub it! Awww,for Park City. HUGS, sistah!

Smart Helm, I always lub to hear from you. I think I saw that cemetery. Can you see from the main road into town? I don't do directions. I didn't know you served in PC. How very chic you must have been? ;)

The Mom said...

LOVED that photo of the street scene with the bicycles. Beautiful photo.

robin said...

I LOVE going to Park City and I had to laugh at your pictures of the bear and the moose because a few years ago when my hub and I went to Park City we also took pictures of ourselves with the bear and moose only my hub was a little friendly and was kissing the moose.

T said...

I'm allergic enough to Utah for both of us.

Is it wrong to hope that soon St George will be hot enough to kill off all the little cute flowers so I can breathe again?

Heidi said...

Park City is beautiful. And Andes mints are just about the best thing you can put in your mouth. I once wrote an essay about them for English class. It got good feedback. :)

Vern said...

What does it say about me that of all those pictures I stopped for the longest time on the rubber chickens singing into the microphone? Actually, it's not really necessary for you to answer that. But seriously, I want those rubber chickens.

wendy said...

Glad to see you conquering your BEAR. baby steps me dear. (tee,hee)

I love Park City. so artsy and fun.
That is a great song ....heard her sing it on Dancing with the Stars the other night.

You rock. glad to hear you are not allergic to Utah. I DO THINK I must be allergic to Alberta winters however.