Friday, June 17, 2011


My ex-door neighbor Martha guessed that I found 45 pens in the catch-all between the two front seats of my car. She lived next door to me for 10 years so who would know me better personally, right? I mean, Martha really KNOWS me. Personally.

Ann Allred, AKA The Mom, guessed that I found 47 pens. She just happens to be married to an English professor at BYU-Hawaii whose office was right next door to mine for years, so who would know me better professionally, right?

Well, they were both wrong. Impressively wrong. But just barely. I found 46 pens in the catch-all between the two front seats of my car.

46 pens!?!?

This can only mean one of two things--either I'm 46 times mightier than the sword, or I'm certifiably insane.

Before I get hauled away in a straight jacket, I want to tell you about girls camp, okay.

But not today. Today I just really need a long winter's nap. And I do mean winter's nap, being as I suffered through freezy cold temps (literally) last night in Lava Hot Springs. And I do mean SUFFERED. Can't tell you how many times that "S" word shivered through my head between 3:45 and 5:30 a.m.

Remember last summer when I said I wanted to be a pioneer, so. frickin. bad?

Can I take that back?

Unless of course pioneers got to stay in KOA Kampgrounds with bathrooms that make you feel like you're walking into a spa.

If any of you have been to Lava Hot Springs you know what I'm talking about.



Susan said...

I'll be at girl's camp this Wednesday night and again Friday. Can't wait! I'm sure I'll suffer too.

Alice Wills Gold said...

I think you are really a kleptomaniac and you need house arrest.

Give back the pens to your nearest gas station, bank, and grocery store.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha Either that or my hub goes to conferences where drug reps hover. If anyone needs pens with Viagra plastered across them, I'm your dummy. ;)

Donna said...

welcome back! I was the worst camper in the history of girls camp...I think they wrote a song about me...I ate in the dirt, slept in the dirt, cooked in the dirt, peed in the dirt....camping..roughing it is when room service doesn't pick it up until the third ring.....

Jillybean said...

My daughter is going to girls camp this week

I will be staying home where there will be indoor plumbing (and internet access)

Martha said...

So both Ann and I win right? What do we win?

Glad you survived Girl's Camp. I actually volunteered to go, but they won't let me! Ours was at the Cricket field and Rachel kept sneaking home to shower and use the facilities. She is a cheater.

Josh is there now! I miss him already. So I kinda wanted Joshie to bring you guys up some stuff (Strawberry Belts) but he was pretty full and we had to pay for each dang bag you know. He said he'll go visit Al at the Health Center this week so be on the lookout. Are you going to Provo at all this week? If so give him a call and go see him.

robin said...

I'm with Donna... I suffered in the dirt...poofy dirt - oh and with ticks. I stunk so bad I offended myself. The showers were freezing cold and scary but I just closed my eyes and wore my flip flops. I was tired of everyone giving me a 20-foot berth. Yes I stunk that bad. :(

But I do love girl's camp even if it is impossible to sleep and people run around in ape costumes scaring young women at night. Just watch out for those mag-light flashlights if you do decide to jump out at someone. They give nasty concussions!s

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Giggling about your camp stories.

Martha! You poor thing, you're down to four kids. Text me Joshies cell phone number. Zach has a b-ball tourney at BYU this weekend. Plus we're going to the Tueller wedding this Friday. Maybe he'd want to come. How is he doing anyway?

wendy said...

guess I was off, just a bit (tee,hee) are certifiably insane my friend.

I am LoW said...

I will be leaving for girls camp this Mon- Sat. And I won't be freezing, I will be sweltering!! 90 degrees and above and high humidity. I sat outside yesterday for an hour and a half and it about made me sick to my stomach. Oy.