Sunday, June 12, 2011

Man cannot repent by bread alone . . .

Just when you think you know it all . . . bam, you don't.

One thing I didn't know that I didn't know is that in our ward the Young Men take turns bringing bread for the sacrament each week.

I also didn't know that today was my son's turn to bring the bread for the sacrament.

Until moments before the sacrament began.

Imagine my chagrin.

Chagrin actually feels a lot like a panic attack when all you have is hot dog buns in your bread box.

I didn't even have enough time to break the sabbath in order to secure a loaf of sacrament bread. In other words, buying it and stealing it were out of the question. I had to stoop to begging and borrowing. With moments to spare, I put in an emergency 911 call to my next door neighbor. Her bread was frozen.

"But I have a lot of hot dog buns!" she offered.

Is it bad to repent of all of your sins with hot dog buns?

Just curious?


Me (aka Danielle) said...

If you ask me...bread is bread. The only difference is hot dog buns are a heavy bread. Maybe hot dog buns should be used for the heaviest of sins. Maybe your not knowning was just what the sinners needed today. Just sayin...

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Man I hate it when that happens. I don't know why moms are always the last to know about assignments given to their sons, but it is a fact of life that you just need to accept. Like death and taxes.

Jillybean said...

I don't see the problem with hamburger buns, they are made out of bread.
My cousin and his wife used to teach school in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. They didn't have a store nearby and all of their supplies had to be flown in. They sometimes used pancakes.

The first time it was my son's turn to bring the bread, I was prepared. I bought an extra loaf when I was doing my regular grocery shopping on Thursday.
Sunday after church, my son told us that one of the other kids had to go grab a loaf from home because the one he brought was moldy.

But wait, there's more!!

The next time it was his turn, I went to the grocery store late Saturday night so the bread would be as fresh as possible, however, the next day after church he told us that that bread was moldy also.

What do you think the universe is trying to tell us with all this mold?

Garden of Egan said...

I hate when that happens.
AND has happened. But I broke the Sabbath.

val of the south said...

I have to bring my own piece of bread because of the allergy last week I brought a piece of cookie - a pizzelle to be exact. It was the best sacrament I've ever had.

ellen said...

One Sunday our bishop announced since there was no bread we weren't having the sacrament. BIG NO-NO. That's why we're there. He got a letter from the Stake President saying that should NEVER happen again. You can be creative with the "bread" and you can have it at the end of the meeting. But you have to have it. :)

robin said...

Actually I'm really jealous and wish I was in your ward on Sunday. I hate hot dogs but hot dog buns??? My favorite! I LOVE having left over hot dog buns that I can spread margarine on and eat - just like that.

Tell me next time you have the bread and if you bring hot dog buns - I'll be on my way!!!

Annette Lyon said...

My son had a recurring monthly assignment for the bread FOR OVER A YEAR before I realized that the YM weren't randomly assigning it. We scrambled constantly.


Martha said...

I think the Kahawaii's bring the bread every week in our ward. I think I like it that way.

Sandi said...

They are not going to let you be a Utard if you don't make ho-made bread from scratch every week for the sacrament, dontcha know. Step it up there, Crash! You are never going to win the Missus Hustle award either!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha ha Sandi! You made me smile at the end of a long day. Goin' to girls camp tomorrow.

Got a kick out of all of your stories actually! MAHALO!

(Wow, that sounded like a foreign language.)