Monday, June 6, 2011

This post is for you, Sandi. (So you don't have to think so hard.)

Sandi says she's getting exhausted by how much thinking she has to do on this blog, so today I'm going to tell a joke: 

How do you know when it's FINALLY summer?

When you start mowing your boy's hair. 

Ba dum bum

Get it? Mow your boy's hair

That's the punch line.  But I can provide photographic evidence if you need a visual punch line too. 

Now do you get it? 

I didn't mow this son's hair. He let his friends mow it for him.

Which reminds me of an ancient Chinese proverb that goes a little somethin' somethin' like this: 

Friends don't let friends mow drunk

Words to live by. 

P.S. My daughter didn't get her hair mowed, but she did get a raise--WOOHOO! And an addiction. Family History. 

Family History? Seriously? Can't she get a normal teenage addiction? Like tattoos? Or body piercing? Why does she have to rebel by sitting at the computer finding names of ancient family members like Greenwood and Delilah Sherry from Kentucky, who need to be baptized. 

I mean, she's not hurting anyone per say. Or is she? It made me wonder when she told me she found a certain Mrs. Williams who needs to be sealed to her husband, John. 

"But John already has five other wives named Mrs. Williams," I told my daughter. "Maybe he won't miss her." 

Fer reals! What if Mrs. Williams doesn't want to be just another Mrs. Williams forever and ever? What if she's been saying nani nani boo boo to John and all the other Williams wives for the past 260 years because she wasn't duct taped to them for eternity? 

And then my daughter up and gets a cupid complex!


(Sandi, this post hurt your head, didn't it?)


wendy said...

good point....a lot to think about with that whole ETERNITY thing. (tee,hee)

I only had one son who got his head shaved. My last one. We nicknamed him BUZZ (you know, the buzz cut) and now he is 26, just graduated with his Masters Degree....and we still call him Buzz.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thank you to Sandi for requesting such a refreshing post.

Donna said...

I depend on your blog for funny that turns to ponder......Pondering is good...also mowing hair is good.

Connie said...

You have some handsome boys with mowed heads! It must be summer!

I think playing with dead ancestors can really be an addiction. Good for your daughter!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

No kidding. My daughter has been indexing since 7 p.m. She just went to bed.

INDEXING, for goodness sakes!

The Mom said...

My name is Mom and I am an Indexer.
I'm not even taking one step to try to quit. It's my little secret . . . Oh, the stories you can make up from those census records! Yesterday I did April 15, 1930 -- people at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego! It was Awesome!
T can come be my girl and we'll index together, but she'll have to have her own computer, because mine's BUSY.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Mom, you're a silly goose. If you ever start a support group, I'll send my daughter.

I think you're on to something about the stories. And there are a lot of great character names to be plagiarized as well.

I hope I don't addicted too. (for the wrong reasons.)

Sandi said...

Wow I made the front page! woohoo for me! (even if it's because I admitted that I am kind of brain dead) I am still honored. I want you to know that I watched the Le Mis concert again and this time I not only noticed Nick Jonas' non changing expression, but also his very bad teeth. And Now I am going to ask YOU to think, and please explain to me why someone with that much money would not bother to get their crappy teeth fixed? I simply do not understand! Love the boys new do's- my brothers always got "summer haircuts" and I think I might have been a little jealous. Can't believe your girl is doing genealogy....the thought of that makes my brain hurt even more.

Martha said...

Sandi gets her own post??? It's not even her birthday!!! But it is mine and you forgot!

Nice haircuts. Jim won't let me touch his hair because he says he's going to be a model and they like longer hair. He's a dreamer.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sandi, I didn't even notice Nick Jonas had bad teeth. How weird. I guess his face distracted me.

Martha, I did not forget. I wrote a post starring you last night. And I'm almost finished with it. Wyatt said the same thing about his hair at graduation. He wouldn't allow me to cut it. and he combed it over his ears like Justin Bieber and everything. I'll post pictures soon. Are you having a good birthday? Wish I could bring you some pasta salad!!!! LY!!