Thursday, June 30, 2011

Speaking of Jesus . . .

Remember in the 70's and 80's when it was super popular to ask, "What would Jesus do?"

Well, while everyone was trying to figure out what Jesus would do, I was pondering the deeper mysteries about Jesus, like what he would eat. And what I would feed him if he was as hungry as me.

Mostly I would ponder these questions during trips to Mt. Carmel while sitting around the grave sites of my dead relatives, listening to my living relatives cry and testify of the truthfulness of the plan of salvation. Not that I had anything against the plan, but just once I would have liked to hear them testify of the truthfulness of roast beef and gravy. Or mashed potatoes and gravy. Or corn on the cob and gravy.

But why feed the bellies of the living when you could be mourning the souls of the dead? That's what they always say.

That's behind me now and I haven't thought about what Jesus would eat in a long, long time.

Until a few days ago. When I invited some of our old friends from Hawaii over for dinner--namely my son's best friend, and my children's third grade teacher, and their families, and of course, Martha's boy.

It felt like Jesus was actually coming to dinner, that's how excited I got. I wanted to prepare a feast for the multitudes. On these plates.

Which I spent $12 on because when I saw them at Costco I thought, YES! No. YES! No. What would Jesus do?


(Father forgive me!)

I was going to keep the whole dinner party simple, but with plates like these, I had to buy food to match, right? So I spent the entire day shopping and chopping. I kid not. I nearly put myself into a coma, that's how much energy I expended. Instead I put my oven into a coma, so the baked beans were still a little crunchy by the time our guests arrived. Oh, and I forgot to hit the ON button on my rice cooker, so the rice was a little crunchy too. And I forgot to stir the lemonade. And salt the pasta salad.

But the hot dogs and Yoshida chicken were deeeeevine. (Thank you honey bunches of oats!) And the Nilla Wafer salad was deeeeelish!

Besides the menu malfuntions, the night went off without a hitch.

Luckily I had enough energy and foresight left over from the meal preparations to go through and mess up my house a little bit before my Hawaii peeps arrived--just enough so they wouldn't notice how close I have become to being translated now that I live in Utah.

There's a moral here. There's a definite moral here. If there's one thing I've learned about myself since I moved to Utah it's that I love making new friends, and I love seeing old friends, but mostly I love seeing my friends shoes . . .

On my welcome mat.

Peeps, your shoes are always welcome here! You know that, right?

And now for the photographic evidence. Drumroll, please:

This is my son's best friend, Kameron . . .

and my children's third grade teacher, Mrs. Ah Sue . . .

and their families . . .

mingled with my family.



Leslie said...


2busy said...

Looks like a Luau! (I would have bought the plates, too)

Martha said...

Thanks for all that hard work, cooking all day, and for inviting Josh. Hope Z had a great birthday. Those are the cutest plates ever! Gosh, I'm hoping my boy is studying a little, but I'm glad he's having so much fun and you're taking such good care of him.

I hate to be demanding, but I was hoping you'd post some photos of the PPT place. Josh had to call and tell us how awesome it was.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, I have never been to PPT! I hear it's awesome too. From everyone! Zach's gone about a dozen times. I think the whole crew is going on Saturday again so I'm going to try to get some shots.

I know, I hope Josh has time to study in between all the partays!! He's a cutie!

Momza said...

Friends are the flowers in the Garden of Life...I think Hallmark got that right.

wendy said...

Looked like pretty good food for the Body
and Soul
Shoes at the door is a GOOD sign.

Donna said...

I love to see shoes by the front door too. But what is vanilla wafer salad. I love vanilla wafers. Mostly because they aren't real big and I can easily eat the whole box. I love to torture myself by eating the whole box of anything...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I especially love to torture myself by eating a whole box of thin mint girl scout cookies.

Nilla Wafer salad is my own fruit salad-ish concoction. Yumptious! cool whip mixed with vanilla pudding, strawberries, grapes, bananas (sometimes I add apples) mini-marshmallows and crumbled Nilla Wafers.

Go try it! You won't be disappointed!

IWA (e - va) said...

Awesome.. I love familiarity!

So at this time id like to testify about the truthfulness of Corn on the Cob as I didn't learn learn about COTC until I moved to UTard.

One day i was visiting a friend in the Ghetto (RosePark) and down the street came a old man with an icecream cart on wheels, ringing a small bike bell.. when he got to the house we were at, we all pulled out our dollar bills, flashed them around a bit and then the magic started.. He pulled out hot corn from his Icecream cart, dipped it mayo, rolled it Parmesan, and then sprayed butter all over it.. it was amazing.. ans it tasted even more amazing... In the name of Ice cream (CornOnTheCob) carts everywhere.. AMEN!

BTw.. what happen to that cookie salad for last summer.. i think it would have gone great on those pretty plates!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Iwa, the Nilla Wafer salad is really the cookie salad in disguise.

And the corn on the cob truck is making me think NACHO LIBRE! I hear it's good, but ewwwwww!

Mother Baby Child said...

Really cute blog post. I think that Jesus would be fine with whatever you served him because you put love in everything you do. Blessings!

Mariko said...

Looks like fun.

Jesus would have washed the dishes, because he's environmentally responsible, but he never would chide you for buying those. Because they're cute.