Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mr. Hustle, my bustle!!!!

What if I told you that basketball camp is over? And then I showed you what a Mr. Hustle of the WHOLE entire week award looks like?

Would you get excited and say "SEE, Life is fair after all, toldya so! Toldya toldya toldya so! Things always have a way of working out happily ever after in the end."

"YEAH, if you live at Disneyland!!!!" That's what I would say.

That gol dern, cotton pickin' award went to my oldest son. Baby A's big brother. Baby A came home empty handed at the end of the week. AGAIN! Not a single accolade to his name.

My hub says it's good for him. To feel hurt. And angry. And overlooked. Stokes the fire, and all that crapola, but my daughter wouldn't have it. She went right out and bought a ginormous Gatorade and made Baby A his very own Mr. Hustle award.

Because that's what we girls do, ain't it? We comfort the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free . . . free at last . . . of the oppression . . . of . . . of . . . of . . . going unnoticed at . . . basketball camp . . .

. . . I guess there are worse things he could be free of, huh? . . . gulp.

Never mind.

Carry on.

I hope Jackie Robinson isn't reading this from heaven.


Susan said...

I just wrote a blog about my kid who never gets any accolades either. I'll feel sad for your boy too.

Martha said...

Sorry W, we all know how awesome you are. You don't need an award to prove it.

So reminding me of Laie 6th grade graduation. A & J never got a single stinking award. They felt like junk seeing all their classmates go up multiple times, while their names were never called. This year same thing-- Nan & Jim didn't get anything, but I knew they wouldn't and I didn't care.

One mom however was in tears because her son (who is like the smartest in the whole school and just got accepted to Punahou, I'll give you a hint AU are his initials) didn't get jack either. His mom had made leis for all the teachers and when they didn't honor her son, she decided that those teachers were dumb and didn't deserve the leis. Anyway, it took me a good 1/2 hour to calm her down and tell her that this is 6th grade and it doesn't mean anything.

I think both my A & J are doing pretty dang good even though they were awardless at 6th grade graduation.

So W, let's see how hard you will work now? I'll bet my money that you end up getting that college scholarship!!! I know, I've played with you.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha! I can't tell you how hard my boys and I stewed to figure out the AU initials, but I think we did. Is it a REALLY (almost freakishly) tall kid? I can see his sweet mom crying. She's the coolest mom ever. The kind who CARES and WORKS to make sure her kids are on track.

At my twins 6th grade grad there were NO awards given out all. Not a single one. Maybe that's for the best.

Martha, you and my hub are on the same page. You always have a great attitude.

Susan, HUGS for our boys! I'm kinda on your page.

Martha said...

Yes AU is not just tall, but big and his older bro is Z's age and is already a football star at Punahou.