Thursday, June 9, 2011

Imagining (For Robin)

NO, Baby A did NOT get the Mr. Hustle Award today! AGAIN!




Did I already say GRRRRRRRRR!?

But being the nurturer that I am, I consoled him with words of kindness and comfort, telling him that he has other gifts and talents besides hustling his bustle.

"For instance," I said, "not everyone can pull off the backwards t-shirt under their dance festival t-shirt look."

"But YOU can!" I told him.

"So there!"

"Wait! What?" he said. A little horrified. "My t-shirt was on backwards?"

Oops. I thought he did that on purpose.

Okay, so OMGOSH!!!!!! Who saw America's Got Talent last night? HOLY COW!!! Did you see the dance troupe from Denver called The Silhouettes do the song Imagining? It was SO fresh and beee-U-tiful and A. MAZE. ING and inspiring. I've watched it at least a dozen times since. You HAVE to see it. You just HAVE to!

Watch it here. Hurry. Click and watch it. NOW!

I said NOW!!!!

What are you waiting for anyhow? Look to it, peeps!

Now go watch it again. This time for Robin.

And then can you come back in here for a group hug. Robin really needs one. She is one of three dear blog friends I've met who have had a foster child taken back. Or should I say, ripped out their arms kicking and screaming. But for Robin, this is happening tomorrow. (Or today if you're reading this tomorrow.) (Which would be yesterday for me.)

Did I not just say that life is unfair! Even when you share!

Motherless children and childless mothers just make me want to poke my eyes out! And The Man's eyes too. (Not The Big Man, though. I would never want to poke his eyes out.)

Can you all joint me in my comment box for a huge group ({hug}) for Robin. Pretty please!

LY Robin.


My25Cents said...

Baby A--- you've been ROBBED!! Everyone knows it--don't worry, I think you're momma knows some way to talk to the universe and shoot karma back around to them. In athe patootie. Hehe, that'll be fun to watch go down.

Robin--so, so, sorry. I have been there and all I can say is the anger is normal and understandable. The fact that it's hard shows how much of yourself you've given. This job/calling is only for the truly charitable. I just read several of your posts and will keep you in my individual prayers. I've got you covered at the D.C. temple.

Donna said... prayers are with you. As empty as that sounds it is all I can offer...but it is heartfelt. Your offering is noble, and I firmly believe in the law of compensation...firmly

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Robin, I don't have words. I will cry with you and pray for you. But it is so not fair. Hang in there girl.

DeNae said...

I am in awe - truly, humbly in awe - of people who are foster parents. Your capacity to love and let go and love again exceeds anything I know of. I'm adding my arms to this hug, Robin, and my deepest admiration for the great courage your choice to foster parent requires of you.

robin said...

Crash... again you have the gift of making me laugh and cry in seconds. I'm routing for Baby A and the Mr. Hustle Award!

We are imagining, hoping and praying and dreaming that Sunshine will come back. Some things we dream of that just aren't possible like a Milky Way tree to sprout up in our backyard (it's a great dream though and a yummy one too) but my dream of Sunshine's return this is one I truly believe in.

I'm so grateful for the positive energy sent my way...the virtual hugs...the prayers... it lifts me up. Thanks everyone!

April said...

Hey Crash....long time no visit! :) Thanks so much for sending out bigs hugs for my sister. She is an amazing mother and Sunshine definitely thrived in Robin's care. I have missed you Crash! We have so much to catch up on! We need to do lunch! When are you coming to visit? ;)

PS-Go Baby A!!!!

wendy said...

add me to the group hug
I'm a believer in them.

we just lost (what we fondly called) our foster dog.
It would be heartbreaking to have to give the child back.
BUT thank goodness for people like Robin who are willing to put their hearts on the line.