Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Since you couldn't read any of the signs in yesterday's post, I have taken the liberty of stealing my favorites and remixing them, by my very own self.

In other words, I'm designing my own signs from the Universe. With funnies that I stole from others. It's not really plagiarizing though because I'm telling you straight up that I stole them. And if you think about it, I'm actually not stealing, just highlighting other people's brilliance. Without giving them credit.

Anyways, if they wanted credit then they shoulda put a ring on it. That's what me and Beyonce always say.

Unfortunately the Crash Test Dummy's Signs from the Universe is still in the works so I'll show you later gator.

As for today, I gotsta show you my current top 10 (or so) favorite things before I burst. These are all the things that, as of late, make me smile and sigh and want to eat chocolate. In no particular order.


I don't know why it makes me so happy when my friends publish novels--probably because if I can't be rich and famous, at least I can be rich and famous by association.

I just received Melanie J's book, The List, in the mail today and I'll be reviewing it on Thursday. It hit #7 on the Deseret Book romance list. Woohoo! (I hope it's steamy.)


(Thank you Dana!) I put this inspirational wall hanging over my side of the bed just in case Edward sneaks into my room at night to watch me sleep. This way if he ever gets tired of watching me saw logs, he'll have some motivational reading material to get him through the midnight hours.


How cute is that?

The reason it looks like an itty bitty pattern is because the visiting teaching message this month is about patterning your life after Bernina and McCalls. Or something churchy like that.

Is it just me, or do you feel so much more motivated to do your visiting teaching if you drop a couple bucks on a ready-made message? With treats?

You can pick these up every month, easy peasy, at Lemea in American Fork.


My mom offered this crocheted dishrag to me while we were moving my gigi to the assisted living care center. I looked at it and said "um . . . uh . . . well . . . hmmm . . ." And then my mom said "Oh just take it you ungrateful little brat."

Now I'm completely hooked on crochet dishrags. Fer dang stinkin' reals. If anyone wants to make me a birthday present, you've got a good 8 weeks to work on it!

I'm also loving my gigi's classic retro hand-me-down tupperware.

I better lock my doors in case my neighbor see this collection.


It makes me smile every time I walk past it. (As long as I keep my eyes off the floor part of the room.)


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I got this in a swag bag at Casual Bloggers Conference and I adore it. It's from Kristen Bowen Studio. You MUST. Try it.


Finally an organic cleaning product that doesn't smell like compost. It smells like lavender and it clears your sinuses and unclogs your pores and makes your hands tingle. But don't bathe in or you'll turn into an oompa loompa. TRUST ME!

8. SAM-e!

Remember my DEB-e for SAM-e campaign? Well I didn't win, but I sorta, kinda did. Nature Made sent me a bunch of consolation prizes--a yoga mat, a water bottle, a journal, a Don't Sweat The Small Stuff audio CD (because losing a $30,000 contest and then getting rejected from Grad School is small stuff if you really think about it. When you're drunk.) But best of all they sent me some free SAM-e.

And guess what? DEB-e is still for SAM-e. Fer realio. It TOTALLY works. Been taking it regularly since Christmas and I haven't had a single day of the winter blues. I'm not lying. I might steal, but I don't lie. I haven't had social anxiety either. And no feelings of wanting to poke my mother-in-law's eyes out.

(Okay, I lie a little.)


YUM-O! Especially the Hawaiian Pineapple Cilantro. If you close you close your eyes you could swear you're at the PCC night show eating a pineapple delight during intermission. Or at the Dole Plantation eating a pineapple dole whip.

The Soft Cashmere Amber is to die for too. If you close your eyes . . . um . . . you'll feel like . . . uh . . . like you're at . . . one of those . . . cashmere fashion show thingies. Yeah, that's it, and Amber is there with you. Sitting right there with you. Softly.


Don't you just want to eat 'em?

I have other favorite things too, like this house that recently went up right in our line of vision.

I would marry this house if it asked me.

How jealous are you that I get to look at this all day long while I'm smelling my pineapple wax and pretending like I'm sitting at the beach? Or at a cashmere fashion show thingie?

I'm also really dig fresh, tree-ripened California Pomelos. Mmmmmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmm.

My nephew sells these as part of his Ohana Fresh Fruit biz, and they are scrumdidlyumpious!

But of course my very favorite thing in the whole wide world is still . . . drumroll, please . . .

That's right, Lulu. Because she's not shedding anymore.

Deep exhalation!


Me (aka Danielle) said...

Not only would I be motivated to do my visiting teaching with those sweet gifts in tow, I might even let my own VT's in, if I knew they had them, for me.

Dana Lyman said...

You are the best in the west!! LY!! DL :)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Those things do all seem very delightful.

Thanks for sharing.

Momza said...

great list. love Mrs. Meyers...that stuff is addictive. It makes me happy when I clean, so that's a bonus. And those wax scent cubes are only two bucks at Walmart, so I plop them suckers in my Scentsy burners and I am ready to go...but my fav scents are like pine/euclyptus/ outdoorsy smells...some of them smell like soap to me though, and I put those in the yahoo's bathroom so it smells cleaner than it is.
And because of you, no kidding, I've been taking SAM-e since Christmas and I really like it.
Fun list!

Valerie said...

Great list!
I was hoping the VT handouts were at a store far, far away from me~ so I wouldn't be tempted to buy them. But no! They are practically right next door! :)

Keola Kinghorn said...

Now I'm curious what your daughter's floor looks like. :P Probably like my room. I love your blog. It is a bright part of my day everyday I read it. :)
P.s. Dr. Duerden sends his love. He said the town houses weren't the same when you guys left.

You know what...BYUH isn't the same without you.


Andrea said...

A cute house (for reals) and a SAM-e. I get so depressed in this weather it's barely funny.

I may have to look into both. BTW, how far are you from Denver? Cause last I checked thats on the BMA radar as top-place-i-might-move-to-if-the-stars-align-and-the-right-job-pops-up.

So yeah, that'd be cool :)

Ken Craig said...

Those make me wish that *I* visit taught.

wendy said...

That's a good list of favorite things.
No wonder I haven't been to RS for years....I don't sew. But I remember my mom using those patterns.

Maybe I need a trunk load of Sam-E

T said...

you always make me smile... and maybe today you make me want some new wax scents... ManOfTheHouse always gets a little crabby when he walks into the house smelling of blueberry muffins, but isn't rewarded with actual muffins...

the cashmere at least wouldn't make him hungry right? (yeah right, I'm going for the pineapple cilantro of course!)

DeNae said...

How freaking adorable is your daughter's room?? I love her! I know, I've never met her. Totally beside the point.

And I'm copying that wall hanging, because not only is it what I hope to do, in so many ways it's what I do already. You're one of those people who make me want to be a better person! I know, break out the tissues!

Anonymous said...

I also just discovered and fell in love with crocheted dish rags. What a coincidence!

Don said...

Hey, I recognize those books.If I ever find the rich and famous part of this gig, I'll let you know how it goes.