Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm being punked, right?

Do you ever wonder if you're being punked?

I do too.

Sometimes I even catch myself looking around for the hidden cameras or listening for the Twilight Zone theme song. Like last week when my car was stolen from Target parking lot.

I KNOW! Hard to fathom in Happy Valley, right? Luckily my thief was kind enough to return it, except he parked it near Office Max, which threw me off. I thought the cop would be more concerned that my car thief hadn't been taught to put things back where he found them, but he just wanted to know if I had been taught to put things back where I found them.

RED FLAG, right!

Overall the cops in Utah are a little too nice. They really go out of their way for you. In fact, today my sons and I got lost looking for Hillcrest high and a cop stopped me to give me directions. How sweet is that? And then he asked to see my drivers license and gave me a pop quiz on the speed limit in a residential area.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh," I said. "I just graduated magna cum laude from Traffic School so I know this one! YAY!"

Missed it by 5 mph, but he gave me his autograph anyway.

Sometimes I wonder if my hub is in on the punk. Either that or he's just trying to annoy me by shoveling the driveway in his snowman PJ's and his Sunday shoes. And then shoveling the neighbors driveway in his snowman PJ's and his Sunday shoes.

For the record, I did buy him snow boots and jeans to go along with the shovel.

Yesterday I suspected that the whole state of Utah might be in on the punk because I went to the post office and you'll never believe who I stood in line behind . . .

Some lady.

Who had never been to the post office in her life!


She kept asking me questions like, "Is this where I put the address? Is this where I put the stamp?" And then she would giggle and shrug and say "I've never done this before."

I finally said "How old are you that you've never been to a post office?"

She was twenty! years! old!

I'm being punked, right?


IWA (e - va) said...


IWA (e - va) said...

That last punk was hilarious... really? LOL! only in utah can you find someone that never sent a letter before.... maybe the schools there never took their kids to the Post office... or have them send a letter to themselves!

I think you have some kind of COP gravitational pull or something? I hope you didnt tell him thank you.... i heard for something or somewhere that police always get thanked for pulling people over!

And about your hubby.. you can take the boy out of hawaii.... but you cant stop the boy from wearing things that people in hawaii could care less about!

OldBoatGuy said...

In my generation it was "pulling my leg".

Put a little flag on your antenna so you can find your cat in a parking lot. OR, that little black fob has a horn button on it. Hee Hee

OldBoatGuy said...

car in the parking lot.....

The Garden of Egan said...

Oh, I'm sure you are being punked. It is so weird that you are able to recognize it so clearly. Just make sure that you keep on making friends with the nice cops of utah cause you never know when they'll come in handy...for autographs and stuff.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

what the what? I hate it when that happens with the car thing, but maybe you have a disorder or something, didn't you have a problem finding your car at Olive Garden? I have the same disorder. I have even tried to unlock the wrong white van and wondered what the heck was wrong with my keys. Seriously. I think creative people like us can't be bothered with life's little details like where we parked the car and clean toilets. Just a theory.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Nutty! I'm feeling you. Your theory is dead on. We creative people live in our heads and life's little details are just annoying distractions. YES, I had a problem finding my car at Olive Garden. I never had a problem finding my car in Hawaii, but in Utah all the cars are silver pilots so it makes things more complicated. The cops weren't such stalkers of me in Hawaii either. I'm much more attractive in Utah, I guess. In my element, so to speak.

Old Boat Guy, I was wondering why you wanted me to find my cat in the parking lot. hee hee (just pulling your leg.)

Iwa, I think I did thank the nice police officer. DANGIT! I truly am a Utard.

And yes, the post office story is 100 % true. She said her mommy has always done it for her.


Heather and Kyle said...

That is funny! Was she blond the one at the post office? I didn't know your car got stolen. Wow.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

I'm having trouble with the visual of the snowman pjs and a shovel. Best to take pics next time ;)

It's going around - I shoveled today, but in jeans and tennis shoes.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Yikes... that girl in the post office needs a quick dose of real life therapy. 20!!!

Just SO said...

No way. That is really sad. I wonder if she knows what "going postal" means.

Martha said...

On our Utah vacay I did notice several things that are pretty different that our island. One is that Utah has good radio stations. Two is there are cops all over the place! They are everywhere.

Here we have cops, but just Mr. Ah Sue or Kelly Ah Hoy or the PAL basketball guy. They only wave and say hello. They don't pull you over and give you tickets. What is that about?

Sandi said...

Silly Martha, thats because nobody speeds in Hawaii!

Martha said...

We don't speed, we drive with Aloha!!

I'm laughing because when we went skiing with Brent Green, there was crazy traffic coming down and the other drivers were honking and not being very nice. But, Brent, he smiled at them all, gave them a shaka, and said, "Thanks for driving with aloha!"

I actually saw a cop today picking up Tom from preschool. He was directing traffic while a bunch of construction workers watched a guy working. The cop was listening to an ipod and he couldn't wave at me because his hands were busy reaching inside his pocket scooping up snacks. This is a true story.

Martha said...

Hope you don't mind but I gave Kim A your address. Not sure why she needed it, but I'm pretty sure she knows how to mail a letter. So maybe you'll get one.

Silly girl doesn't she know she can just comment on your blog and ask you?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I got a ticket in Hawaii once too. ;) Maybe it's just me. And for the record, the Utah cops have WAY more aloha spirit than the Hawaii cops. LOL

Heather, hahahahah I didn't really get my car stolen, girlfriend. hahahahah Please don't spread that around the family. hahahaha

Okay, So, I'm going to take a stab at what going postal means before I google it. Doesn't it mean like FREAKING OUT!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

YES! I was correct. I should have gone postal on that chica who's never been to a post office. That's just so wrong!

Sandi said...

did you really not know??

The Crash Test Dummy said...

How did I get it so right on if I didn't know??? hmm? hmm? hmm?

Dolly said...

Now this was a crack up.

Good thing I read it after I read about the musical fireside post. For some reason, I was not laughing at that one.

You know, you really are very clever about calling out the colloquialism of your environment without actually calling it out.

I love it!