Saturday, February 27, 2010

Are you there Gad? It's me, Dummy.

Aloha Mr. Universe,

Crash here. Your favorite dummy?

Remember when I said I'm living la vida fairy tale? Well even Demigods like me have their fears and insecurities.

Right now I'm AFEARED and INSECURE about the Tsunami heading towards Hawaii.

I know you don't owe me any favors, but PLeAsE Make it GO AWAY!

Please, please, pretty please! With sugar on top.

I'll give you a million dollars.

Make that a TRILLION dollars!

It's just that there are so many people I lub on those islands. Please protect them with all your might!

MAHALO in advance!


OldBoatGuy said...

I'm so concerned, also Crash. Maybe you could sommon your powers and dash out there and CRASH into it and stop it.

somemeri is the varifier, that has to mean something. LY

Martha said...

We have moved everything important upstairs (Jim is leaving his backpack w/ homework downstairs on purpose). I been making bread, musubi, egg salad, rice krispie treats and anything I can think of.

Perry took the van full of the 72 hr. kits and the tent to the water tank road. We have 4 more hours and then we're going to ride the motorcycles up in the mountains.

The kids are super excited, it's funny. They are all cooperating and helping. It's nice to see.

Adam wants to park his car by the beach so he can get a new one.

So no worries we are good, but thanks for the prayers.

Garden of Egan said...

Amen Crash! I'm praying too.

val of the south said...

Sending lots of love and prayers to all of the Island friends I've met through Crash.

Be safe and please keep us posted!

IWA (e - va) said...

Ditto on Martha.. except my kids complained the whole morning about having to pack things up..... we are not going anywhere (if we dont have to) but the cars are packed... and Here in Lala Land of TVA there is actually a birthday party going on outside. It was suppose to be this afternoon.. but since everyones been up since 2am, they started it early turned into a big giant birthday (breakfast) party with anyone whos still here. Thanks for all the prayers!

April said...

I feel like I have a whole family in Hawaii that are in trouble. Be careful my Hawaiian family. Prayers are being sent your way!

wv= amenosa...This wv is FREAKY! But you bet I give a big AMEN to what Crash said!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Isn't blogging wonderful in that we all feel so close to you. Of course when I saw the news the first thing I thought of was my friends living there. I will add my prayers to all of yours. And Martha way to get me to smile with the back pack comment. Mahalo to all of you.

Braden Bell said...

Amen to all the prayers.

T said...

another Amen to all of that - even the leaving the homework downstairs comment :) been watching the checking on my Hawaii blog friends while my brother checks on all of his Chilean mission friends - what a global family we are!

ummm... and seriously, your WV is freakin' me out "madefear"

SWIRL said...

That is so nice--thanks Crash for your thoughts and prayers... we are okay-- I am just waiting for Martha to organize a block party for all the FOOD we've prepared.

I am so glad- we still have power! I was sure any wave would take poles down.

But uneventful--- THANKFULLY- I am NOT complaining!

OldBoatGuy said...

Looks like our prayers were answered. Or.......Crash did as I suggested. Are you OK Crash?????

SWIRL said...

let me know if you want some hawaiian fabric for your frock... we would be happy to 'hook you up'

CaJoh said...

I think your prayers are answered. I heard it passed it by.

Sandi said...

Kasey and Suli had a great time pitching their tent up in the hills and partying with all the other evacuees all day :) So glad all is well!

Amanda said...

We've all been praying and He listened!!! Glad everyone is well and what a great day for being together as a family and having a big community party.

And Swirl, glad you guys have power, I was beginning to wonder what Brian would do if he couldn't watch the game tomorrow :)

Homer and Queen said...

He did!!!

Anjeny said...

Aww Crash..that was totally awesomely sweet of you to bribe the universe like that.

We got up at four and packed everything up and stored them up in the attick. We were actually anxious to get out of our house as soon as it got some light but hub is a bit over paranoid about anyone breaking into our house while were gone so of course, we spent four hours putting everything of important, food storage, electronic stuff in the attic..being sleep devrived can cause a person to turn into a real witch,at least in my case.

We evacuated to Mauka chapel which was jam packed with people. We sat up there for at least three hours watching to see if the wave would come but it never came. You should have heard all of the kids whining from disappointment from the tsunami not hitting Hawaii. I am totally relief that the wave died out before it hit hawaii..our house is still standing. The whole family crashed as soon as we got home and slept for five hours, we just now finished unloading our cars...a task that I loathe with all the fiber of my beings.

I want to thank all of you mainlanders for remembering us in your prayer. Crash, love you tons girl and you are totally the BOMB!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Old Boat Guy, I'm okay. LOLOL I'm fully recovered from crashing into that wave to stop it. ;)

hee hee

Good one, OBG!

I'm always so happy when the universe psyches us out. (Or when the media psychs us out.) Better safe than sorry. At least it was a great drill to see which one of the ten virgins you are, right?

We had b-ball games starting at 9:00 a.m. and I didn't get home until 9:30 p.m. Sold Oranges in between, but it was so great to come home and find all of your prayers and good wishes and reports in my comment box.

Martha, Swirl, Anjeny and Iwa, I felt like I was totally there. I mean, how many times have we been through this similar thing together? How many times has Martha thrown an extension cord through her widow to hook her generator up to my fridge when the power goes out?

Those kinds of drills are always a partay in Hawaii. Remember the time we had the earthquake on a Sunday morning and the power was out all day so no church? So we all pitched in and had a neighborhood potluck of peanut butter sandwiches and apple sauce?

Good times.

I laughed at Swirl's comment about Martha organizing a pot luck with all the extra food you prepared. ha ha ha What would the townhouses do without Martha, Martha, Martha.

Anjeny, it sounds like a lot of energy. But you will be prepared next time. I think I'm kind of a grumpty dumpty during emergencies too. ;) Especially if I have to unpack the car. I hate that task too.

So my kids were FREAKING OUT all morning. Good thing for texting and Facebook so they could get the play by play update of their friends safety. Wyatt was sure everyone was going to die. ;)

Being surrounded by water during an emergency brings with it a whole new level of "aftermath" terror. Arch said all the gas and toilet paper on the island is gone. ;)

Well, I'm just glad you're all safe and sound!!!!

LY everyone!

Martha said...

Yeah Deb, the power outage I liked better was the one time we got all the perishables from everyone's fridge and freezer and got the BBQ grills out and started grilling. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, steak and chicken.

I was just chatting with your twins now. They are sad they missed the party.

We had a fun morning moving things upstairs. We took the cars to higher ground and rode the dirtbikes into the mountains. We hung out with friends for a couple of hours while Perry listened to reports on his ham radio. We hiked up to a ridge where we could see the ocean and nothing happened. We packed lots of food and the older boys just rode their dirtbikes around as usual.

When we decided it was safe to head home Rachel, Jim and Nan were still playing around in the mountains and didn't want to come. So we left them there with another family for another hour. Now we're home and are putting everything away. We were commenting that this would've been better on a weekday so we'd miss school/work instead of basketball games and tennis matches.

Up behind the temple people set up ez corners and had music playing. We were up by the water tank and there were a bunch of people there too.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Martha, I can just imagine it all. Sounds like a typical Hawaiian party--making lemonade out of lemons. So FUN!

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...

One of the sweetest prayer blogs I've ever read.

I was also thinking about my blog Hawaii friends all the while throwing a surprise bday party/ having guests/ and having my son getting his appendix removed.

Too many things to do at once. But it all turned out. Yay!!!

I am Lorinda W- you can call me LoW said...
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Tiffany said...

It worked hooray!!!

Mariko said...

I was wondering who did that.

Dolly said...

I still need to post the pictures I took on the beach at the time when the Tsunami was supposed to reach us.

I had an insider tip that told me there was no real Tsunami coming so I actually stayed home and got some work done.

Now if my insider tip friend could just meet me in Vegas......