Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gratitude and blankets

I'm 34 pages into New Moon and I've nearly strangled Bella at least a dozen times.

BELLA! You're killing me! Fer real! Must you be such a mopester? Must you be such a sour puss? It's you're birthday, for goodness sakes! Where's your attitude of gratitude?

I am so hoping Edward smacks her silly soon!

Maybe I am just a bit impatient with Bella because I'm tired. Tired of feeling like this at my twin's baseball games.

And tired of seeing my daughter like this.

Mother Nature, haven't you heard? It's MAY, gosh darnit!

I'm also a little tired of hearing my hub and my IL's murmurmurmurmurmur like Lamen and Lemual at the umpire. If I was going to murmur like Lamen and Lemual I would direct it at the coach:

"DUDE! Why is my son playing left field? (murmurmurmurmurmur) Dontcha know there ain't no action way out in left field? Why would you place a kid who wears his baseball cap to bed way out in left field? (murmurmurmurmurmur)

And why would you place a kid who wears his batting helmet to dinner at the end of the batting lineup? (murmurmurmurmurmur) Dontcha know all those kids who strike out in front of him ain't gonna unload those bases for ya?

But I'm no sour puss, and my attitude is full of gratitude, so I keep my trap shut.

Helk, I'm just THANKFUL I have blankets to keep me warm (in MAY), and to muffle the sound of my voice box when I grumble against the coach.

Speaking of gratitude and blankets . . . (WARNING: Abrupt shift of tone ahead!)

Kritta finished The Magic Quilt!!!!!!

For those of you who don't know about The Magic Quilt, it's a comforting blanket, made (with lub) from pieces of fabric sent (with lub) from my readers. Each piece of fabric represents a story of healing and comfort and triumph over tragedy, all recorded on

Together we have formed the YA YA sisterhood of the magic traveling quilt. In other words, we will follow this quilt around (whispering YA YA) as it magically heals everyone it touches.


So do you want to see it? Do you? Do you? Do you?

Isn't it loverly!?

It was even loverly-er after I sprinkled it with pixie dust and serenaded it with Mozart.

You wanna know what Kritta did special that gave me major chicken skin when my eyeballs beheld the quilt?

She sewed the names of all those who not only donated fabric and shared their stories, but also those who are following the project via The Magic Quilt blog.

Like this:

Does that put a lump in your throat the size of Vermont, or what?

You wanna see my name?


It makes me verklempt to see everyone's quilt blocks side by side because these blocks represent their stories. I lub looking at everyone else's stories all mixed up with my stories.

That's the magic.

Lookie, here's Andrea's blocks from her Surrounded in Love entry.

And here is Springrose's block from her She loved Me Most entry.

It's right next to Sandi's block from her Safe in His Arms entry. (Sandi, you've got a great big square on the back of the quilt too.)

The following block chokes me up most. It's from Anjeny's entry Finding Comfort. It contains extra special magical powers because she actually took it from her mother's favorite skirt. Her entry, and the fact that her mother passed away three or four years ago, made this donation exceptionally powerful to me.

There are so many other uplifting stories, but the photos turned out blurry and now my camera battery is dead so I'm going to let you look them up yourself.

Since our first recipient is now in remission (thank goodness) from her breast cancer, who should we give it to? Who? Who? Who?

Any ideas?

I'm not accepting nominations.

Kritta has enough material to make one more magic quilt, and I just bought a sewing machine for $25--kinda felt attached to it after it sewed the Big Dipper into my thumb (if that's not a sign from the universe, I don't know what is)--so I'm gonna start quilting with magic too. If anyone out there wants to help sew or donate fabric, alls you have to do is light a candle, turn on some Mozart and say YA YA thirteen times.

And then cuall me, we'll tualk.

You might want to email me too because I lose my phone a lot.

More details coming soon.

P.S. Happy Nurses Day today!


Sandi said...

ugh I hate it when I am at work when I read this because the pictures don't show up!

Sandi said...

But I am first!! yay! Can't wait to get home and see the pics :)

Sandi said...


Sandi said...

P>S> I murmmmmeerrred at my daughters coach yesterday. Right to her face. YEP I did. Is it going to do any good? Nope. Should I have just kept it to myself like a good dummy? Yep.
And you are so is the time of year to be sitting at ball games in your cute new bermuda's and slippahs, showing off a cute pedi and getting a tan, not being huddled in a blanket freezing to death. Where are you summer?

Braden said...

I love that quilt. How cool is that! Big time magic.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks for sharing the chicken skin with me. Love it. Cept I do have regrets that I did not manage to mail any fabric to Kritta, but since I couldn't even put on a bra at that time in my life, perhaps I should give myself a break.

LY Girl, and LY Kritta, you are the bestest wizzard with the bestest magic ever.

Melanie J said...

Awesome quilt. Awesome idea. Big juju!

springrose said...

I love that our names are stitched into the blanket! I never would have thought of that!!!! LOVE IT! If you need more sewers I'm willing to help. Just let me know the dealio. I also have fabric to give. My email is From there I will send you my phone #! Love This!!!

Barbaloot said...

What a beautiful quilt! You ladies are awesome for doing such an awesome project.

Also, I'm sure it's not just the cold that makes you wanna strangle Bella (although that probly adds to it). She's so selfish not to realize people want to do nice things for her and she should be GRACIOUS!

IWA (e - va) said...

First off... is your only on pg 34 and feeling that way, just skip to book 4! Book 2 and book 3 killed me because every other page i was just wanting to hit bella over the head!

I love the pic of your son batting... he looks so determined!

Murmuring.... that is the story of my life this week.. If the lord was testing me, i totally failed every test!

Luv the quilt... the names just add to the love in the blanket! Kritta you are absolutely awesome!

Garden of Egan said...

Oh, my helk!!! I have kept hearing you rambling and rambling about this Magic quilt thing and I quit listening cause I thought you were rambling! and stuff.

I had no idea that you were talking about The Magic Quilt!!!! My eyeballs are sweaty and it's January out there! That magic quilt is the most beautiful ever and I can't believe the hours and the love. Oh, my heck I'm gonna bawl again. I think Kritta must be an angel or something.

I lub you all!
I wanna give you some fabrics!

I'm sorry about your thumb being sewn into the big dipper. That's why I couldn't see it the other night.

OldBoatGuy said...

Crash, this is about the book, "New Moon". When ever I get emotional about some charactor in a book, or an event in the book, I just remind myself how GOOD that author is at telling a story.

That goes for Stephenie, or Heidi, or Orson.......I wish I could write like that.

Sandi said...

where the heck is that Kritta? she needs to make an appearance so we can shower her with praise and such as! the names sewn She is a talented lady and I am soooo glad she shared it with us!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh lookie how cute the Old Boat Guy is, giving me tips on how to look on the bright side of literature, and all.

hee hee hee Don't you just want to tousle his hair or something?

I left a note on Kritta's blog to get her bootie over here cause we're all waiting to give her a group hug.

Iwa, your name is on there too. In all caps. Way cool. I took a photo but it was blurry. And I was lazy. Sorry about your week of murmuring. Were you on your . . . coma too?


Kazzy said...

I am with ya on the brrrrrrr. I want warm weather, and I want it right now!

And that quilt is beyond cool. You have done a good thing.

Kritta22 said...

Hi kids!
I love you guys too!
Sorry I wasn't here for the opening of magic quilt. I was playing mommy yesterday to my newborn.
But we found out great news!!
I can't leave my gazillion kritta comments cause I'm stopping by from my phone. Our computer is sick.
You guys are way welcome. I'm sorry it took so long but maybe the universe knew I needed lub when I was making my baby.
I'm so glad you guys like it.
Love ya

Kritta22 said...

Thanks you guys for the lub.

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh wow-Kritta did such an amazing job!! I am so touched and moved right now. This was such a great idea and I cannot wait to see who the first recipient is. Ahhh- what a good start to the day!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Springrose, YESYESYES I would lub help sewing. I'll email you. And I would lub fabric too.

Hi Kritta! And HI Emily. Emily, guess what! Val of the South knows our cousin Tommy from Sad Diego. She knows Diane realllllllly well. How crazy is that?

springrose said...

Crash, I checked email and didn't see one from you. So just in case. My email address is And I live in Idaho. Unfortunately I do not live in Utah. Never thought I would say that. But with all you bloggers getting together makes me feel like I am so missing out! Anyway I have a huge fabric stash and I love to sew. Soooo let me know!

Sandi said...

I just got a little chicken skin myself when Kritta said maybe the universe knew she needed the magic quilt when she was pregnant....She is right!! She was actually the first recipient and look how well that all turned out!! Hooray for magic quilts and the ladies who make them!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Springrose, I just emailed you. I'm so excited. Sandi, I got chicken skin too, when you said what Kritta said about how the Universe felt. It's so true. Remember how Kritta didn't think she could get pregnant? Remember when we all emptied our buckets and she said she was angry at her sister who could get pregnant and she couldn't. And then she started the magic quilt. And then she got pregnant. And then it was a super high risk pregnancy, but that baby is perfectly fine and healthy.

My eyes are sweating now.

We have our first recipient (technically second recipient). I am so excited. I will post about him soon as I can.

T said...

my kids stopped playing baseball this year... I think it's helped me be holier than thou. :)

Nurses' Day? can I just mention that this is freakin' unfair - now I have to call my mother TWICE this weekend?


Heidi Ashworth said...

What a lot of love Kritta sewed into that! Sorry it's still so cold. Yuck. Here's hoping that it will be warm and sunny by Sunday and your mother's day will be fantastic. Lub you!

Martha said...

It will warm up soon. It has too. That is a loverly quilt Kritta. Even my mom who is the quilter of the world would think so.

Speaking of my mom, she is in the hospital with heart problems. It's beating way too fast. I'm sure the nurses are taking good care of her because it was nurses day.

About the baseball deal, hey they have to serve their time in left field. They are the new kids on the team. Although I told G to go for short stop and 3rd batter (like I was). By the end of the season they will for sure have changed positions and batting order.

Furlough day again over here. Laura does a workshop to keep our kids entertained. I am of course in charge of the sports part at the beginning. Now the kids are making more dance videos so keep checking Nan's facebook for more.

Anjeny said...

Ok...I'm gonna do multiple comments only because you make this post that way(LOL), I think.

About New Moon...I've said it before, I'm going to say it again and Iwa said it too on her comment...skip New Moon and Eclipse and go straight to New Dawn. I have never wanted to beat up someone so badly as I do Bella just by reading book 2 & 3.

And OBG's comment made me think and hum in my head the song "Always look on the bright side of life.." I think it's on your play list somewhere.

Anjeny said...

Next comment...WHAT is up with the weather. Summer is here for pete's sake, you shouldn't be wrapped up in a blanket like that. Maybe I should rub it in your face that the sun is really bright and hot right now..nani nani boo boo..ahahah. Aww but your poor daughter. Your son is adorable.

Oh yeah, I was murmuring this morning too and last night about my sons' leaders. I'm actually thinking of murmuring in their faces tomorrow...wouldn't that make the best Mother's day? LOL

Anjeny said...

Ahem...wait, I need to grab some tissue.

Crash...the blanket is beautiful. are absolutely talented and amazing..thank you so much for making the quilt. And the names on there...OMG...I choked up seeing my name on there.

Crash...thanks so much girl for the post shout out. You've seriously outdone yourself on this generous act.

Kritta..high five girl and loads of hugs and kisses your way.

And Crash!! love you tons, you're the BEST!!!

Anjeny said...

Oops...I meant Breaking Dawn..not NEW Dawn.