Saturday, May 29, 2010

My photo journey through the CBC

So today I attended the first-ever, first-annual, CBC (Casual Blogger Conference) . . .

(I don't know why they call it a casual blogger conference because think about it, casual bloggers don't pay good money to go to conferences. Only serious bloggers pay good money to go to conferences.)

(Am I right, or am I right?)

So today I attended the SBC (Serious Blogger Conference) . . .

It's easy to tell who is serious about blogging and who isn't. Take me for instance.

I'm serious about blogging. And so are my new summer toes.

Motherboard, from Crazyland, is also serious about blogging.

But then there are the casual bloggers. Like Shelle from Blokthoughts.

And T, as in Tonya, from You Asked For It.

Not only are these T's feet, but this is T's Cozy.

And this is T trying to get Kristina P to ditch her Snuggi and convert to the Cozy. (We all know that's never going to happen.)

(Do you think T and Kristina P will be mad at me for posting this photo?)

This is T's raffle ticket obsession.

And this is me plus T if you look down.

And this is me plus T if you look up.

But enough about T!

Let's talk about Shelle. I totally caught her Twitterpating during class.

And on top of that, I caught her being bee-U-tiful, which is why I was forced to spitefully sepia our shot together.

Because frankly, who wants to stand next to someone who looks like this?

Not I!

I finally got to meet THEE Motherboard. Look how cute she is. And this guy coming between us is Braden Bell's little lawyer brother.

Do you think Motherboard and LeeLou would get mad if I told you that they both have cutie patootie booties?

You heard it here first, peeps!

The best part about the conference, besides all the important training on how to become rich and Pop-U-lar, is seeing old (as in, don't I already know you?) famous-author blog friends like Annette Lyon, (who looked super cute, btw) and meeting new, not-famous-author blog friends, like Jo from Tangled Me and Amber from Amberlicious.

My girlfriend, DeNae was in the house! Woot woot! (Isn't she looking all adorable.) And I got to meet the cutest cutest cutest girl (who told me I have Charlie's Angels hair) named Serene from Serene is my name, not my life. She's right, her name should not be Serene, her name should be Vibrant.

And lookie who I got to meet and hug for an hour! Tauna from Garden of Egan. She is SO. DANG. CUTE.

I also got to meet Momza, which was a complete pleasure, even though she accused me of warping her kids just because they sing that Eyeballs Stuck on Your Plate song in the car.

Here she is with one of my favorite pondering peeps, Kazzy, who's name should be Serene.

Remember that sparkly ring I told you about the first time I met her? See! I told you so!!!!

T has a sparkly ring too!

I brought the Magic Quilt along for good luck.

(Is it just me or does Amberlicious look a little disgusted by all the magic?)

Tauna donated a whole recyclable bag full of fabric for the next quilt!!!!! Much mahalo, Tauna!

She also brought me this pretty box, which I literally squealed when I opened.

Like I said before, MUCH MAHALO, Tauna!


Annette Lyon said...

It's been fun, hasn't it?

(Also: I'm photographically on Crash's blog! With a double chin!)

Lara said... much fun! Wish I could have been there.

Kristina P. said...

I thought I was being kidnapped by the Taliban! You guys are too funny. You will see my Snuggie out in full force today.

T said...

ooh, I'm going to have to tackle K.P. into that cozy and zip her in...

feeling SO famous being featured on your blog - and yes, I AM blog-hopping during my class :)

Gramee said...

OMH..(that is Utah speak oh my heck)

I real all those ladies blogs...
i wish i was there!!

Sandi said...

That's it. I am going to have to start a blog just so I can go a blogger's conference and meet all these cool chicks in person and check out their cute booties and sparkly rings and shoes and stuff!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

THat's IT!!! I'm going on a NO EAT lose the DOUBLE CHIN diet. Next time you get me being all "casual" I'm going to be looking super model hot...!

Wish I could just chitty chat away but I have to upload pictures from the Serious, I mean, Casual Blogger Conference!!!

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Thanks for helping those of us not these to feel a little bit a part of all the fun.

Of course I am having all sorts of fun cleaning my toilets, so there.

Shelle you already look like a super model to me, on both the outside and inside.

Is it just me, or is it ironic that you all seem to be spending quite a lot of time in cyber space.

Was this confrence just an excuse to get away from your children so you could just be online as much as you want?


And why do you need a lawyer at a blogging confrence? Is there going to be mediation necessary?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Of course that is not to say that he is not a cute lawyer and I am sure any brother of Braden's would be a friend of mine.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Of course I meand to say "Is mediation going to be necessary?"

T said...

I MUST mention that my dentist will be thrilled to see that all of my fillings are intact...

and I love that my shoes are peeking out from the bottom of the cozy looking like I have my shoes on the wrong feet :)

茂慧 said...


Kazzy said...

Uh oh... that Chinese guy is visiting your comments!

It was fun to see you again. You are a cutie, and my topaz and I love you.

Can I steal that photo for a possible profile pic?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

DeNae, please translate!

Kazzy, YES, of course you can steal from me. I lub that pic of you. It was so fun to see you again. For some reason, whenever I see you across the room I feel all warm and comfortable.

T, you crazy chica. FTR everyone, I did not blog surf during any of my workshops. I didn't even bring my laptop and I can't get internet from my phone. ALL of my classes were so good and I was totally focused! Fer real. I'm not being sarcastic.

Pat, I so wish you were here. I missed you. And yes, we needed a lawyer because there are new blogging laws you know. I will share them all with you so you are legal: If you get free stuff and then review it, you must disclose the freebie factor.

Oh, Shelle Belle, for goodness sakes GIVE IT UP! You're gorgeous and WHAT double chin?

Sandi, I HOPE YOU DO start a blog! Next year you'll be speaking at the conference. That's how funny you are. My mom even says so.

Gramee, I LUB the OMH! That is the funniest utarded acronym ever. Can't believe I didn't think of it first.

Annette, I have a double chinless photo of you to post tomorrow. ;) (Again, I didn't notice the double chin.)


Connie said...

It was good to meet you, even if it was for only a minute and no one had a camera!

Great post with fabulous pictures of some of my favorite bloggers!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh can you please please please please show me how to have Charlie's Angels hair too? By the one picture you showed, I could sure use the help.

And I'm just so jealous. :D

It was SO fun to meet you!!

gigi said...

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!! Loved all your pictures and I think we have the same toe polish ;)
I've had some of Tauna's chocolates and they are the BEST!!!

Jami said...

Oh so wanted to be there! But seeing everybody's shoes has been comforting. :)

It makes me smile to see all your lovely smiles.

Howard said...

Crash!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still squeeling over eing able to meet you! You are most awesome...except for the part where I had triple chins. OH, I am doing thing DeNae know.....this.....I think she called them elipses or something like that. I didn't know she was such an Edward hater.

Anyway, it was so good to meet you! You are just like on your blog. I felt like I had known you forever! Thanks for being so kind and gracious.

Much Maholo to you! I could hug you forever!

April said...

I am still sad that I missed this Serious Blogger Party, but happy I was able to smile at some familiar faces! Maybe next year? Maybe if I am not broke from supporting a missionary? Maybe, maybe, maybe! Maybe I can make Sandi join us! hehehe!

Garden of Egan said...

Crash I thought I reposted about using my hubs computer when I commented. So NO it isn't a creepy husband's really me. Not that my hubs is creepy or anything.

LKP said...

i'm here via egan's blog-suggestion. she's right, you are hilarious. you talk/type like i do. good to know i'm not alone. =) you are also a very blessed lady, getting rub shoulders with all these fun, fancy ladies. cool cool cool. not to mention getting to indulge on eg's chocolates?! those are practically FAMOUS! great blog. great getting to blog-meet you here. have a great week!

DeNae said...

That is the cutest picture of Kazzy! I was there when you took it but I had no idea it was so dang CUTE!!

And Tauna told me she had chocolates for me but then I didn't get them. WAAAAAH!

Motherboard said...

You guys are awesome! And, I'm SO glad you like my bum.

Julie said...

Bahahaha! I about died when I saw a picture of my hiney on your blog! You are hilarious :)