Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hauoli la hanau, Crash (forever young) Dummy.

That's what an old family friend/home teacher from Hawaii wrote on my Facebook wall, which is so sweet, being as today is my birthday and all.

When I was a teacher at BYU-H, I used to tell my students that Facebook was creepy.

Well I've changed my stance. Facebook isn't creepy at all. It's AWESOME! In fact, I'm just sitting here hitting refresh over and over on my Facebook page to see which true friend is going to wish me a happy birthday next.

For those of you who want to know how forever young I am, let me just say, last year I was forty somethin' somethin', and this year I'm forty somethin' somethin' somethin'.

You get me?

My daughter just asked me what age I would choose to be if I could go back in time. I thought for a minute and said, "40." Her jaw dropped. "But that was only two years ago!" she said.

Is it weird that I would choose to be forever young at forty?

It's just that at 20 I was worried about being lubbed, and at 30 I was worried about not being lubbed.

At 40 it finally dawned on me . . . what's lub got to do with it? (Seriously, what's lub but a second hand emotion?)

Speaking of lub . . . my new puppy is soooooo darn cute! I probably say I lub you Lulu at least a hundred times a day.

Call it coincidence, or call it staying up until 3 a.m cleaning the house for my Mother's Day party, but I got this annoying sneezy, stuffy-nosed, itchy-eyed head cold a few days after we brought that cute puppy home.

And now my daughter has planted a subliminal fear in my head.


Wouldn't that just be par for the course of my rolling stone-cold heart!

Well, I gotsta go see who is and isn't my true Facebook friend.

Happy forty somethin' somethin' somethin'th birthday to me!

P.S. Please (please, pretty please) don't hold me responsible for anything I may have said which appears disjointed or paranoid, as I am under the influence of Nyquil (and fear).

P.S.S. Martha, I'm going to miss your birthday sandwiches today! (sniff)


Mariko said...


Mariko said...

My palms were sweaty there. I was worried someone was going to beat me to the punch.
I hope you're not allergic. Because that would be another sad story.
I think you have a cold. Because I'm catching it.

The Mom said...

And I just got over it. Your turn.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Happy Happy Birthday. go out and get a jamba juice, because calories don't count on your birthday. And you are probably out of fruit loops anyway.

Can't wait to see what your cute fam does to celebrate.

Glad you are still in Puppy Love.

lori said...

Happy birthday, I'm glad to be able to look forward to 40 and that's why they make allergy medicine :)

Skeet said...

Happy Birthday Crash! Oh no, I hope it WAS the three am cleaning job that made you sick, and NOT the crazy lung-hackin' SIL that came to the Mothers Day party. SO SORRY!!!!!!

Sandi said...

Oh dear, I hope you consider me your friend if I have to wish you happy birthday here and not on facebook. I am at work you know, and for some reason, facebook is blocked and your blog is NOT, although the pictures and the music don't work. But at least I can say Happy Happy Birthday To You! Remember when my hub tried to bring you code red mt. dew and settled for haupia pie instead?? huh? huh? do you?
I love your lulu...she is so stinkin cute! I hope you are not allergic--that would just be horrible. Surely the universe wouldn't do that to you?!

Rockstar said...

Happy Birthday Crash! Thanks for touching all our hearts with your wisdom and humor. Love your biggest fan, Rockstar.

(p.s. Your word verifier is "acrying." I hope that is not an indication of how your b-day will be this year.)

Barbaloot said...

Well Happy Birthday to you!! I clearly wasn't one of those true friends that wished you a Happy Birthday on facebook---but I hope you had a wonderful day!!

PS-don't know if you ever watch the Bachelor(ette), but I definitely have watch parties with your sister-in-law and niece (I guess she won't come this summer). I feel like you and your daughter should get in on those:)

Martha said...

I am totally cracking up. Because last night I thought to myself, I'm going to write something about a birthday sandwich on Crash's blog today. Because she probably won't remember that I waited and waited for her to come home last year to surprise her with a huge birthday sandwich. But you did remember!!

I'll make one today for you anyway, ok? Just that I'll give it to Swirl. Swirl and I are going to paint today! First I have to decide on the color, maybe she can help me with too. Time for my weekly Academic Advisor meeting. I mustn't be late.

IWA (e - va) said...

Happy Birthday! Im gonna party today in hawaii for you because I got the day off from school and i have the whole day to do nothing!

So ill start at Jamba and take one to a new mommy in our ward! then Im going to hit the mall for some new slippers, stop by teds for some cake on the way back, pick up kids and end up at the beach!

Dont worry before we eat the cake, Ill make them sing happy birthday to you! Thanks for having a birthday!

IWA (e - va) said...

Ps.. I have a song for your Playlist....

Hey Soul Sister by Train

It the song of the day!

Donna Tagliaferri said...

Happy Birthday...your blog makes me happy. I hope you have (had?) a great day.....

Stephen said...

Happy Birthday Sis. I Lub ya and I really Lubbed that dog of yours.

Kazzy said...

Happy, happy birthday, Crash! The forties are da bomb!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Thank you all sooooo much for your birthday wishes!!!

Kazzy, you're right. The forties are way cool. You come into your own.

Stephen, thanks! Lub you too. And that goes for Rockstar too.

Iwa, you made me smile. ha ha ha and laugh. How cool are you!? I hope you enjoyed my party. ;)
Kinda wish I was there for it too. Did you notice I put Soul Sister up for us.

Sandi, I totally remember that. I lub chocolate haupia pie, even though I'm allergic too it. hee hee It was so funny that he couldn't find a Code Red anywhere. ha ha

Garden, you didn't miss it. It's today. The 13th. I'm one day younger than Kristina P. hee hee
My computer is still set on Hawaiian Time so it looks like I posted yesterday.

Nutty, ha ha ha ha My mom did bring me a Jamba Juice.

Mariko, HIGH FIVE! I'm so glad you were first. It's been a while. I still remember the beautiful photo card and vegan cookies you brought me last year. Plus a Sudoku book. And I still remember the Papaya you brought me the day I moved. And how it made me cry and cry. And then you cried and cried.



Donna, aww, how sweet.

Martha, of course I remember. You always make the best sandwiches. And pasta salad. I miss them both. So which color did you choose?

Barb, I had one watch party with them in St. George a year of two ago and my hub and MIL and I got into a fist fight over it. hee hee I don't remember details, only that I accused the two of them of being kill-joys for saying the relationship would never work. It was the season where that guy changed his mind after a few months or something. I got a nani nani boo boo from my hub.

DeNae said...

Happy Birthday, my darling friend! I've kinda been AWOL from blogland and Facebookworld and e-mailuniverse so I missed your whole day! And unless having that adorable puppy around makes your throat close up or your limbs drop off I would keep her around no matter what. There is nothing that says love like a golden retriever pupppy.

Hope you had a wonderful day! See you in a couple of weeks!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm a day late and a dollar short but Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed you yesterday. Hope you had a great day, and that you're not allergic to lub!