Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hey, I'm off to the Casual Blogger Conference, but I have some homework for you to do while I'm away, just in case you want to "crash" my back-to-school Cubworld concert in August. (Good luck getting through security, though. hee hee)

To get you pumped, I thought I'd post a preview of my favorite Cubworld song, Lights Fade. This is the acoustic version he recorded in Amsterdam.

But check this out too. It's a clip from the concert version he performed with Upstanding Youth at BYU-Hawaii a few years ago.

This is my ex-door neighbor, Martha's favorite Cubworld song. (Am I right, Martha? I know you loved the super rocked out version anyway.)

Here's a photo montage and a sample of another classic Cubworld song! Lub this song!

Okay, there will be a quiz when I get back.

(Wow! That felt good to boss you around. I kinda miss my teacher self.)


Heather and Kyle said...

Hey deb: We are fine doing dessert but we are not able to do ice cream due to the funds. I will do rice crispy treats.

Braden said...

I am sure you were a formidable and excellent teacher. Thank you so much for putting my book up! And by the magic quilt button, too. I am hoping the magic rubs off.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Heather, no problem. Rice Crispy treats sound great.

Braden, I TOTALLY met your brother today. AND got photographic evidence. woohoooooo!

T said...

quiz!!??!!?? like I have time to study for your quizzes at CBC :)

and Braden - I was there - I can vouch for Crash - no photoshop was used to create that photo (heck, I think I took that photo) I was also told by about 23459 different people to go hang at your funny blog...

IWA (e - va) said...

Isnt his voice BUTTER! ... Well i think so.

Lucky you live utah and get to go to his concert. I love knowing that such good peeps came out of Laie and went and did something Fantastic with their life!