Monday, May 24, 2010

I looked out the window and what did I see?

I'll give you a hint. It's not popcorn popping on the apricot tree. But it is white. And crunchy. Yet soggy too. It makes you smile in December, but turns you into Grumplestiltskin on May 24th.

It looks like this:

At first!

But after a while it looks more like this:

And then this:

And eventually it starts doing this to your trees:

And your window box pansies:

It might even make your mom spontaneously swear on accident.

I don't swear, but YES, I'm ticked! YES! YES! YES!

Am I bitter? YES! But not as bitter as the Utah wind. This darn, dang, dagnam, dadgum wind has got more bite to it than my new puppy,Lulu.

It's Lulu's first snow though, so . . .

At least I won't be out scrubbing those bird droppings off these fake plastic chairs.

Lulu can do it for me.

Hee hee hee. J/K peeps. It's just her doggy treats. We left them outside yesterday after training her to roll over.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tomorrow, if the weather clears up, I'll show you who came over for dinner last night.


T said...

awwww... seeing the little woofer enjoy it almost makes it not wicked evil bad nasty vicious and vile... almost.

could you just make sure it warms up before I have to spend my day in Provo on Thursday???

Jillybean said...

When my son woke me up this morning and told me it was snowing, I thought he was joking.
I was not amused to see that he was serious.

Your magic puppy is so cute! Did she love playing in the snow?

Garden of Egan said...

Grumplestiltskin is RIGHT!

Saturday was blizzard conditions and I was certainly grumpy about it.
My poor tomaters in the ground....

At least Lulu is having an adventure.

Sandi said...

UGH. I am soooo sick of winter! Is it ever going to end? The wind here has been horrendous and it is making me grouchy. But at least we don't have snow!

Donna said...

not fair! Snow has to know it's limits....holy cats

Jodi Gallagher said...

I decide if life gives us snow....make some snowmen! Thats what my 4 year old and I decided to do today. I'm so ready for Summer! I need a tan badly :)

The Mom said...

How do you ever know what to wear??

(word is "iologime" which, if you look at it cross-eyed looks like "Iglootime". How appropriate.)

Martha said...


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

That does seem just wrong in so many ways.

It has been unseasonably cold here also, but that means 60's instead of 100. Yea for not having to turn on the AC.

Kara Herron said...

I'm a little bitter today because of the snow. I looked out the window and saw all 10 of my new trees bent almost to the ground with heavy snow. This is after a windstorm Friday night busted one right in half! So, today we lost 4 more trees. So... yeah. Bitter. But then I saw the pics of your puppy and it made me laugh out loud. Thanks.
My Story Moments

Kazzy said...

I looked out the window and saw anger and disappointment in the form of snow! grrrrrrr

Lulu is having a blast. :)

SWIRL said...

Brian is in Utah and texted us the snow news... he was a bit suprised and wished he had at least brought a long sleeved shirt with him to this work conference....
{tee hee}

My kids reactions were-- "LUcKEEY!"

I know better.
Sorry- you had a spring teaser-- to just get dumped (with snow.)
hope it melts soon.

Don said...

I'm so glad to get these on-site weather reports as we prepare for our trip to Utah next week. See, what with all the temps in the 90s around here, I woulda packed for summer vacation and frozen my toesies off.

At least this way I know my jeans will all be clean when it's time to pack, because it's way to hot to wear them here.

OldBoatGuy said...

BUT!!!! Isn't this wonderful Utah/Idaho weather much more interesting and fun than the saaaaame olllld 85 degrees of HI???

Huh! Huh!

Hee Hee

April said...

Dang Global Warming!

Braden said...

That is the weirdest thing. I lived in UT all my life until 10 years ago and I don't ever remember it snowing a week before Memorial Day. That is seriously weird. Must be the last days or something. I'm going to check our food storage now.

Sandi said...

So did your snow melt? I am much happier today - the wind has stopped, at least for now, and guess what??? JACK JOHNSON is on Ellen today!! woot woot!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

SANDI, are you SERIOUS?? Awesome! I'm so glad you told me. Yes, my snow melted, but it's still only like 45 degrees. ARG!

Haha, Braden. You silly goose. You're all silly gooses. April, Don, OBG!

Swirl, I just shivered a little for Brian. I hear the Akanas are here too. My kids are anxious to see them.

Kara, I feel you girl. Maybe the wind feels you too. Maybe that's why the wind is so dadgum bitter.

The Mom, I don't know what to wear. My wardrobe needs some ridilin.

Jodi, nice attitude, but I've been there, done that. ha ha I just want to be warm, is that so wrong?

DeNae said...

The year I graduated from High School (that was 1982, in case any of you were born by then) it snowed in SLC on the Fourth of July. No kidding. The fireworks display we attended was cut short by rain (we were wearing our parkas, btw, because it was already fricking freezing mister bigglesworth) and it snowed later that night.

Course, I'm in Orlando watching it rain. So poo for all of us!

Amber said...

I think I cried when I saw the snow.