Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hono Lulu

Every few days my son hits me up for $1 before school.

"What fer?" I say.

"Fer lunch," he says.

Turns out he pays that dollar to a friend, who then takes him to his house for a bowl of cereal.

Yesterday morning when he asked me for $1, I handed him a box of Frosted Flakes and said, "Don't forget the change."

Ba dum bum

(That was just my warm up, folks.)

You'll never believe in a billion years where I went last night.

I, Crash Test Dummy, went to a Trek hoedown. It wasn't a hoedown throwdown, but it was still SO. MUCH. FUN.

(Until I had to promenade across the gym with the Stake President and his wife approached us with the 8th commandment, poked my eyes out and said, "Uhhhh, that's MY partner!")

True story!

You don't really need your eyeballs to dance anyway, especially when you get demoted to dancing with deacons.

But seriously, once I got past the fact that Hannah Montana wasn't going to show up, it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

We didn't pop it or rock it or polka dot it, and we didn't countryfy it or hip hop it. We didn't even put our hawk in the sky or stick it, glide. Alls we did was the do-se-do and the pie alamode, and I pulled my calf muscle while swinging my partner round and round, but still . . . SO. MUCH.

Did I already say that?

Can't wait to do it in my aloha bonnet and bloomers.

As if my life isn't already exciting enough, GUESS WHAT ELSE!!? Guess! Guess! Guess!

Remember last Mother's Day/Birthday when I fell in puppy lub, and got my stone-cold heart all busted up? Remember?

Well, lookie what happened this Mother's Day/Birthday!

Meet Lulu.

Technically Lulu is her middle name. Her first name is Hono. (Get it? Honolulu. Hee hee hee. Sometimes I crack myself up.)

This will make a great book cover for our first autobiography, dontcha think?

Lulu is a pure bred Golden Retriever, and not only can she sit and lay (that would be lei for us Hawaiians) but she can also smile on command.



Even my daughter lubs her and she's never lubbed a dog in her life!

It's my hub's very very very first dog EVER!

Kudo to my twins for making the whole thing happen. Everybody had a dream to fulfill when we moved to Utah and this was their dream. They earned the money and shopped the KSL adds every single darn day until they found our perfect match. They even called and arranged the sale. And now they are truly, madly, deeply in puppy lub!

I can tell she's a girl because my 13 yr. old is already exercising his hypnotic powers over her.

Alls I know is that Li'l Lulu kicks booty on the puppy we gave our twins for Christmas.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


Stephen said...

Awesome! What an adorable dog!

OldBoatGuy said...

That is one cute puppy. Almost as cute as you, Crash.

alidays........holidays.....mothers days?

Garden of Egan said...

Lulu 'n You! Awwwwwwwwww! That puppy is definitely something to be in lub with.

Sorry about having no eyes since they were poked out by some self righteous personage, but trust me when I say, Lulu is cute.

So's yer kiddos. They all seem to be under Lulu's spell.

Have a Happy Crash Moms Day to you too!

Homer and Queen said...

Did anyone tell you they poop and pee all over the place? Good news is...they don't talk back!

Alyson (New England Living) said... super cute! We got a dog nearly a year ago and We LUB him with all our collective heart! It's my hubby's first dog too. The first few months I wasn't sure if we had made the right choice in getting a dog, but I can't imagine not having him now. He's such a part of the family.

Amanda said...

Lulu is adorable, I can totally understand why you all are in lub with Lulu!

My favorite part of this post is, "(...for us Hawaiians)." I think it's great that your roots are still firmly planted in island sand.

Kazzy said...

Arrrr... how cute is she??? If I ever get a big dog it will be a GR.

Happy Mothers Day to you too!

T said...

okay - even my dog detesting heart (and allergies) have to admit that Lulu is a stinkin' cute dog... but then that stuffed puppy was kinda cute too :)

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh man- if I show my 8 yr old this post she might keel over and...who knows what, but she'd be more than jealous. She asks me about 10 times a day if we can get a dog and rents books about dogs and breeds and being a good dog owner, and ya know what kind of breed she has narrowed down to being the best match for us? Yep- a golden retriever. I would get one in a heartbeat if my hubs would let us. She is so fraking cute and I LOVE the name!! Congrats!

Kritta22 said...

Oh my stink! She is just perfect! I love her!

IWA (e - va) said...

Hono Lulu is too cute! Too bad i dont like dogs!

Happy (Early) bday and mothers day!

Both Twillight and New moon have been on BYU TV all day.. and I thought of you!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay the puppy is awesome, but even better is your first picture WITH the puppy! That is totally worthy of a magazine entry... not kidding.

Mariko said...

I knew something was up when I saw your daughter's update on facebook.
A dog?! You are so in the mainland forever now. And it's not even a pitbull mix! :) (What is up with that here, anyway?)
Cutest dog. That's exactly the picture of a dog that made me want a dog so so so so bad when I was a kid.
Why is it called a "trek"? I was thinking Star Trek. Did you dress up?

Shantel said...

We have a pure bred Golden too. She is almost five years old, and her name is Maggie. She is a WONDERFUL dog. However - you need to be warned. They are sneaky snakes. After they get through the "puppY" stage, they starting sneaking food off your counters and in your garbage. Nice, hot double stuffed Papa Murphy's pizza sitting on the counter? GONE! Wonderfully smelling pan of rolls you worked so hard on, and is going to make you the domestic goddess you dream about being? GONE! But I guess if you have teenagers you are used to food dissapearing it. ;0)

DeNae said...

Oh how cute is that puppy?? Today is MY golden retriever's 8th birthday. That's right, now she has to repent when she goes potty in the bonus room. She's a wicked little soul, and we love her with all our stone cold hearts!

(did you say birthday? happy birthday! now I have to back up and see if I missed a birthday post!)

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Congratulations. I will not let my daughter see this post, because it is her dream dog as well. She will have to wait until she owns her own house.

Come and check out my place for some good news about my oldest son, not the used to be sick one.

katie t said...


you are one BRAVE soul....VERY BRAVE!!

but yes. very cute

Vern said...

This is the 2nd post I've read today about women getting a dog for Mother's Day! The day my husband shows up with a dog for a "present" is the day I know he is content never getting any more lovin'. But you're smiling, so I guess for you this is a good thing!

Martha said...

Yeah, you finally did it. Lulu is so cute and fluffy. You will love having a dog. She's the toy that the kids will never get tired of. What I'm wondering is are you going to let her in the house? What about in the cold winter? What about when she gets big and bigger?

You know I love our dog and can never be mad at him for very long. It took many years, but Perry finally likes him too. They bonded this summer when Perry started making trails and Falcor went with him everyday. Plus, Falcor saved him from a wild pig.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Braden said...

Very cute. And, I like that you are looking ahead to the auto bio cover. That will look very good. Now you just need some sort of stuffy-celebrity-trying-to-sound-casual-in-a-fake-way kind of title. Not that you're stuffy, just that that seems to me to be the genre with these things.

Jamie said...

Congrats on your new baby! Did you think you'd be a parent again? Seriously, cute dog and I love the picture of him nose to nose with his "friend"

val of the south said...

What a cute pup! Love the shot of you two - you're a star!!

Did you get my email about Jill - she can't go this week - so how 'bout next week if all is well?

wv: ledsayes
The boys are asking for a dog...
Well ledsayes (let's say yes)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH guys! I am in puppy lub! My puppy is sooooo darn cute.

Martha, she's an inside/outside gig. Her kennel is in our laundry room and we only let her roam around downstairs. But she LUBS the yard so much. It's a perfect puppy yard. Alan is totally gaga for her too. How funny is that? She came home today and kissed Lulu on the lips. ha ha ha ha

Val, I did get the email. Next week is great. Do you think IKEA will let me bring my dog? hee hee

DeNae, my birthday isn't until Thursday so no worries. You still have time to get a gift in the mail. hee hee

Melanie J said...

Lulu is cute but your twins are awesome! Can you send them down here to teach my ten year old some of that initiative? We have a beach . . .