Monday, August 23, 2010

MY people and HER people

First, MUCH MAHALO to all of you who emailed me for Springrose's address so you can send fabric.  Please take a photo of the fabric first and email it to me at Email your story to me as well so I can post it on my Magic Quilt blog.  

Second, the third Hunger Games book comes out at Midnight tonight. AAAAHHHH!!! Sooooo excited!!!!!!  My daughter is waiting in line as we speak. I would be in line too, but I'm too tired cause I've been blogging across Utah again, only this time with my MIL. And our hubs. And my twins.

(They didn't know we were blogging. They thought we were retreating to St. George for our last hurrah of the summer to celebrate our twins twelfth birthday.) 

(Wait, do you have to actually blog when you're blogging across Utah?)  

Blogging across Utah with my MIL ain't so bad. Unless you're grumpy. When you're grumpy it's a lot like blogging across Utah with a leaky faucet. Her thoughts just come drip, drip, dripping from her mind to her mouth and then come springing off her tongue.

Usually we get along like Captain and Tenille, Bonnie and Clyde, Butch and Cassidy, but there are occasions when we can get a little . . . competitive--like when we're putting puzzles together, or playing double solitaire, or putting on our Kellie Pickler voices to talk about our people. 

Only I've never had people before, so her people always trumped my people. 

Now that I've got people . . . 

For instance, we were at the condo watching Invictus and she said, "That's where my great great great grandfather came from--South Africa. He was a farmer"  So I said, "Well my great great great grandfather came from Ireland. He was a charmer." And then I added "A lucky charmer."

When we were driving home she said, "See that sign that says Milford? That's where my mother taught school." 

So I said, "well see that sign that says Cedar City? That's where BOTH of my great great great grandparents taught school." 

And then I added under my breath, "AFTER they returned from the Willie Handcart Company." 

When she told me that my FIL's grandfather was the first plumber in Provo and that her great uncle was the first photographer in Provo, I told her that my great grandparent's cat was the first cat-pioneer in Utah. 

"Yeah, RIGHT!" My hub said.

"True story," I told him. "Traveled all the way from Cedar to Mt. Carmel by itself. Showed up on my great great grandparents door step two months after they moved." 

Top THAT! I thought.

She tried. She told all kinds of stories, about her people, and their horses and their cows and the people her people met and married and the people her people's horses and cows met and married.

"Well my great aunt Mary met and married a Cullen," I piped in. 

True story! She really did. 

"And her sister met and married a Lookingland," I continued. "That means I'm 2nd cousins with both Edward Cullen and Bobby Brady. For alls I know I'm a freakin' goody-two-shoes vampire!" 

(It feels so good to have people.)

That quieted her some. For a minute. 

But then the faucet started leaking again. 

"I've seen President Truman," she said. 

I was this close to poking her eyes out, but, out of respect for my great great grandmother, I refrained.  


T said...

I live next door to the Cullens... no joke. Of course, they are too out of the loop to know that they are vegampires so I fear daily for our lives.

try not to poke out the eyes of people you might have to allow to move into your home and care for.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

T such sage and wise advisel. and if this was the brady bunch song at the beginning of the show I would be Jan right underneath your cute "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia" self. That or Alice underneath Mrs Brady, but since I would rather loose my locket than clean the windows, let's go with jan and marcia.

and just what does blogging involved actually recording words to the computer. I would be doing so much better at it, if it just involved doing things.

who do I see about that?

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

of course I meant to say why does blogging involve actual typing. getting all those important w words mixed up.

DeNae said...

I forgot you were sorta related to Mike Lookinland. Wow. And we're pals and everything. And my friend Tracy Truman is in the stake presidency, so he's President Truman. And he's a descendant of the original.

And my dog is a descendant of George Washington's Golden Retriever, Martha. They had a very close relationship that no one really understood.

Stephen said...

You gave up too early. Didn't you snap a photo of Prez. Obama and his famdamnly?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Stephen, YES, I did snap a picture of Obama, but she was there with me. ha ha

DeNae, ha ha you silly goose.

Nutty, TOUCHE about blogging.

T, I bet your next door neighbors are related to me too. Especially if they live in St. George. I've got people everywhere!

Cherie said...

WHOA!! WAIT! Hold the phone!! You crossed Utah with your MIL???
You are brave, courageous and forever more my hero!!!!
Any woman who can accomplish that feat is worthy of admiration!!

cfoxes33 said...


You and your MIL are like my father and my son. My parents took my kids on vacation this summer. At one point, Gma and Daughter were sitting in the back and Gpa and Son were up front. The two boys were bickering at each other and Daughter looked at Gma and said..."This is better than TV!" The are so funny together. I'll have more on this tomorrow at my blog. So come take a gander.

Garden of Egan said...

Well I got no people I guess.
And I don't think I'll ever blog across Utah.
You're brave to even drive in Utah!

Sorry you weren't able to one-up the MIL. They are a tough generation to crack being as they had to walk through 20 feet of snow uphill all the way to their one room schoolhouse. There's just NO one-upping that.

Amber said...

Haha I'm laughing at Garden of Egan's answer. So true. I'm pretty sure the only places I have practically died have been IN UTAH.

Anyway. Seriously, you should have mentioned that you lived in Hawaii. That would've shut her up in an instant.

SWIRL said...

Hey Crash!
No clever saying.. just stopping by to say HI.. I need to email you..
Hi.. and HI (hawaii) the state that always says HI- whether you are coming and going when they say Aloha.
talk about a leaky faucet! Now you are getting leaks in your comment box.

Sandi said...

I want to be your people. can you adopt me into the fold? I've really got nothing to offer you in the way of famous 2nd cousins hubbies or anything but I'm pretty sure I could make stuff up and your MIL would be none the wiser.
p.s. I pre-ordered mockingjay from amazon and it was in my mailbox today! Yay for Amazon!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sandi, ha ha you are so one of my people. I could care less if you're not related to anyone famous. I really want to do a road trip with you and my MIL. Let's do it, girlfriend. Now that's entertainment. Have you started Mockingjay?

Swirl, HI. ;) I'm the one who needs to email you. School starts tomorrow so my environment should be less stressful.

Cfoxes, I'm coming over tomorrow. Fer sure.

Garden and Amber I'm laughing too at Garden. TRUE THAT. The Hawaii thing doesn't impress my MIL. She lived with us a month every year we were there, which means she technically lived in Hawaii for a year and a half. Cherie does that raise me a notch or two on your hero list?

Cherie said...

Totally! Your MIL lived with you!! I'm having a statue of you made to put in my garden!

Mariko said...

I didn't know Penelope was your MIL.