Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brain Drain

Last Friday my house got a colonoscopy (poor thing). And can I just say that watching your house get a colonoscopy is like watching Edward sparkle. At first, you're like, ewwww, but then you can't tear your eyeballs from the screen.

And then your brain kicks in, and you hope all those you-are-what-you-eat posters in the elementary school lunch room aren't true. And that it's not really what's inside that counts.

And yet it is what's inside that counts, isn't it? Particularly when your house keeps regurgitating it.

Careful what you feed your house. She may internalize it.

Poor poor house. We've been so worried about her. We thought she might have stomach cancer or something. Or irritable bowl syndrome. Or maybe even an eating disorder.

Poor poor us. When your house is sick, you is sick. How does that old saying go? You're only as happy as your unhappiest house?


We gave her some Pepto and had her bowels emptied, but as it turns out, she just needs a by-pass surgery. Her main artery is blocked, that's all. Probably stress related. Probably been holding things in and letting things build up, you know, until she just couldn't contain it any longer.

Ain't that just like life? As far as emotions go anyway? We really are what we eat, if you think about it. As far as emotions go anyway.

When my daughter was trying to decide if she should play tennis this year, she said something that made me think she thought we, as parents, were disappointed in her because tennis isn't her passion and because she hasn't pursued it more . . . passionately.

"I could care less that tennis isn't your passion!" I told her. "I just want you to play so you can learn about life and push through your emotional blocks."

See I am of the opinion that there are better ways to learn about life than through life itself, you know. Might as well "unblock" your emotional pipes through tennis now than through a by-pass later.

Am I right, or am I right?

Fears, doubts and insecurities take up a lot of space in your brain drain.

So here is my daughter today, weilding her sword against self doubt, in the high school regional tennis tournament.

And here is her coach congratulating her on winning her first match.

And here she is on the phone telling my hub that she qualified for states.

If you look very, very, very closely, you can almost see her brain draining.

And ain't it a bee-U-tiful sight?


wendy said...

good for her

wendy said...
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Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Way to go!!! And sorry about your plumbing problems.

Melanie Jacobson said...


DeNae said...

She looks so much like you it's crazy. And I'm pretty sure this was about more than your house, or even your daughter. Like I told 'em at lunch the other day, Debbie never just says what she says. As soon as you figure that about, this blog completely changes for you.

Here's hoping you got a few things unstuck while we were together. I know I did!


DeNae said...

About?? About?? Delete "about" and insert "out." Stupid eensy weensy laptop that gets my fingers all discombobulated.

charrette said...

What DeNae said. :)
Plus, you made me laugh and your daughter is a superstar, and yes, just like you.


Dolly said...

So awesome! My son only got a red card in his game yesterday. I think it just added to the clog in his brain.

I keep trying to be the roto rooter to my kiddos and they don't seem to appreciate me calling them out on stuffs. They must be those sensitive "words of affirmation" types... which are lovely types of people too, but when they need an experience and won't go and get one, it's just a bit exasperating and I'm not one to let too much build up in my brain before I find say something that is insightful but comes out all wrong. I sort of suck at parenting. You look like you've got it going strong. Ok, time for me to go watch Dieter Uchtdorf again. : )

Susan said...

I'm so glad for your daughter. My daughter plays soccer because she really likes it, but it's not her passion either. I try to tell myself that's okay, but it's hard. Thanks for the reminder of why they play

Becca said...

The sticking-with-it part, that's what is awesome, huh? About getting through the sticky parts. Stick. Stick. Stick.

Jillybean said...

Congratulations to your daughter!! Good luck to her at the state tournament!

So far, our youngest kid has decided that he is passionate about Mario Kart on the Wii.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I am going to reply to some of these comments in my next post.

They are THAT goooood. ;)

Martha said...

I'm so glad she played this year. She will always remember it and I bet she has gained a lot. Now go and get Zach to play next year too.