Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The power of a loser

I have, as of late, been checking off a few items from my bucket list.

Since I already got a dog--check, and bought a house--check, I am on to making other dreams come true. Namely, climbing a hay bale, and yelling yeeeeehaaaw! Always wanted to do that. At least since last march.

See I pass huge hay bales every day when I'm out in the middle of nowhere taking Lulu to run in the fields, and yesterday I finally decided to carpe diem! (Minus the yeeeehaw!)

(Baby steps, peeps.)

Instead I climbed that bale of hay, stretched out on my back and thanked gad I'mma country girl.

I didn't used to be a country girl, I used to be a city snob, but heaven help me, I'm becoming the opposite of everything I used to be.

Old age is a bugger like that.

Another thing I've always wanted to do is go back to bed after I send my kids off to school. Yesterday I also made that dream come true. I planned on sleeping until the holy cows came home, but I woke up at 1o with a sudden urge to water my plants.

(Don't you hate it when that happens?)

Please refrain from spreading rumors that the dummy is depressed. I know that laying on hay bales and sleeping till 10 sounds suspicous, but I was just recooping. Too much 9/11 footage for my stone cold heart. Plus I saw Planet of the Apes last weekend. Nothing breaks my heart like a misunderstood monkey. Especially a smart misunderstood monkey.

Seriously, that monkey had my eyeballs sweatin' to the oldies.

Yesterday my daughter checked something off her bucket list too. She split sets at her tennis match against one of the best players in the region. (Martha, you would have been so dang proud!) What that means is both players won a set, taking the match into a third set. My daughter ended up losing the match, but she won a set.


And she made that girl beat her in three sets.

Just goes to show you that in every loss there can be found a small victory if you put a fancy spin on it.

The whole match kinda helped me forget about that smart monkey for a minute because the thing about best players is they think they're all that. And the thing about playing for a losing team is that best players treat you as if you have a big L on your forehead.

I say never underestimate the power of a loser!

Don't ask me why, but for some reason I love to watch losers make best players squirm.

Is that sacrelig?

It's just so entertaining the things best players do when they start squirming. Things like calling for their entourage to come and massage their legs and heat their shins. Or accusing us of coaching our daughter from the sidelines, even though we are clearly wearing muzzles.

Not complaining though. It's all just part of the game. See the golden rule in tennis is, "Do unto others, before others can do unto you."

He who rattles first, rattles last.

Unless the loser rallies back.

Rally back, losers! Rally back!


We live in a Zoo! said...

Lol!!! LOVE IT!!!

wendy said... could come to my place and climb all the hay bales you want, and holler a yeeee hawww.
shoveling horse poop is also theraputic.

I think sometimes there is a hole in my bucket (dear Liza, dear Liza)
as some things on THAT list
are dripping through

wendy said...

btw....seee.........there I am amongst a bunch of hay

Susan said...

Take heart, Crash. You're not the only crazy mom yelling from the sidelines. I need a shock collar.

And, I was raised jumping hay bales. It's as fun as it looks.

Sandi said...

hooray for losers! ha have no losers in your family thats what I'm thinking, but yay for your daughter for sticking it to the sista who thought she had an L on her forehead!
Wow. A nap on a bale of hay. Are you for real?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Sandi, no I didn't take a nap on a bale of hay. I took a nap in my bed. I just climbed on a bale of hay and thanked gad Imma country girl.

But I still don't love country music. Sorry ya'll.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ha ha Susan about the shock collar. I can totally see it, girl.

Wendy, I don't know if you can convince me shoveling poop is theraputic, but you do look cute surrounded by hay.

And I know what you mean about that hole in the bucket!

Martha said...

Love the expression on T's face. She is a fighter, that's for sure. Hey, I met your cute niece Tiffanee. She and Lorrie were out riding bikes and they actually stopped by our house. So we gabbed in the middle of the road for an hour. She's playing softball. So which sport is T going to play here--tennis or soccer? By then our house will be built and we'll rent out a room to Tate and Tif and they can be roomies.

Annette Lyon said...

Hooray for your daughter!

Now I want to sleep until 10. Not sure about the bail of hay, but I'll take it if that means more sleep.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Martha, you're making me homesick thinking of my niece and Lorrie riding around Laie park on their bikes and stopping to gab for an hour. And then Tate and Tiff rooming together at your place. ;) It's fun to dream. We gotsta start working all that out. Hey, I'm so excited to see you. We want you and josh to come for dinner. At the cabin. We'll play tennis. Wooohoooo! Tell me the exact date you're available.

Donna said...

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I personally love the Rudy's
Hey if you get a chance would you and your readers tell me what they think about my blog today?
It is kind of LDS, kind of political, kind of smart jack. Just wondering.