Friday, September 2, 2011

Power to the Peeps!

I can see why my daughter loves her tennis coach so much. He's a 70-year-old, male version of herself! (If she was the senior citizen national tennis champion and the top law student in her class.) He's got sass! And class!

Guess what he did yesterday?

So she wasn't allowed to play her match because the Utah High School Athletics Association is still deliberating over our paperwork to waive the transfer ineligibility--it's not an issue of parents complaining this year--this school is not a tennis threat in the region--it's an issue of we turned in the proper paperwork and now it's going through the proper red tape. So anyways, her tennis coach is like, "This is ridiculous! If she can sit in class and take tests, she can participate in sports! I'M PLAYING HER!"

But he's a lawyer so he did it legally. He forfeited her match and then let her play her opponent "just for fun."

What a stud muffin!

That's why I like playing for losing schools. When you lose, you have nothing to lose. You get me? It's big L's on the forehead all the way around. Here here!

I'm not worried anymore. Whatever happens happens, let the chips fall where they may. We turned in the proper paperwork to the proper authorities and put in a petition to the Universe. And the coach has my daughter's back.

Thank you for all of your cheers for her as well. You're always so supportive.

And thank you for voting for the Nutty Hamster Chick's Turkey Bone photo. She won!!! She actually won! It looked like she was going to lose by a landslide, but the top three contestants were cheating so she crossed the finish line first and now she gets 10th row seats to the Utah vs. BYU game!

If any of you know Nutty, like I know Nutty, you know that she's coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs over BYU football. I swear her blood is bluer than blue and her loyalty is truer than true--I've seen her football player stalking scrapbooks first hand. And I've seen her Facebook profile:

Nutty, did you know LaVell was my hub's home teacher when he was a teenager?

Just sayin.' I'm important. By association to association.

So I have one more favor to ask. I have this really cool neighbor named Katie Terry who was in a car accident when she was a young mom. When she woke up the doctors said, "We have some good news and some bad news. You're pregnant . . . and . . . you're paralyzed."

She went through the whole pregnancy paralyzed and now she's going through her whole life paralyzed. But she's a total trip. Not only is she a mom, she skiis and bowls and (ahem . . . goes to pole dancing class) and she won the Boston marathon, and, and, and . . . the list goes on. Fer realz! She does more without legs than I've ever done with legs.

And she even looks better in a swimsuit than I do. And I have this exact same swimsuit so I would know.

Katie is running for win Ms. Wheelchair Utah 2012 because she wants to be a public speaker, and part of the gig is winning the essay contest.

You only have to vote once (thank ye lard), so alls you have to do is:

1. click on this link

2. cast a vote for essay #1

That's it! You don't even have to read the essay, I'll tell you what it says. It says my life is great and being in a wheelchair ROCKS! yada yada yada!

She would be a spectacular representative for the disabled in Utah! Think of all the downtrodden and disabled people out there in Utah who need a voice--someone to look to and say "I can do that!"

And we've got the power! Nutty's votes went up by over 200 points in a few hours--GRACIOUS! Let's catapult Katie into the public speaking circuit.

(Plus, I'm her visiting teacher and I can count this as my visit.)

(J/K proper authorities, J/K!)


Nutty Hamster Chick said...

OH MYLANTA!!!! I am so in shock, although I have not received the official notification yet so I am still a little bit nervous. But I didn't cheat so it should be good. I think what happened is the top people formed an alliance and had all their people vote for both of their pictures. Very survivor like. Richard Hatch would be proud, but apparently the bank decided not fair. So anyway thanks for all your help and support. The contest was for the biggest fan and no one can say I don't qualify.

And yay for coaches who don't care about their record but do what is right. Go T! Maybe karma is a force to be reckoned with.

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

So I think this is what happened. The 1 place Utah picture guy was using fake accounts and a voting service. The 1st place BYU picture agreed to have her people vote for him and his people voted for her. So she got a ton of these fake votes. So they were both disqualified. Then someone had some of those fake votes vote for me yesterday to either make themselves look better or to get me disqualified. So this morning I get a call from the voting verification person to see just how I got all my votes so fast. I explained to him that I spent all afternoon driving from house to house in my ward, holding people at gunpoint and walking them through the voting process. And then how I have this wonderful blog friend who has 900 friends and how she got her friends to vote. So he seemed satisfied and he said that he just wanted a genuine person to win. Well I don't see how I could be more genuine. So now I am waiting for the real call to come from the bank. pins and needles here. But eventually it should all work out. :)

Martha said...

Congrats to Nutty. I hope those Cougars do you proud. I voted for your neighbor too. She sounds coolio. Did you know that Lavelle's sister was Adam's piano teacher? It's true, I am so connected too.

Leslie said...

Congrats Nutty...the best person won!!! Debbie, as your other friend, I voted!!!

katie t said...

YOU ROCK!!!!!! and you are tooooo funny!?!?!

the swimsuit? yes. yes. yes. i LOVE jcrew :)