Thursday, September 8, 2011


Remember my mad cow joke yesterday? And how I said it was the best laugh I EVER got? Well it really was. I enjoyed it more than any laugh I ever provoked because it made me feel like my son and I, we had a thing. A cow thing. Like we had connected on some kind of cosmic . . . cow level.

So after school yesterday we were just chillin' on the couch and I was like, "DUDE, if you were a cow, guess what kind of a cow you'd be?" And then there was that comedic pause thingie, where he gave me a what-the-what? expression, you know. And after the pause I was like, "A holy cow!"

Nothing! Nada! Not even a crack in his stone cold face.

So I was like "Get it? a HOLY cow! Cause you're always wanting me to read scriptures to you and stuff." And he was like, "That's not even funny, mom!"

So much for our cosmic cow connection.

"You're actually more of a holier-than-thou cow," I told him.

(Was that rude?)

And I am actually the holy cow. As in HOLY COW, my daughter has been deemed eligible to play tennis again!

She can play!!!

I am the holiest cow in the pasture now because I have been down on my knees all night long sending thank you notes to those who signed my petition to the Universe. (BTW, if any of you have anything you want to say to Jackie Robinson or John Adams just let me know.)

Do you guys mind if I just send ya'll a group thank you for signing the petition? Just to save time?


(Can you feel my sincerity in all those exclamation points?)

I'm off to watch her first eligible match right now. But P.S. here is the photo I promised to post yesterday:

This is how my daughter answered her Homecoming date. With a personalized JB song, and one of six JB posters they sell at Walmart. (And did you know they also sell six (SEPARATE) JB Barbie dolls?) Walmart's got the fever.

She mounted it on cardboard and stuck it in his front lawn. His front lawn on Topspin Way. No lie, he lives on Topspin way, which is a cross street of Forehand street and backhand street, just above Crosscourt way and Ace Lane.

Like I said before, NO. LIE.

It's kinda destiny that she's eligible again, don'tcha think?

P.S. HOLY COW, one of my twins got his first kiss yesterday. On the cheek. A cute girl came up to him in the cafeteria, grabbed his face, and . . . well, planted one on him. For his 13th birthday.


Jenny P. said...

holier than thou cows would have made me laugh out loud.

TisforTonya said...

I totally laughed about the holier than thou cow :)

and some girls are pretty forward aren't they??? good for them. Well, y'know... good for them in a few years at least!

Momza said...

So happy for your tennis-lovin' girl...good things happenin' to good people makes my life.

Jillybean said...

Hooray!! Glad to hear she can play!

Sandi said...

dates kisses and cows- oh my!

Sandi said...

p.s I think my girl is getting asked to homecoming tomorrow--maybe you should share your beiber lyrics so we can steal your answer!

Martha said...

It's because those boys are so dang cute. You're going to have to keep them in the house when they get older.

Glad T is back on the courts. What a struggle. All this will make her tougher yeah. I was just telling Rachel that it's the Kahuku way to get ripped off in sports for our family. Josh got jipped in bball and now Rachel, who was like starting in vball didn't even get in tonight. She is way better than the other girl, but the coaches have their favorite.

I have to do all the paperwork for the JTT teams. We are 3.5 this year. I hope we don't get smeared.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh Martha, I wish Rach could come here and play tennis for the AF coach. He is the best coach in the history of the world. I just love his guts. Seriously! (He knows Porter, btw.)Tate WON yesterday!!!! Woohooo!

Sports is just a big bed of hot mess sometimes, but especially if you're a haole in Hawaii. Just sayin.' I'm so sorry to hear about Joshie's accident. OUCH! Poor thing. My niece is at BYUI too. Maybe they will meet. I will tell my hub to give your boy a sports pep talk.

Sandi, did your girl get asked? Let me know if you really want the lyrics. Wish I could send you the poster too. I bet her date wouldn't mind parting with it. ha ha

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Hooray for the universe and good guys finishing first, and all that stuff.

wendy said...

oh man....that totally reminded me of an incident several years ago
We were all gathered together as a family
and playing the game Catch Phrase
(do you know it)
they give you a name/or item etc
and you have to give clues for you team to Guess it

My SIL....his word was HOLY COW
and he was stuggling how to give us clues
and then he said
what the what..............was all he got from us.
I laugh about it to this day

Kazzy said...

Yay for your daughter and your twinner!

Vern said...

Yay, yay, and YAY! I love it when the good people win.