Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cheaters Sometimes Prosper

But not today, baby!

NOT. TO. DAY!!!!!!

And not against my daughter!!!!! So BACK OFF, cheater bo beaters!

Allow me a moment.


At the top of my lungs.


Now turn the Shakira song that's playing on my playlist up FULL BLAST.

That's right, pump it up!

Now start pumping your fist. Oh yeah!

Now start dancing. JUST DO IT! Let it all out! Just like I did in the car all the way home from my daughter's first regional tennis match in Salt Lake.

See the match went into a third set and I had to leave early to pick up my son and take him to basketball practice. When I left the match I was fuming mad. I mean, really really really really steamed. Because her opponents were cheating. Like crazy.

I just hate it when people cheat my daughter.

She was down 3-0 in the third set when I left.

When I hopped in the car I put on this Shakira song and started pumping my fist.

Then I played it again. And pumped my fist some more.

Then my hub called and told me she won three games in a row. WOOHOO!

I played the song over and over and over, pumping my fist and willing my daughter to show those cheaters who they're messing with.

My hub kept calling back and back and back to tell me the score. 4-3, 4-4, 5-4, 5-5, 6-5, and finally 7-5!!


Especially against cheaters.

I just have to include the lyrics for those of you who can't listen:

You're a good soldier
Choosing your battles
Pick yourself up
And dust yourself off
And back in the saddle

You're on the front line
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We're getting closer
This isn't over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you've got it all
Believe it

When you fall, get up
Oh oh...
And if you fall, get up
Oh oh...

Tsamina mina
Cuz this is Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Listen to your god
This is our motto
Your time to shine
Don't wait in line
Y vamos por Todo

People are raising
Their Expectations
Go on and feed them
This is your moment
No hesitations

Today's your day
I feel it
You paved the way
Believe it

If you get down
Get up Oh oh...
When you get down
Get up eh eh...

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa
This time for Africa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh

Tsamina mina zangalewa
Anawa aa

Tsamina mina eh eh
Waka Waka eh eh
Tsamina mina zangalewa
This time for Africa

Okay, I'm going to include the video too. For you viewing pleasure. And so I can remember the name of the song.

Okay, gotsta go. She's got another match.


T said...

li'l Crash is ROCKING those courts :)

I was GOING to call her T, but then realized that really looked self-promoting of me :)

Me (aka Danielle) said...

Way to show those cheaters!

{Can I stop fist-pumping now? My arm is gettin' tired}

IWA (e - va) said...

Yay T.... you know, it was the fist pumping! lol!

I have never heard that song.. love it! Im going to add it to dance time in the Kindy Classes!

WV: rabscry..... was the opponents name rabs?

Anonymous said...

I love love love that song! My hubby introduced me to it shortly after the world cup (2 years in Brasil means he loves soccer, and gets upset that it's so unsung in the U.S). But I love dancing to that one!

Also, Hooray for Cheaters Not Prospering!

Amber said...

WOW. This is why blogging is awesome. I had no idea that song was by Shakira!! Woot!!

Plus, your daughter is awesome for proving what I was always told!

Martha said...

Way to go T!!! She never gives up. I love it.

So the Waka Waka song is Jim and Nan's favorite song. They are always cranking it. Nan woke me up this morning telling me to read your blog and hurry.

Ok, gotta read the other post.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Yay for Nan waking you up and telling you to read my blog. I just want to hug her. And I'm so happy to hear that they crank Waka Waka. Molly Doe is right about it being unsung here. They must play it more in Hawaii because of the FLAVAH. (Flavor, for those of you attitude impaired. hee hee) I never hear it here on the radio or anything.

Iwa your kindies will lub it!!!

AND YES, YAY for cheaters not prospering. WOOT!